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lifetime access to a growing collection of business-building & income-scaling marketing & manifestation curriculums for the aligned entrepreneur

I want to serve you (and your business) differently.

You've chosen the path of entrepreneurship


I know you see things in a way most don't.




You're ready for the freedom & fulfillment that comes from manifesting your soul-aligned biz & you understand that success is multi-faceted. The action + energy. The work + woo.

You've committed to the journey-- you deserve the ongoing support that meets you every step along the way, and allows you to honour the Divine unfolding of your own success, rather than pushing to have it fit into the X-month long course or program you've most recently invested in.

Create your sell-out course or coaching

You're in this for the long-haul and understand this isn't a game of quick fixes. But buying course after course never to get all the pieces of the successful biz puzzle, just doesn't feel aligned for you.


Every last thing you need, all in one place.

  • Build next-level confidence and conviction in yourself and your business so it becomes easy to attract the income you deserve & desire

  • Build 6-figure+ belief behind what you're doing in order to align with (and manifest) the success you're envisioning for yourself

  • Create customized, scalable systems for attracting new people & sales into your business

  • Start, build and scale your email list with tons of qualified dream clients and audience members that will support your business for years to come

  • Gain clarity behind the type of business you want to build, nailing down who you help and how you help them

  • Build a growing & engaged community so you always have new potential clients entering your audience and people who can't wait to buy from you

  • Develop your in-demand products & services and learn how to market them to tons of your dream people

  • Learn how to develop content for a variety of online platforms that draws in your soul-aligned clients & customers

  • Scale your online income to consistent $5K, $10K or $20K+ months

  • Get every last piece of the 6-figure or multiple 6-figure business puzzle, all in one place, without investing your life's savings

If you're ready to...





an extensive & ever-growing library of business-building & manifestation resources for the aligned entrepreneur

Lauren’s magnetism is what drew me to her work. Her conviction in her abilities to create a sustainable, evolving and soul fulfilling business and help others do the same was evident when I first magically came across “The Lo & Zo Show” as an energy healer, channel & very confident woman I didn’t need regulation around my abilities or gifts… but I NEEDED to know and be HELD in the truth that it was possible, and ease filled when in alignment to build a very successful, highly impactful and financially abundant business for myself, seeing Lauren generating 30k months in business, as a projector with a very potent awareness of Energetics AND aligned strategy. It was a NO brainer.

I went to her page and signed up for her intensive. This was my FIRST time investing in my business. This was November 2020. It’s now December 2021 and I just had my first 17k month in business, I have hundreds of women in my paid offers, I have sold out containers, I am flourishing, vibrant, healthy, wealthy, certain & truly OBSESSED with my life.

The catapult to ALL of this was my session with Lauren.
Everything she said was magic. So clear. So individualized. So aligned with what I NEEDED to know, integrate and LIVE to have the income streams I desired, the offerings that made sense for me, my energy type and my business. Through all of this Lauren was always SO clear that the sky isn’t even the limit. She normalized wealth for me. She normalized money for me. She embodied a successful entrepreneur who was actually HAPPY in her day to day life. It was the ultimate expander moment for me to work with her.

Lauren truly saw me, see’s me & understands my power. This is something that is truly profound to experience. When someone YOU admire, look up to and idolize SEES you fully and in YOUR power. It’s the ultimate experience of validation and infinite possibility. As always the work to SEE yourself first is number one, but in Lauren also seeing me, opening the doors to what is possible for me and being a constant source of empowerment is truly divine. I am blessed to have had Lauren as a coach to me.

Working with Lauren is a moment in time in my business and life that I will remember forever and always attribute to my catapult to success. 


Haley Bowler-Cooke

Founder - Uplift Lifestyle

Founder & CEO - Fit Portal 

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Have we met yet?

I'm Lauren. I'm a business mentor for soul-driven business owners, and the creator of The Aligned Entrepreneur. This year has inspired me to desire to do things differently.

I started my business in 2018, with iron-fisted levels of determination to manifest my freedom-filled dream life after having left my career as a high school art teacher. In my first 12 months, I invested over $25,000 in courses and coaching to help propel me towards the realization of my goals.

In my first two years, I began hitting consistent $20K - $30K months, and life was good. My dream car, my dream home, my dream day-to-day reality of doing what I loved with clients I adored, all manifested. I showed up in my power, confidence and excitement about where things were going and I associated that way of being with getting results.

