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by Lauren Saunders


A 12-week intensive identity incubator for the creator who was born to lead, flourish and influence by embracing their authentic self.

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"Success isn't about what you are doing.Success is about who you are being, and who you are being as you do what you do."

-Jim Fortin

There’s an 𝘦𝘯𝘦𝘳𝘨𝘺 that magnetizes favourable outcomes in business like no other.⁣

That energy? Is one of feeling powerful.⁣

Powerful is a way of being in your business that money, clients and customers respond to and are magnetized by.⁣

Powerful is an identity that doubts less, believes more, and takes effortless action that leads to effortless results.⁣

Powerful is who you really are, and a frequency you were meant to embody full-time.⁣

The only thing standing between you and your ability to feel powerful AF, is that you've been conditioned over many years to question yourself (especially as a woman) instead of believing in your natural ability and Divine birthright to create anything you desire, just because you want to.⁣

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Luminary, I know who you really are.

And I know for a fact you're not seeing yourself clearly

...because if you were, you'd already have manifested the 6- or multiple 6-figure business you deserve.

  • You came here to lead others during a time of wide-spread awakening

  • You know that being here at this time is no coincidence; you were made for more and have been playing an active role in creating it for yourself & those you love

  • In theory, manifesting the financial overflow you desire through your business should be easy; you feel it's availability all around you but somehow it just never seems to show up in the way that deep down, you know it should

  • You're no stranger to taking action in your life and business, but those actions only sometimes seem to actually produce any real results (the wheel-spinning ends here)

  • Some days you feel like there are two separate versions of you-- the one who's powerful AF with not a doubt in the world when it comes to believing in your success, and another who seems hell-bent on keeping you in your head and out of your most abundant life

  • You have such a strong desire to live a life of true freedom and a belief that it's your destiny, that it often feels super frustrating and almost cruel that it isn't already your reality

What if the only thing you needed to 'be' in order to attract success, was more of YOU, while feeling powerful AF in the process?


(to manifest everything you desire and more)

The only thing you need to change

is the belief that you need changing.


Here's the truth about why some businesses work, and some don't; why some skyrocket to 6-figures+ overnight, while others take years to get off the ground (if they're even able to at all):

It's the entrepreneur behind the business, and how he or she views themselves, that dictates how things go.

Not marketing, not ad spend, not audience size or experience level.

Simply put-- the lens through which you view yourself and the relationship you have with YOU, is exactly what will manifest.

It's the leader you're being.

It's how powerful you feel.

It's how worthy you subconsciously believe you are.

It's your ability to embody the true you-- the one who believes more, doubts less, and attracts easier (like way, way easier), that decides how much impact, influence and income you'll manifest in your business.

Powerful has ALWAYS been the way you deserved & desired to feel. Time to remove what's in the way (and manifest a life of total freedom in the process).

I know exactly how you feel...

Powerful at times, like it's all about to happen in the most magical of ways.

Filled with conviction about where you're going and the inevitable success that's destined to be yours.

Like you were made for this, born to lead, and prepared to change lives.

...but somehow still questioning yourself...

Falling into old patterns of doubt you thought you'd long since left behind.

Finding yourself searching for acceptance and validation where logically you know it's not needed.

Spiralling into uncertainty that makes it impossible to draw to you the clients & income that not long ago you felt so confident about.

Feeling frustrated that you KNOW just how much potential you have, if only you could get out of your own way long enough to let it manifest.


I know what you're truly capable of

  • Making more money in a month than many make in a year

  • Inspiring and impacting the lives of thousands with your message and success

  • Seeing the best of what life has to offer and thinking "I'm going to have that"

  • Getting to spend your days exactly as you choose to

  • No longer trading time for money

  • No longer accepting "how things are" and instead, creating them precisely as you deserve them to be

  • Being a true leader in your life & industry, simply by being and embracing YOU

  • Setting your sights on the unreasonable, believing you can have it, and then watching it manifest -- again and again and again

It's not that you're not wildly capable, worthy or able to manifest next-level abundance in your business.

It's that you've been made to forget who you really are... and now it's time to remember.


(I'm just gonna be really f*cking real about it)

Here's what it's been like for me...

I've never been comfortable on camera. If I could, I'd prefer to stay behind the scenes probably 98% of the time. I've spent a lot of my life questioning myself, obsessing over my body, making accomplishments and acceptance from others my source of worthiness. Needless to say, often being "Luminary" (AKA manifesting desired results quickly) hasn't always come easily to me at all.

I got by and made things work by choosing the services I could most get my energy behind. I did whatever I could to operate from a way of "being" that would ensure results.

In many ways, it did. My first business as a beauty service provider went from brand new to booked-out in 2 months. Subsequent group courses within that same niche returned desirable results for me a lot of the time. Action-taking and marketing myself felt easy, and small amounts of action often created huge outcomes.

