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by Lauren Saunders






A 6-month private coaching program.


The secret to a 6- and multiple 6-figure business?

Aligning with it.

You've been building (or getting ready to build) your online coaching/course-creation business for a while now...

You're excited. You're ready to step into your true potential. You're following your intuition, trusting that when you leap, the net appears, and feeling ready to expand into your next-level of income, freedom and fulfilment.

You know you were meant for big money in your business.

You know that 5-figure+ months are on the horizon, you can practically taste them.



Take a second and try on the belief that banking big money month-after-month, is easy for you.

  • Continuous income expansion is your birthright

  • A 6-figure+ income is your energetic minimum

  • The more fun you have, the more dollars flow in

  • Running and growing your business is fun & effortless

  • Your dream clients flock to you-- you let the Universe do the heavy-lifting




Let's cut to the chase-- this 6-month 1:1 mentorship is for the soul-driven business owner who's ready to step into 5-figure & multiple 5-figure months like, yesterday.

  • You believe in your vision and you excel at what you do; your fans + clients look up to you for the way you go after your goals (and accomplish them, too)

  • You have a good idea of how you help people, and are ready to serve a lot more people with your own personal brand of magic

  • You've maybe gotten close and perhaps even had a $10K+ month or two (or are confidently moving towards them), but are ready to make them your default and then some

  • 6-figures+ is where you're ready to go inside the next 1-6 months- you know it's available to you, too (you wouldn't be reading this if it wasn't!)

  • You're tired of feeling stuck where you are, not because you're not a total boss for getting yourself there, but because you're ready to explode into the type of success you know yourself to be truly capable of

  • You feel like you're on the brink of a massive up-level; it's been nagging at you for a while now, and you're ready to stop getting in your own way, questioning and comparing yourself to others and make it fucking HAPPEN

  • You're ready to go ALL the way in and work with a mentor who's been where you are, and has the framework and know-how needed to get you to where you're ready to be A-S-A-P 



Here's what aligning with a (multiple) 6-figure business looked like for me....


I started my business with nothing short of iron-fisted determination. For the first 8 months however, that wasn't enough.

I was scraping by, throwing the proverbial spaghetti up against the wall and praying that something would stick.

With an energetic shift in my approach and launching a program I could truly get my energy behind, I went from $1000/month to my first $15,000 month within a matter of weeks. I was over the moon.

The only problem? Was that I didn't know how to consistently replicate it, and that illusive $20K+ month still seemed out of reach.

My income fluctuated a LOT. I'd have a $15K-$18K month, followed by a couple $3K-$5K ones. I could taste the freedom and abundance of that multiple 6-figure income, I just didn't know how to get there, and it certainly wasn't for lack of trying.

What changed? It wasn't my marketing strategy, sales tactics or audience size. It was the frequency from which I was operating in both my life and business.

I shifted into the energetic reality of $20K+ months and then watched them immediately start showing up. I moved into my dream apartment, I hired my first team member, I took big, often terrifying leaps of faith that were
 aligned with the reality I WANTED over the one I had, and I adjusted the way I approached the offers I launched and the energy from which I launched them. I did the inner work to start seeing myself as a the multiple 5-figure/month coach I knew I was, took action FROM my success instead of towards it, and the evidence of it showed up within weeks.

In fact, my first $25K and $34K months came in the middle of a global pandemic-- because I know that the ONLY thing dictating my success, is MY vibrational set-point. The same goes for you, too.

If you desire to start hitting consistent $20K-$30K months in your business, what's required is a shift in your energy, an up-levelled amount of belief, and the actions you take as a result.

The best part? Is that a quick shift in your frequency and a subsequent Quantum leap in results, is ready for you NOW.

These days...

IMG_1474_Facetune_10-11-2020-14-56-20 2.
  • Money isn't an obstacle for me; if there is a desire, I buy it


  • This past year I've furnished my two-bedroom downtown Toronto apartment (as well as taking over my former roommate's portion of the rent) , finally got my dream car (a Mercedes SUV), up-levelled my wardrobe and invested in myself in countless ways


  • Hired on more help in my business (like, a LOT more help) so that I can work less, earn more and reach larger numbers of people with my message and mission

  • Had my biggest DAY ever, earning $16,000 in less than 24 hours


  • Been interviewed on countless podcasts and livestreams to share my story of aligning with and manifesting $20K, $25K and $34K months

  • Gotten to a place in my life and business where success and results come easily, ideas become full-blown manifestations often overnight, and I'm rebranding and moving quickly towards my next next level-- & I'm looking to take a small number of new high-level clients with me

Screen Shot 2021-01-03 at 8.27.05 AM.png

Six months to build & scale your online business to 5-figure+ months.





