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About the creator

Hey gorgeous, I'm Lauren. I'm a former lash artist turned online course creator and business coach.

Six years ago, I started a lash business on the side of my teaching career. Three years ago, I turned what I'd learned from that lash business into a 6-figure and then multiple 6-figure online income.

The craziest part? I didn't teach lashing skill or offer certifications at all.

My signature online course (and subsequent follow-up courses) "Lash Boss Academy", exclusively taught other, already certified lash artists the business side of things: how to attract clients with ease and scale their income on auto-pilot.

I learned how to package my business know-how into a 4-week course that earned $15,000 in it's foundational launch, and tens of thousands more in the years and launches that followed. All while working only a fraction of the hours that I had as a full-time lash artist.

Now, I'm sharing my entire beauty course creation process with other business owners and professionals in the beauty industry, so that they too can massively scale their income while working way few hours, and changing the lives of thousands through their courses in the process.

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