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The art of turning your passions, expertise and past experiences into life-changing courses & coaching programs.


al·che·mist | /ˈalkəməst/:

A person who transforms or creates something through a seemingly magical process; one who turns ordinary materials into gold.

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A lifelong learner.

A perpetual experimenter and soul explorer.

You've journeyed down the path of purpose.

Made decisions and taken turns that others wouldn't.

Marvelled at star-filled skies and painted sunsets.

Expressed yourself through countless mediums and told stories of a life well-ventured.

You've had life-changing moments full of such wild wonderment, you can still remember how it tasted; how in an instant, your internal world changed indefinitely.


Times of wondering what the point of it all was.

Times where you underwent and overcame the type of contrast you thought might consume you, only to emerge wiser, stronger, and more in tune with who you really are, and who you came here to be.



You find yourself leading others, whether you mean to or not.

People come to you with their questions, seeking answers they somehow sense you're able to give them.

You're already offering your passions and past experiences as guidance to those who seek it.

Now, you know it's time to do it on purpose.

To claim your past obstacles and overcomings, as your Divine initiations.

To Alchemize who you are and what you know, into the sacred containers that others are already summoning through you.

You are here as an Alchemist

You were born to lead. To experience, and then to alchemize.

Your past accomplishments, triumphs and personal hardships were all by design, meant to equip you with the wisdom needed to change the lives of others, and build total freedom for yourself in the process.

You are here to show others the way; to uplift them along their journey through sharing what you've learned while navigating your own.



I'm a business coach, entrepreneur and alchemist.

I've mastered the process of turning my experiences, overcomings and triumphs in life and business into online courses and coaching programs, leveraging them into a freedom-filled, 6-figure income for the past 4 years running.

I've launched close to 100 free & paid trainings, group courses, DIY courses, memberships, masterminds and countless group and private coaching programs (and helped my clients to launch hundreds more). I can say with confidence that when it comes to turning what you know into a sell-out online offer, there's an ART to alchemizing your experiences and the insights they've provided you, into a container that'll change lives and be an easy "yes!" to those it's meant for.

The truth is that you're an alchemist, too. Your past experiences have been by design-- meant for you so you could show others the way into a life or outcome you've already created for yourself. You're simply needing your course alchemy toolbox.

I'm Lauren -


"You've been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved."

-Mel Robbins

You're ready for the complete step-by-step process to turn what you know into life-changing offers that'll be a no-brainer to your dream participants.

You're also ready for the freedom & fulfilment that comes with selling-out your courses online and changing lives while you're at it.


Here's how it'll go down...

In this 28-day group coaching intensive, we'll spend the first week covering & implementing the start-to-finish process of alchemizing your unique genius, insights and experiences into a course or program that people can't wait to enrol in, over the course of four live masterclasses (outlined below). These masterclasses will cover every last pieces of the offer creation puzzle, and combine energetic and the strategic, to turn you into a true online alchemist.

You'll have 1 1:1 session with Lauren after the masterclasses, to flush out your ideas and discover/design your first offer together start-to-finish, complete with the perfect name, price point, curricular content and hosting platform.

This first offer will become the template from which you can develop and launch countless others; what you'll learn inside of Alchemist, can and will become a 6-figure online income stream if that's what you desire. This container is a space designed for those ready to turn their ideas, insights and overcomings into courses and coaching programs that'll change lives; starting with their own.


What's included...

  • Four live masterclasses delivered in the first week of Alchemist, covering the entire course alchemy process (valued at $2000) + lifetime access to the replays

  • 1 X 60-minute private coaching intensive to discover, develop and design your signature offer together (valued at $750)

  • 4 weeks of unlimited M-F voice and text support/coaching inside a group chat via the Telegram app (valued at $1000)

  • A supportive community of like-minded Alchemists to co-create alongside of (valued at $500)

  • Editing of and feedback on any and all marketing copy or written work by Lauren during our 4 weeks together (valued at $1000)

  • BONUS: lifetime access to Lauren's course, "Profitable Sales Pages" so you can write & build out a compelling sales page for your offer and draw in your dream participants without needing to outsource (regularly priced at $247)

the curriculum

The four masterclasses will be delivered live inside the program Facebook group on October 12th, 14th, 17th & 19th at 2PM ET, and you'll have lifetime access to the replays. These four comprehensive trainings will cover every last detail of how to alchemize your life experiences and areas of passion & expertise, into online offers that will truly change the lives of those who enrol in them.

