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by Lauren Saunders

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Beginner Business


Lifetime access to 5 business-building courses for the newbie (soon-to-be expert) online entrepreneur.

The foundation you need to build your list, offers, website, strategy, and INCOME, are now all in one place.

if you're ready to...

  • Start, build and scale your audience/email list with tons of qualified dream clients that will support your business for years to come

  • Dream up, develop and build your sell-out e-courses and coaching programs and learn how to launch them to tons of your dream participants

  • Nail down your money-making niche and develop content and courses that people can't wait to buy from you

  • Build your pro-level sales pages, email opt-ins and email/social media marketing strategies to authentically and effectively sell your offers

  • Master the 3-step repeatable, scalable and customizable launch process to get your courses and programs in front of those ready to sign up for them


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The Beginner BusinessBundle Includes...

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There's a big, important difference between the niche that most people 'think' will be profitable, and the one that actually will be for you.

Your Rich Niche is a course on nailing down what you offer and to who, focusing on YOUR unique strengths and experiences, in order to develop the niche that truly has your energy, belief, and results behind it.

This 3-part course breaks down how to determine and develop the niche, offers and messaging that'll set YOU apart in the online space, and draw your dream clients to you with ease as a result.

The recorded case study interview and 2 live coaching calls included in Your Rich Niche, make it a hands-on course that's unlike any other course I've built before.

Inside Your Rich Niche, we cover:

  • The #1 thing your business actually needs for your income to grow (and no, it’s not a bigger ads budget)

  • How to stand out in the online coaching space to make high-ticket sales, even if you have a small audience

  • How to discover YOUR rich niche (the unique mission, messaging & branding that sets YOU apart) and why it's your key to doubling or tripling your reach, impact and income in the online coaching space

  • How to communicate your million-dollar message confidently and in a way that magnetizes YOUR people to you, and turns them into lifelong clients & supporters of your business



  • In-person hot seat coaching/exposure for 2 of our workshop participants who are ready to nail down their rich niche, and use it to seriously level-up their business in the coming months

  • An in-person case study and live interview with a 6-figure coach who discovered HER rich niche, and has used it to catapult her income over the last 3 months

The Cyber CEO is one of my most popular courses because it breaks down my ENTIRE start-to-finish process for dreaming up, designing and structuring any free/paid training, group course/coaching program or private mentorship you could wish to offer in your business.

Complete with 3 comprehensive workbooks, you'll go from not having an idea, to designing from the ground-up a super scalable and in-demand course or program that your people can't wait to get their hands on, inside the 3 modules that make up this invaluable curriculum.

The Cyber CEO lays out the specifics of how to build and host your online courses for free, including my recommendations for the best payment software options and hosting platforms.

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In this 3-part eCourse, you'll learn:

  • The two secrets to creating a course/coaching program that SELLS (and no, it has nothing to do with your marketing strategy)

  • How to discover your money-making idea that'll change your biz (hint: it's been just waiting for you to discover it)

  • The step-by-step process to structuring your courses and programs they best serve your future participants and makes them appeal most to those they're meant for

  • How to speak about your courses and programs in a way that captures people's interest and turns them from prospects into participants

  • The #1 thing that all successful online courses and coaching programs have in common

  • Why you DON'T need an audience to fill your your programs with dream participants

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#3: Profitable Sales Pages

Once you've got your rich niche nailed down and your signature course or coaching program planned out, it's time to send people to the webpage that sells it for you.

Profitable AF Sales Pages is your complete guide to writing, designing and building the pages on your website that authentically and effectively teach people about your online offers, in a way that speaks deeply to their desires and inspires them to buy.

Writing/designing profitable sales pages is NOT about saying all the right things at all the right times.

It's about being confident and grounded in just how life-changing your course or program is, and then successfully communicating how it can help the people who are looking for it.