The Aligned Entrepreneur Method for Quantum Success

The way to the the next-level results you desire ($20-$30K months, a waitlist of your dream clients, the ability to work full-time from anywhere in the world) already exists, but you can only access the steps that will lead you there quickly if you're aligned and operating on the same frequency with your desired destination.

There's a better way to do business-- and it brings you the results you want in a fraction of the time, while doing a fraction of the work. The Align 6-month mentorship follows a 3-step process to get your mindset & energy manifesting the results you want FOR you, while taking the action that's needed in order to bridge the gap.

Step 1. Intention

We'll start by getting super clear on the results you're out to create. Where do you want to be in 3, 6, and 12 months? What does multiple 5-figure/month success look like for you (if you don't know yet, don't worry, we'll discover it together!)? How has your physical reality and day-to-day life shifted as a result of that success? Get specific here-- you get to create ANY outcome you desire to. I'm not here to let you play small.

Step 2. Alignment

This is where the magic happens. You can't manifest what you want without being in energetic alignment with it, first. In other words, we're going to tune your vibration to the results you want, transform you into the CEO version of you from the inside out, and get your thoughts and emotions in line with your desired financial results so that the actions you take *actually* bring you the results you desire.

What's more is that we'll be customizing all of your physical strategies and actions so that they feel aligned with YOU. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to marketing, and getting to your next-level success is about being and sharing more of exactly who you already are.

Step 3. Action

There ain't no ifs, ands, or buts about it-- your success will come through ACTION. But not just any action. Together we'll decide on the income-building strategies (or perhaps just tweak the ones you already have in place) that will bring you the most bang for your entrepreneurial buck, while breaking down the process step-by-step so that calling in big money months both physically and energetically, comes easily to you.

We'll use a combination of intuition (AKA actions you can get your belief behind) and proven marketing strategies that WORK, regardless of the niche you're in or the product/service you have to offer.



  • 12 X bi-weekly 1:1 coaching calls (12 total)

    Inside the 6 months of our time together, you get 2 monthly 50-minute coaching calls whenever you need them. We'll cover it all-- the strategy, the action-planning, the mindset shifts and more, to lock in on your $10K-$20K months A-S-A-P.


  • Unlimited text & voice messaging via Voxer

    Between our coaching calls you have unlimited access to me via the Voxer messaging app, so that I'm never more than a text away (M-F) and in your corner whenever you need me.


  • Unlimited access to all Lauren's courses & programs

    During our 6 months together you'll gain access to any and all courses and program recordings of mine that I feel will help propel you towards your desired income level


  • Lifetime access to The Academy

    By joining the mentorship, you'll gain a lifetime of building your business alongside a family of fellow Aligned Entrepreneurs, as well as every last business-building curriculum and resource I have inside my continuously growing library of courses and programs


  • Feedback & editing suggestions on all copy & written work including sales pages and marketing content inside our Voxer chat

  • Complimentary participation in any high-level masterminds Lauren is running during our 6-months together


6 monthly payments of $2200 or $12,500 pay-in-full

*prices listed in USD

Want 1:1 support in a different structure? Check out my Launch Magic VIP option

"Lauren was a huge asset in helping me launch my first eBook and in creating my group coaching program. My book launch far exceeded my expectations and brought in multiple 5-figures in sales in it's first weekend through a variety of marketing strategies we implemented together. Since then, the book has grossed over 6-figures in income in less than 2 years since it's launch. I was also thrilled to sell out my first ever group coaching program shortly after the book launch. Having her help through this process boosted my confidence in what I was offering and prevented me from undercharging. The launch of both my book and coaching program was a huge success and I’m more excited than ever to expand on my online offerings."


Jeannine Elder



I've been working with Lauren since the beginning of 2020 with both one-on-one coaching and the conception and launch of my first online group program. I had been following her for a while, and from the first day of working with her, Lauren impressed me with her business knowledge, her genuine and honest nature, and her passion for seeing me succeed. Lauren is a talented and passionate business mentor dedicated to the success of her clients, and she has my highest recommendation.


Lauren was instrumental in the success of my program.  She is talented at identifying what each step will need, what will benefit your target audience and gave me valuable feedback at each stage of the program. Lauren worked closely with me to make sure the program produced our desired results, that it genuinely helped the participants of the program, and made sure I was well educated and understood the process of launching a successful program. With her help, I had a $15K launch for my first group coaching program, the success of which has made a huge difference for me financially, and equipped me with the confidence, strategy and know-how needed to continue launching & building my online income.