Then, the pandemic happened. At first, my business thrived. I felt empowered. As the second year of lockdowns rolled around here in Toronto however, I found it increasingly difficult to push forward in the way I had. I found myself feeling fatigued with all the launching of different offers, and my previous way of doing things started to feel inauthentic to me. I realized the importance of being able to honour my own journey, and grant myself space to navigate the curveballs that life throws without it impacting my ability to thrive financially.

I started to see just how much of the coaching industry is based around quick fixes or miracle solutions, and how people who invest in courses and programs, often end up pressuring themselves to create a specific result within the timeframe of the coaching container they're in.

If there's one thing I know about manifestation, it's that trying to force things to happen when we want them to, actually pushes our desired outcomes further away.

So, I started to tune into guidance around how I could create a truly aligned business model while serving business owners differently in the process. The Academy is the space where I get to be as creative as I desire to in my business (creating new courses & offers is my jam), and you get to allow for the unique unfolding of your own success story, without the time pressure, multiple 5-figure price tag or cookie-cutter curriculums.

My entire process, business model, marketing strategy and ever-expanding body of mindset work is all laid out inside the programs, courses, masterclasses and trainings that make up The Academy. So that YOU can get everything you need to build your freedom-filled life & business on your own timeline, without spending tens of thousands only to be left *still* missing vital pieces of the success puzzle.

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Here's why I built The Academy...

I wholeheartedly believe that your dream life is available to you through the success of a soul-aligned and purpose-filled business. You wouldn't be reading this if it wasn't. However, there are a lot of moving pieces to the energy work & action taken behind a thriving business. Like, a lot. And I believe it shouldn't be necessary to invest tens of thousands into a hundred different courses and programs, in an effort to find all of those pieces.

More importantly, there's a fixation in the coaching industry around quick results. Quick fixes and missing pieces that'll solve all your business problems & skyrocket you into huge success if implemented. The truth is that your success is a journey. Your journey. A marathon, not a sprint. You get there by committing to it long-term and continuing to grow and invest in your connection to yourself, and to learn/implement new things at new stages of your business's growth.

I want to serve you differently. I want you to invest once and benefit forever. I want you to pick and choose the pieces you need, when you need them. I want to continuously share everything I'm learning as my own business grows and evolves so that yours can, too. One investment. One growing library of curriculums that can meet you where you're at now and forever.



(it's time to do this thing differently)

Working with Lauren has been like having a guardian angel for our business.  We had a situation several months back where our business partner dropped out and I had to essentially rebuild the whole business overnight.  If I had not had Lauren as a business coach, I firmly believe everything would have crumbled. 


Lauren makes everything seem possible, while making sure everything is in place to achieve what you set out to achieve. We recently launched a coaching academy and nearly sold out the foundational round with one email to our waitlist and no sales page.  The remaining spots filled up within a couple of days. Lauren was there to say “yes.”  She had so much belief in this program selling out that it was impossible for us to believe anything otherwise.  


We had no background in online courses or groups and we have been running group cleanses nearly every month now.  The groups are steadily growing and our online presence is evolving.


Lauren always acknowledges me for being a person who has an idea and takes action.  The truth is, I have always been a person who has ideas and then lets them go.  It is because Lauren is my coach that I am a person who has an idea and takes action.

-Leslie Skolnik

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Here's how it works...

The Academy exists to allow new and established business owners to gain access to an extensive library of curricular content and courses/programs, that would otherwise cost tens of thousands to buy if purchased separately. From the moment you sign up, you're granted lifetime access to everything included in each of the courses, programs and trainings listed below, as well as live trainings and the replays for exclusive courses, programs, curriculums & resources being added to The Academy on a monthly basis.

Upon enrolling, you'll also receive a video directory outlining where to begin depending on your current business goals/income level, and how to navigate the content inside The Academy in order to create your desired business outcomes.

The Academy


Live attendance to exclusive courses, programs and trainings that are being added to The Academy each month

Unlimited lifetime access to ALL features, courses, curriculums & resources described below:

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Happening next inside The Academy

Every 1-3 months I deliver a full-length course, training or full blown coaching program (Ex. "The Work & The Woo"), covering a vast variety of topics inside The Academy Facebook, designed to align you with your next level of income in your business.