Inside Profitable Sales Pages, you'll learn:

  • The key components of a crazy profitable sales page and the essential role it plays in filling your online courses and coaching programs

  • My start-to-finish process for writing a sales page that sells an offer for me, and the types of copy-writing I focus on to insure my dream participants know they're in the right place and feel empowered to buy

  • The ENERGY behind a profitable sales page and how to write from a place of authenticity, highlighting YOUR personal brand and vibe in a way that attracts the perfect people into your offer who are ready to learn from YOU, specifically

  • How to immediately capture the attention of your page visitors and let them know they're in the right place, right off the bat so they want to keep reading

  • Why an effective sales page has nothing to do with convincing or coercing people, and instead has everything to do with communication, education, and knowing how to best represent your offer in a way that makes it an easy 'yes' from those it's meant to serve

#4: How to NOT Launch to Crickets

This 3-step mini-course is as to-the-point as it is effective, in helping you to implement a launch strategy that WORKS (even if you don't currently have an audience in your target market).

You'll learn inside the course, how to create free launch content that appeals to and pre-qualifies the right people for your offer, so that you're sharing it with those who are most likely to buy and benefit from it.

It's nearly impossible to feel confidence and belief during a launch when you feel like you're talking to no one. That's why How to NOT Launch to Crickets exists: so that you don't just have the niche nailed down or the amazing offer built, but you have the people to FILL it, too.

Copy of How to NOT Launch to Crickets.png

Inside this 3-step mini e-course, you'll learn:

  • My start-to-finish process for attracting the right people into my audience (even before I had an audience) pre-launch, so that I'm marketing it to those who my course or program will be a "hell YES!" for

  • The best ways to find new potential clients/program participants when you're starting out or scaling your platform, that don't rely on the Instagram algorithm

  • How I use the course or program I'm going to launch to create a "content event" that turns new audience members into eager clients

  • How to build trust quickly through your content, so that up-selling into your offer feels natural, fun & easy (no icky sales-tactics needed!)

  • 3 steps to NOT launch to crickets, and instead launch to tons of your dream people (because your course/program is too life-changing not to get it in front of those who need it)

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Funnels sound way less sexy than they actually are. Truth be told, I LOVE funnels and I strongly believe every online business owner should be using them to automate the process of growing their business, and put themselves in control of their own sales through attracting ideal clients & customers with ease.

FUNnels 101 was built to teach you the entire funnel process: everything from knowing what type of content to create to get people excited about joining your email list, how to built the landing page and write effective copy, and the tech side of creating an email campaign that turns cold leads into life-long supporters of your business, all without you lifting a finger.

FUNnels 101 is the BBB component that brings it all together, and ensure that after building your business, you actually earn a life-changing income from it, too.

After completing FUNnels 101, you will:

  • Know how to quickly put a 5-step funnel together that starts delivering you qualified, eager leads the same day you build it (landing pages, strategy copy writing, email marketing and automated sales will no longer feel daunting or out of reach for you)

  • Grow your list, group, business and bank account on auto-pilot while you're out living your life

  • Set up a sales funnel that earns you passive income through automating your sales process

  • Provide value in a way that draws your ideal customer/client into your business and builds trust and credibility right off the bat

  • Automate the process of turning your cold leads into warm ones who are ready to buy


Have we met yet?

I'm Lauren. I'm a business mentor for passionate entrepreneurs wanting to scale to $5K, $10K and $20K+ months online, and I've created a life of freedom for myself by implementing the principals and practices that will be covered in the Beginner Business Bundle.

I started my business with nothing short of iron-fisted determination. For the first 8 months however, that wasn't enough.

I was scraping by, throwing the proverbial spaghetti up against the wall and praying that something would stick.

In less than 6 months, I invested over $20,000 in coaches, courses and trainings, sure that my success was on the other side of finding whatever 'piece' was missing.

I hired coaches who were experts at strategy. I built beautiful funnels and sales pages and paid thousands for Facebook ads that didn't turn a profit.

Then, I focused on mindset. I enrolled in money mindset programs and manifestation courses that were surely to help me actually see a return on my investments, which were beginning to totally paralyze me.