The only problem? I didn't know how to replicate it in other areas and niches within my business, and I subsequently couldn't rely on consistency in my income at all.

It was as liberating as it was frustrating to know that when I felt powerful, results and money exploded for me. When I didn't feel powerful, I'd fall into doubt and uncertainty that would altogether sabotage my results and leave me questioning myself on every level.

This year, that pattern had to go. I could no longer afford to bypass and gaslight the part of me who seemed determined to throw me off my manifesting game and derail the continued growth of my business.

Luminary is a state of being that I was able to access some of the time, but not hold on to. When I did access it, magical manifestations happened. My biggest money months caught me by surprise. Spots inside programs sold out in days. Business felt fun and easy and gratifying AF, and the income that manifested completely changed my reality in more ways than I can write about here.

This year, I've done a total deep-dive into the world of feeling powerful full-time. I wanted to understand how to build this Luminary way of being in the areas where it didn't occur naturally for me. I wanted to develop a formula that'd allow me to help other women embody the most confident and conviction-filled version of themselves that'd allow them to break free from the chains of their subconscious mind, make waves in their business and change lives (starting with their own) in the process.

Now, I'm ready to share what I've learned in the process of undoing everything that wasn't me, so that it can transform the identity and financial reality of other Luminaries who know it's meant to be their journey, too.

How it started

How it's going


One of the most frequent comments I get is about how I'm able to show up confidently in my business, speak with conviction and believe in my results.

The truth is that was not always the case. I've created an intentional shift in who I am for myself, because I recognized that it was the only requirement standing between me and a life of spiritual, financial, and physical freedom.

Now, I've been Divinely assigned the task of helping others to do the same.

Luminary: one who inspires or influences others; a body that gives light.

A woman who knows her personal power, and uses it to manifest anything she wants.

The more powerful you feel, the more profitable you become.

And here's the really big, really life-changing news: how powerful you feel has nothing to do with your external circumstances. Like, nothing. Nadda. Zip. Zilch.





An 8-week intensive identity incubator for the entrepreneur who was born to lead, flourish and influence by embracing her authentic self.


What is The Alliance & who is it for?

The Luminary Alliance (or TLA, for short) is an intensive, structured mastermind-style group program for the business owner who knows that who she's BEING, is what's deciding her success. It's the complete step-by-step identity-overhaul you need to market yourself with total confidence in your business, to show up powerfully and consistently, and to set goals and KNOW they'll manifest, because it's who you are.

The truth is, you get in your business a perfect reflection of your own self-image.

It's time to turn full time into the version of you who knows her power, who feels worthy AF, who walks with purpose and draws dream clients in with ease. TLA is the container within which you'll have no choice but to massively up-level your SELF, and therefor your business and income.

The Alliance is for the entrepreneur who's tasted what it feels like to be believing in her full potential, to be taking action without questioning whether that action will produce a desired outcome (you know it will) and who's ready to align with/manifest the dream reality on auto-pilot.

Create your sell-out course or coaching program in just 3 days (23).png

Over the next 8 weeks, you're going to...

  • Embody a way of being that effortlessly attracts clients, income, ideas and opportunities to you on auto-pilot

  • Learn how to KNOW your desires are on their way because it's simply who you've become, and how you've decided things will go

  • Embrace the things you've previously felt needed to change, and start viewing your unique traits and experiences as your success superpower

  • Become connected to yourSELF such that external approval or validation simply isn't something you need or look for any longer

  • Learn how to fully trust yourself and your intuition over everything and everyone else, and allow it to guide you into the level of success you desire

  • Witness first hand the power of aligning with yourself FIRST, and taking action (that actually produces results) second

  • Stop caring about anyone else's journey or success, knowing yours has been Divinely chosen for you

  • Start allowing for Quantum leaps to happen in your business as you stop pushing up against where you currently are and finding acceptance and love for yourself and your journey

The Details

The Alliance is now a full-length program that's available exclusively inside The Academy. We'll be going through the curriculum with weekly livestream modules and any Academy members wishing to participate live are invited to do so. Replays will be available on Kajabi as well as in audio format on The Academy Podcast.

8 exclusive weekly live trainings (a $2500 value)

These trainings (specific topics listed below) will change you. They've been designed to interrupt and reprogram the way you think, feel & act in your life and business, so that the habit of doubt and self-judgement no longer blocks the flow of everything you've been calling in. They'll be delivered live inside The Academy Facebook group and you'll have lifetime access to listen again and again to continue up-levelling your being-ness and thus, your income level.

If you loved the topics & energy shared inside the Luminary 5-day livestream event, then prepare yourself for what's coming inside these 8 exclusive livesteams.