Each addition is a complete curriculum, and would regularly be priced between $200 and $2000 if launched outside of The Academy. You gain lifetime access to ALL previous and future additions by becoming an Academy member.


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The Luminary Livestream
Free - The Curriculum
The $20K Coach
The Money Game
The Aligned Entrepreneur
Being Vs. Doing
The Beginner Business Bundle
The Magnetic Momentum Challenge
Online Biz Blueprint
Good Enough
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Full-length courses & programs including workbooks and accompanying resources will help you tackle every component of building a successful, 6-figure+ business. The curriculums below are not industry-specific and have been designed to align business owners of all kinds the know-how needed to start & scale your income. Marketing principles & strategies, identity/alignment work, social media growth and aligned sales are just some of the topics covered in this ever-growing library designed for everyone.

**Click the images below for details

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These full-length trainings, courses & programs built specifically for online business owners, cover the ins-and-outs of actually building your virtual business: developing sell-out offers, building your audience, mastering your marketing & messaging, nailing down your niche and *actually* aligning with your desired income level in the process.

**Click the images below for details and the arrow button for more ↠↠↠

The Aligned Business Directory

Choose Your Business Objective...

(and I'll tell you where to go inside The Academy to accomplish it)

Click here to read the directory

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For the aligned entrepreneur in any niche or industry...

The first half of the directory covers topics for business owners in any industry or niche. Have an online business? Scroll down to the second half to find out where in The Academy you can learn how to start & scale your cyber empire as a coach or course creator.

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For the online coach or course creator...

No matter where you're at in your online coaching or course creation business, The Academy has every last thing you need to start & scale your income as a cyber CEO. Have an in-person business you're looking to build an online component for? I've got you covered there, too.

Something else you're wanting help with? Message me on Instagram (@thealignedentrepreneur) and I'll tell you where you can find out how to master it inside The Academy.

Lauren was instrumental in the success of my program.  She is talented at identifying what each step will need and what will benefit your target audience and gave me valuable feedback at each stage of the program. Lauren's teachings enabled me to develop the offer in a way that produced my participant's desired results and made sure I was well educated and understood the process of launching a successful program. With her help, I had 16 incredible people sign up for my first group coaching program, the success of which has made a huge difference for me financially, and equipped me with the confidence, strategy and know-how needed to continue launching & building my online income.

With her blend of mindset and business strategy, she sets you up for success from day one. I've often told Lauren I will be her token 'thank you' client because I cannot thank her enough for showing me what true success looks, and more importantly, FEELS like. I've been able to maintain financial security and freedom because of her, and am taking my business to new heights.

Lauren regularly says she is proud of her 'students' for showing up for their own success, and I can confidently say she showed up for mine. She was always willing to answer any questions I had, she walked me through each process and supported me throughout. Her caring nature and personality helped me feel more supported and confident in my own accomplishments. I am able to push forward on my own, knowing I have been equipped with the right tools to reach my goals, both financially and in the unlimited growth of my business.

-Amber Young



Lauren has such a welcoming energy and I felt instantly connected. She helped me narrow my niche with a laser coaching call and from there, I launched my first program, resulting in my first $10K month.


She has an in-depth knowledge of strategic marketing as well as the mindset & energetics behind running an online business as a coach in this new paradigm. She has a very real approach to being an entrepreneur which I really appreciate, giving you permission to fully embrace the journey while trusting the process. 


Lauren will always meet you where you are at but she will always expand what is possible for you, encouraging you to elevate your capabilities and step into a bigger vision than you could have believed possible for yourself.

-Kyra Yang


Create your sell-out course or coaching




BizFlix Payment
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The Investment:

Gain lifetime access to ALL curriculums included inside The Academy + all future additions for:
One payment of
5 monthly payments of $488
12 monthly payments of $222

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"After only a few weeks of following Lauren, I began to really trust her as an expert in mindset and marketing for soul-driven entrepreneurs. I knew hiring her to help with a program launch would give me the tools I needed to get clear on my program, market it to my ideal customers, and do so with confidence. Her teachings helped me create the most beautiful and inspired sales page I could have ever asked the universe for. Working with Lauren I learned & implemented a huge variety of marketing tools and strategies to execute program launches with success and EASE-- skills I will utilize in my business to create results for years to come."



