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by Lauren Saunders

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 The key to your success? 

 Aligning with it. 

 It's time to do business differently. 



Four years ago, I was living an entirely different life.

I had 12 years and tens of thousands of dollars of student loans invested in a teaching career I felt unfulfilled in. I felt a deep, intuitive knowing that I was meant for more-- for unlimited possiblity, for deep fulfilment, and for true freedom. I had a vision of sharing my creativity with the world and being wildly compensated for it, too.

I just didn't know how to get there, or if it was even possible for me, with a background in Visual Arts and a long list of limiting beliefs around what "people like me" were capable of creating.

Still, I decided just to keep putting one foot in front of the other, act on my intuition and trust my desires as my roadmap. I decided that to live an unreasonable life, I'd have to make unreasonable decisions.

Which is exactly what I've done, again and again and again.

Today I have a multiple 6-figure online business, working with entrepreneurs from all over the world, sharing the things I am most passionate about with beautiful souls I feel inspired by every single day.

And here's the thing I really, really want the world to know-- you are limitless. Life gets to be really freaking good for you. You're suppose to do the things you love most and be abundantly paid for them, too.


As The Aligned Entrepreneur, you do things your way.

While you draw inspiration from others, you trust your intuition above all else.

You lead with authenticity, creativity & innovation because you know that what the world needs more of, is you.

You understand that who you are is so much more than enough, and others respond to the effortless way of being that’s embodied through your own belief in yourself.

You honour your journey knowing that it's the perfect one for you, and you're not interested in any action or strategy that doesn't feel 1000% aligned.

The more you just be you, the more your business thrives.

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The Aligned Entrepreneur is the place where the "work" meets the "woo", and teaches business owners how to combine effective marketing with energetic alignment and Quantum-leap their lives and businesses as a result.

We interview experts and successful entrepreneurs from all niches and backgrounds to share their marketing & manifestation stories, tips and insights in this value-packed, one-of-a-kind podcast.

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