Your Luminary Alliance family (priceless)

There's a reason it's called an alliance. Your fellow Luminaries will play a vital role in your inner glow-up, as you support one another through the work that'll transform your world from the inside out. The program group chat and Facebook group are yours to utilize forever, and your TLA family will continue to grow alongside you as you change your SELF, in order to change your life.


The Curriculum

Trainings will be delivered twice weekly live inside Academy Facebook Facebook group, with specific energy work and actions assigned to implement and integrate. Each fo these modules will dive deep into different key topics (many more than are listed below + none of which were covered in the original 5 days of Luminary trainings) and transform and magnetize your way of being by the end of our time together.





Becoming Magnetic

The #1 method for embodying the Luminary NOW, and stepping into desired results A-S-A-P + why money & clients respond to power and authenticity.

Clearing The Past

Becoming the you you really are by removing what's been in the way. and the false perceptions you have of yourself from past experiences and relationships.

The Chosen One

Learning to release control and honour the journey/impact that the Divine has chosen for YOU (releasing resistance, building trust, and allowing for Quantum Leaps).

6-Figure Authenticity

How to truly embrace your unique & authentic self and be loved and successful for it + how to feel safe in being seen.


The Strength of YOUR Story

Every moment has led you up to NOW. You are exactly where you're meant to be. Learning to tell your story and believe in its power to impact the lives of others is how you get out of your head and into the influence & income you were made for.


Income Through Innovation

How to access & embrace the type of innovation that your soul people are called towards. The Luminary doesn't do things like anybody else does. She understands her true power is in honouring herself, and her Divinely-guided ideas.


Cultivating Community

How to become a magnet for the community of dream clients & audience members by strategically sharing & embodying your personal mission.



In our final week together, you're going to integrate the teachings & shifts you've made throughout Luminary by taking action that proves to every part of you the power in being YOU, and the way in which people will favourably respond when you do.

Create your sell-out course or coaching program in just 3 days (13)_edited.jpg

My message to the woman reading this...

Luminary, you were born to lead.

To lead yourself into freedom, success and overflow. To lead others back to their own truth. To lead the collective consciousness during this time of expansion and awakening.

I know you know what you're truly capable of. You've experienced it before. A feeling of limitlessness you so fiercely desired to hang on to, because you knew that under the stories and doubt and programming, it's who you actually are.

It's time to re-integrate with YOU. It's time to become magnetic in every sense of the word, by shifting your perception of yourself, reconnecting with YOU, and proving to yourself and others that our true power is being seen for exactly who we are.

I know how it feels. To know your true potential but to feel like you can't stop pinching yourself off from it. I know how it feels to be on top of the world one minute, and spiralling into a pit of self-doubt the next.

The truth is, the world has done its best to limit you; to make you forget.

To convince you and powerful women everywhere that they're not enough. To profit from you questioning yourself, and make it feel impossible to hold the vision you have for your life long enough to watch it manifest.

But you wouldn't be reading this if your soul didn't know you are so. much. bigger than that; that you're ready to come back to yourself and your power, and transform your life in the process.

"You've been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved."

Luminary, it's time to move some mountains.

 Total Value: Over $7400 

Join The Alliance

Regular Price: $2222
Now: exclusively available inside The Academy

Join The Alliance by becoming a member of The Academy

The majority of my courses and programs are now taking place exclusively inside The Academy. One product, lifetime access to and participation in countless curriculums.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When do we start!?

A live round of TLA will be happening in 2022 inside The Academy!

What happens next?

Upon signing up, you'll be sent an email with everything you need to know, including how to add me on Voxer so that I can put you in the Alliance group chat prior to the beginning of the program. You'll gain immediate access to The Luminary 5-day training which you can watch or review to get you started before we officially begin together.

Does it matter what kind of business I have?

TLA is designed for spiritual business owners alike, regardless of what industry or niche you're in. The principles and practices shared will be highly relevant to ANY current or soon-to-be entrepreneur who's ready for next-level influence, impact and income.

I've done identity work before. How is TLA different?

It's called an alliance for a reason. The group component of TLA is a big part of what makes it different from other identity work, as well as the implementation strategies and homework that'll be assigned. The Alliance is for the entrepreneur who already knows she's powerful AF, and is ready to integrate the Luminary way of being full time.

Does it matter what point I'm at in my business?

Whether you're just getting started or have been building your business for years, TLA is a program and philosophy that I'm continuing to expand on and implement even within my multiple 6-figure business. The teachings are designed to meet you where you're at, and if you feel called here, then it's because you're calling for the clarity and transformation that'll take place inside The Alliance as a means of reaching your next level, regardless of what that is for you.

I have more questions. Can I contact you first?

Of course! You can email me at or send me a voice note or DM on Instagram @laurencsaunders.

©copyright 2021 by Lauren Saunders
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