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by design

(your biz)


with Human Design guide Liobhan Clancy and aligned business mentor Lauren Saunders


By Design (6).png
By Design (6).png

So you've been thinking about starting a business.

OR, you already have.

You're either not 100% sure where to start, or the cookie-cutter approaches you see others implementing either aren't working for you or just don't feel aligned at all. You want the step-by-step, but you want it customized: a business that's by YOUR design, and that works for you as an individual.

Inside the By Design Masterclass, we're going to be covering how to do exactly that.

Inside this free, 90-minute masterclass, we'll cover:

  • Why the ONLY approach to building a successful, freedom and purpose-granting business, is one that's unique to you; one that's by design

  • How to start and scale a thriving business that works in alignment with your unique Human Design chart

  • The crucial role your nervous system plays in building your biz by design, and how to work with it to release feelings of doubt or overwhelm and embrace belief, confidence and alignment with your desired success

  • The ideas, action-steps and strategies that will be effective for you personally, and how to access/implement them

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meet your hosts


Liobhan Clancy - Human Design Guide

Liobhan is a creative entreprenuer with a background in textile design. She first discovered Human Design during a period of misalignment in her life; she was working too hard and starting to experience burn out. Keen to make some changes she started to experiment with the system, and began to live her life according to her design. The results were incredible, by following her Human Design she experienced more self-understanding, more clarity, and more purpose. 

She was so amazed by how powerful and useful Human Design is that she felt called to start a business centered on it’s teachings. Her business, Align & Create, has now attracted an international audience of over 20,000 people, and helps entrepreneurs from all over the world connect to their authentic self and align their life and business with their design.

Lauren Saunders

Lauren Saunders is a business coach for energy-first entrepreneurs who understand that frequency is the key to their success, and their freedom. As a former high school art teacher, Lauren built her first business doing lash extensions from home back in 2015, leaving her career to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. In 2018, she launched an online course teaching other business owners in the lash industry how to scale their clientele, experiencing her first $20K month and continuing to grow from there.

Lauren coaches entrepreneurs from all over the world how to align their energy/mindset, strategies and action-plans with their desired outcomes in order to manifest a freedom-filled life they love-- one that's by their own design. She knows that the key to a thriving business, is building one that's BY DESIGN, and aligned with the business owner themselves.

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