It wasn't until I began understanding how to combine the two, align myself with my desired financial outcomes AND implement the strategies needed that things really began to shift for me. I went from averaging less than $1000/month to my first $15,000 month almost overnight, and I've been building content to help others do the same ever since.

Since then, my life has changed and evolved in drastic ways. I retired my first business so I could travel Italy for the winter while working exclusively online. I moved into my dream apartment and finally checked my white Mercedes off my many, many vision boards. I began hitting $20K months, and then experienced my first $25K, $27K and $34K months in the middle of a global pandemic.

The key marketing strategies and foundation of tech know-how (combined with a healthy dose of pulling both off from a place of confidence & alignment) are what allowed me to feel empowered to creating the life and business I dreamed of. The foundation my business continues to be built upon today, is ALL covered inside the Beginner Business Bundle.

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Navigating the Bundle to build your Biz...

The bundle has been strategically designed to walk you through the process of starting and scaling your business, step-by-step. I've created a video training (that'll be the first thing you watch upon signing up) on how to move through the 5 included curriculums, starting with Your Rich Niche, to nail down the niche and messaging that'll be super profitable for YOU personally. Then, I recommend completing the 3-parts of The Cyber CEO, to design your sell-out online offer(s) from start to finish (even if you don't have an idea yet).

From there, Profitable Sales Pages will give you all the insight you need to create beautiful sales pages that turn interested audience members into excited clients & course participants (even if you don't have a website yet). Once you've got your niche nailed down, your course or program built out, and your converting sales page ready to go, it's time to build a pre-qualified audience/email list to market it to. Inside How to NOT Launch to Crickets, you'll learn how to do just that. Finally, walking your way through the 7 short but informative modules of FUNnels 101, you'll become a pro at creating free content and professional opt-ins that grow your email list on auto-pilot, and where to find people in your target market to advertise it to, so that you're not relying on the Instagram algorithm or crazy expensive paid ads in order to attract a list-full of people who are already looking to say YES to your offer.

Build, scale, repeat.

Price of the bundle when purchased separately: $1410

Your Investment:

LUMINARY (19)_edited.png

Gain lifetime access to all courses included in the Beginner Business Bundle for one payment of $666 or three monthly payments of $233


**Offer expiring Sunday, November 6th at 10PM ET

What Happens Next?

Immediately upon completing payment, you'll receive an email granting you access to all business bundle components inside my Kajabi membership site.

Start with watching the introduction training/BBB directory video, to strategically navigate the curriculums included inside the bundle and work your way through step-by-step without the overwhelm.

The bundle will make building your business easy and provide the clarity you need to manifest your income goals in as little time as possible. No more throwing the spaghetti at the wall and hoping something sticks.

As much as your success is a game of energy, you also need to know the right actions to take in order to have your energy onboard. The Beginner Business Bundle exists to help you do just that.


Frequently Asked Questions

I don't consider myself a 'beginner' in my business, but I'm not yet where I desire to be income-wise. Is the bundle still for me?

If you've been working on your business for a while now but feel unsatisfied with the results that have not-yet manifested, then BBB will still be hugely beneficial for you, because it'll enable you to identify where you need to make adjustments in both your energy and your action-taking/strategy, in order to have things really start working. If you've had desirable results happen, but aren't sure how to make them a consistent thing, then the bundle will give you the tools needed to never run out of new people in your audience who are eager and ready to become a client or customer of yours.

The curriculums inside the bundle have all been designed to give you aligned, repeatable, customizable and scalable strategies so that you never hit a point of stagnation in your ability to scale your audience, offers and income.

Does this offer include coaching?

No. The bundle and courses inside of it are DIY curriculums that you're encouraged to work through at your own pace. There is however an exclusive video training that will teach you how to navigate the content on your own and build your profitable online business in as little time as possible.

I have more questions. Can we chat first?

Of course! Message me on Instagram (@thealignedentrepreneur) with any bundle-related questions you have! I'm happy to chat.

©copyright 2021 by Lauren Saunders
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