With her blend of mindset and business strategy, she sets you up for success from day one. I've often told Lauren I will be her token 'thank you' client because I cannot thank her enough for showing me what true success looks, and more importantly, FEELS like. I've been able to maintain financial security and freedom because of her, and am taking my business to new heights.

Lauren regularly says she is proud of her 'students' for showing up for their own success, and I can confidently say she showed up for mine. She was always willing to answer any questions I had, she walked me through each process and supported me throughout. Her caring nature and personality helped me feel more supported and confident in my own accomplishments. I am able to push forward on my own, knowing I have been equipped with the right tools to reach my goals, both financially and in the unlimited growth of my business.


-Amber Young


Having Lauren as a business coach has been like having a guardian angel for our business.  We had a situation several months back where our business partner dropped out and I had to essentially rebuild the whole business overnight.  If I had not had Lauren as a business coach, I firmly believe everything would have crumbled. 


Lauren makes everything seem possible, while making sure everything is in place to achieve what you set out to achieve. We recently launched a coaching academy and nearly sold out the foundational round with one email to our waitlist and no sales page.  The remaining spots filled up within a couple of days.  Lauren is there to say “yes.”  She had so much belief in this program selling out that it was impossible for us to believe anything otherwise.  


We had no background in online courses or groups and we have been running group cleanses nearly every month now.  The groups are steadily growing and our online presence is evolving.


Lauren always acknowledges me for being a person who has an idea and takes action.  The truth is, I have always been a person who has ideas and then lets them go.  It is because Lauren is my coach that I am a person who has an idea and takes action.

-Leslie Skolnik

Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 11.50.53

"There are so many good things to say about Lauren as my coach, I barely know where to begin! For starters, I was instantly drawn to her captivating energy - she truly has this radiant personality that you can't help but love...  And she REALLY knows her stuff!  Her passion for helping women entrepreneurs step into their "CEO selves", as she likes to say, truly shines through on every single 1:1 call.


Not only is she everything you'd expect from a coach - punctual, extremely organized, intelligent, and business savvy - but she also has "X factor" coming out of her ears!  


She holds space for you when you're needing a boost; she somehow knows EXACTLY what to say and when to say it in order for you to experience breakthroughs and see massive results in your business; she has this bottomless pit of resources on hand to whip out and e-mail you when you're struggling with something specific; she's compassionate and gentle in her coaching approach but also gives you the accountability you need when your ego attempts to keep you safe in your comfort zone; she's a total goofball (in the best sense!) when the situation calls for it; I could literally go on and on about amazing this woman is as a coach and a friend.

Her signature combo of mindset mastery & marketing know-how is EXACTLY what I needed in order to find myself outside of my comfort zone kicking ass with numerous live videos to my ideal clients (increasing my confidence as an expert in my niche), growing a facebook group, growing an e-mail list, and building out my very first group program - - all from the ground up!  She was there to guide me and lift me up the entire time.


Everything from marketing funnels to deep, healing mindset work around my limiting beliefs in business - she covers it all and then some... leaving you feeling like your success is TRULY inevitable.


The investment in her as a 1:1 mindset & marketing coaching is 110% worth it and if you're ever finding yourself on the fence about hiring her, PLEASE take the plunge and just do it - you will know after your first call that you made the right decision."

Chrissy Martin

Coach, Yoga Instructor, Entrepreneur


Screen Shot 2021-01-03 at 6.00.14 PM.png


Ready to go ALL the way in.
Ready to stop holding herself back from showing up for and creating her 6-figure+ biz/her next next-level life.
Ready to get uncomfortable, knowing that when she shows up big, the Universe has no choice but to match it.

With just two mentorship spots available, I'm looking for the woman who's 1000% committed to the life she says she wants, and who's willing to do what most won't, in order to create the freedom-filled reality that most can't. This mentorship has been designed to hold space for the woman ready for a fast Quantum leap in her business, and isn't giving herself any option other than manifesting the "how TF did she pull that off?" life she desires.

I know it's scary. I've invested in my success in massive, terrifying ways, more times than I can count. And I can say without a fraction of the doubt, that it's the reason I am where I am today.

Because I went all in. Because I took action from deciding my success was inevitable, instead of hoping it might find me. Because I knew that an illogical life, would require making illogical choices.
This is only just the beginning of what's available to you, the question is-- are you ready? ;)



Fill out the questions below if you know you're ready to go all-in and spend the next 6 months growing your business inside the mentorship. Lauren will be in touch shortly with next steps!

Want to book a call and chat first? Send me a DM on Instagram (@thealignedentrepreneur) and I'll send you a booking link!

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