-Chrissy Martin


With Lauren’s help I managed to set up my whole business in only one summer, including writing a business plan, publishing my website, doing my first 3-day live event, launching my first online course successfully and getting my first 1:1 clients.

When I worked with her this year in a 1:1 Intensive, I was struggling with my messaging because I found it so intangible.

I received so much clarity on how so many people can relate to my story. I really learned to own my transformation, my skills and value through some cool mindset exercises Lauren had me do. ;) We came up with creative, easy and aligned ideas for my offers when I was back to overthinking things and making them too complicated. I now feel so much more ease, fun & relief in my business.


I really enjoy working with Lauren because she is always super transparent & honest with her own story, it always feels like talking to a longtime friend. Lauren truly has a gift to see the magic in you before you see it yourself and makes you feel truly empowered from within. It always is about finding the right thing for ME and I always feel supported, never judged.

Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 11.48.42 AM.png


"I started working with Lauren when I was stuck in a corporate career and doing a life coaching certification on the side. I knew I wanted to start my own business and do it in a soul-aligned way, as I had already stepped on the path of inner work and self development.

I am a highly sensitive introvert and before joining, even the thought of putting myself out there in front of people seemed so far away. Lauren's way of incorporating the strategy and the mindset work really spoke to me and I decided to trust my intuition and go for it. As soon as I got in, I knew I was in the right place as I saw how value-packed yet easily digestible Lauren's teachings were. Everything has been thought of to the smallest detail and laid out in a way that’s easy to follow and implement. I didn’t feel left behind at any point. Having Lauren’s support when developing and launching my program was so crucial to my progress. You can see that she really cares for each of her clients.

The mindset tools included in the program were the very reason why I was able to become visible, start attracting an audience and launch my coaching program."

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Frequently Asked Questions

I haven't started my business yet, is The Academy a good fit for me?

YES! The Academy is the perfect place to start if you've been getting ready to dive in, and are ready to go all-in with your freedom-filled business. Everything you need to build out and scale each component of your business is inside this very unique, ever-expanding component.

I'm already making money in my business but am looking to scale. Will the curriculums included help me do that?

Absolutely. There's nothing you won't be able to up-level inside The Academy, no matter your industry or niche. I've got you covered on that front, too.

Do you offer refunds?

The simple answer is no. Due to the nature of The Academy and all digital curriculums included + the link to the private podcast that can't be revoked, all sales and payment plans of The Academy are non-refundable/non-cancellable. And truth be told I'm not interested in giving you a back-up plan, anyways. You deserve the freedom-filled life and business you've been envisioning, and The Academy is the place to do it. As your mentor, I'm here to help you facilitate the transformation and results you're committed to creating for yourself, while holding you to your highest standard and potential. If your intuition is pulling you towards The Academy, trust it. No back-up plans needed.

How long will you continue to build out The Academy for? Is it lifetime access?

By paying once (either as a pay-in-full or either of the payment plans) you'll have lifetime access to all current and future Academy content. The plan with The Academy is to continuously add to it, and have it be the centrefold of my business, marketing one product as opposed to many. Currently, I have over two years worth of trainings, guest speakers, course and program ideas that I plan to add to The Academy month after month, 99% of which are designed for business owners in ANY industry/niche, and that list of ideas seems to grow daily.

However, what I can't guarantee is that I'll continuously add The Academy for the rest of my life. Obviously none of us can predict where we'll be in 5-10 years from now, and that's just far too big a promise for me to make. What I can promise however, is lifetime access to the existing curriculums and at the very least, another two-three years of curriculums that are already mapped-out on a huge variety of topics, some including guest experts, that I cannot wait to share with you.

Does this include any coaching or support from you?

Yes and no. This is a self-paced, lifetime access container where you can work through the content that you need, as you need it. Upon signing up, I'll direct you to the introduction video and content directory, with pointers on how to navigate the different curriculums to best suit you and your business goals. You'll also gain lifetime access to live recordings of future trainings, courses and programs that are included inside The Academy (during which you can ask questions), so that you can learn from, support and build alongside your fellow Academy members.

I have more questions, can I contact you first?

Of course! Either send me a text or voice note on Instagram (@thealignedentrepreneur) or send me an email at

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