The Alchemist curriculum will be highly customizable to you as an individual, so that together we can enable you to build a business that feels as free and as creative, as the life it allows you to live through filling your online offers.

Masterclass #1



Inside Masterclass #1, we'll cover what makes for a hugely profitable online offer by discovering your personally profitable niche, and how to turn your personal experience within it, into a sell-out course or program.

Masterclass #3



Masterclass #3 will cover the details: the price point, structure, delivery/hosting options and support level of your course or program, in a way that both suits your goals/schedule and serves the needs and desires of your students.

Masterclass #2



Masterclass #2 will cover what to include in terms of teachings in your curriculum, so that your participants are empowered in creating their desired transformation, without under or over-delivering.

Masterclass #4



Last but not least, we'll be turning both you and your offer into a magnet; attracting your dream people through the power of identity energetics, aligned design specifics and messaging that turns window shoppers into excited buyers.

The Academy Experience (23).png

You'll come away with...

  • A repeatable, customizable and scalable framework for creating courses and coaching containers that can take you as far as you want to go, income-wise

  • A knowledge of marketing fundamentals that'll enable you to develop and share your online offers in a way that really speaks to the desires of your dream participants and makes your course/program an easy "yes!"

  • An understanding of exactly what to include in your curriculums, what to leave out, and how to structure your teachings, so that you're providing your students with the most potent transformation possible while standing out in your niche

  • Both the energy and strategy behind a sell-out course or program

  • The entire framework and foundation for a crazy profitable online offer & business, and next-steps to turn it into a life-changing income stream

Total value of Alchemist: over $5200
Earning potential: Unlimited

Join Alchemist


One payment of $555 or 3 bi-weekly payments of $222

Doors close Tuesday, October 11th @10PM ET
Alchemist begins Wednesday, October 12th

OR: work with Lauren 1:1 for 30 days inside of Alchemist and get 3 X 1:1 calls and private support via Telegram for $1111

Alchemist Payment

What happens next?

We'll kick things off together as a group in the morning of Wednesday, October 12th, with Masterclass #1 being delivered at 2PM ET that same day. The four masterclasses will walk you through the start-to-finish offer design process, and you can work through them live or on your own time.

Weeks 2, 3 and 4 will be spent implementing the teachings in your own business, and working closely with Lauren to design an online offer that's aligned with you and your unique goals, while being irresistible to the souls you're here to serve through your work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I've already created courses before. Is Alchemist still for me?

If you're looking for 1:1 guidance around developing your next offer, and the strategic & energetic ingredients that make it a sell-out one, then Alchemist is for you. Since this container includes a 1:1 component, it's teachings will meet you wherever you're at and be complete customized to you and your current business/income goals.

How much personalized support do I get during our 3 weeks together?

We'll have a 60-minute strategy session that's just the two of us, in which we'll be co-designing your course or program idea and developing it into the life-changing offer it's meant to be. You'll also have access to me M-F inside our Telegram group chat, so you can ask as many questions as you have, and receive all the coaching, feedback and guidance you need to manifest the income and impact you and your work deserve.

Does Alchemist cover how to launch/market the course or program after we've built it?

While we'll cover how to write copy/content and create killer messaging around your offer, Alchemist is not a 'how to launch/market your course' coaching container. We're focusing primarily over these 4 weeks exclusively on designing the offer that'll blow up your business, so that you have the foundation to flourish. However, I'll be available for any and all business-related questions you have during our time together, and can provide recommendations around next-steps for participants who are ready for it.

I have more questions. Can I contact you first?

Of course! Send me an email at, or shoot me a message on Instagram (@thealignedentrepreneur).

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