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by Lauren Saunders


11 weeks to build the foundation of your freedom-filled coaching business & manifest your first high-ticket dream clients into it.

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You've been thinking about it for a while now

...creating  freedom for yourself while changing lives in the process.

You imagine running your business from coffee shops around the world.

Earning more while working less.

Being your own boss as you a live a life by your design.

Responding to client messages while on a tropical beach somewhere.

Leaving behind the need to ever work for someone else again, as you share what you know with soul-aligned clients it can help, wondering how it's possible that you get to be *abundantly* paid for something you'd happily do for free.

You see others building soul-led coaching businesses and think, "I know I could be good at that".


  • You're often unsure of how to package what you know into a coaching program that can truly help people

  • You question whether you know 'enough' to be seen as a true authority in your space or how to write the copy/share the message that'll help you stand out from the crowd

  • You're wondering how or where to show up online in order to draw in your dream clients, and the kinds of content that'll lead to sales

  • There are so many potential ways to go about starting your business-- you want the one that feels true and authentic to YOU, fits the vision you have for your life, while providing you with the customizable know-how needed to get started with a bang

You're ready for the step-by-step roadmap for building your dream business, and then signing your first high-ticket coaching clients into it.


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Eleven weeks to go from eager to earning in your online coaching biz.

I see you there, way-maker.

You want the freedom to do business your way, while also learning the step-by-step of what works from someone who's done the legwork & built the business you're ready for and deserving of.

You want equal parts structure and creative freedom.

You want to learn the success energetics, while also implementing & becoming a pro at the strategy that'll put you in the driver's seat of your own results.

You want to skip past the overwhelm of the boring techy stuff, while also having the systems and automations in place to make scaling your biz a total breeze.

You want the complete how-to of a successful coaching business, without the cookie-cutter approaches or cringey sales strategies that just don't resonate with who you are and how you operate.

Lauren has such a welcoming energy and I felt instantly connected. She helped me narrow my niche with a laser coaching call and from there, I launched my first program, resulting in my first $10K month.


She has an in-depth knowledge of strategic marketing as well as the mindset & energetics behind running an online business as a coach in this new paradigm. She has a very real approach to being an entrepreneur which I really appreciate, giving you permission to fully embrace the journey while trusting the process. 


Lauren will always meet you where you are at but she will always expand what is possible for you, encouraging you to elevate your capabilities and step into a bigger vision than you could have believed possible for yourself.

-Kyra Yang



Imagine for a moment...

  • Working full-time online doing work you love with clients you adore

  • Becoming your own boss and getting to decide when, where and with who you work, and how much you get paid

  • Travelling to the places you most wish to explore while working your business from your phone in a couple hours a day

  • Discovering & developing the 1:1 program idea that is a true reflection of YOU, and that truly serves and speaks to those who are ready to work with you

  • Create significant & sustainable growth in your business with a single program you can scale to 5-figure months and a content creation schedule & structure that continuously draws in your dream clients without feeling draining or cookie-cutter

  • Create the time, financial & location freedom that you KNOW is totally possible for you (you wouldn't be reading this if you didn't!)

  • Wake up every morning with purpose, freedom & self PRIDE because you've created a life that truly lights you up, and a business that has nothing but potential in terms of its growth

Lauren was instrumental in the success of my program.  She is talented at identifying what each step will need, what will benefit your target audience and gave me valuable feedback at each stage of the program. Lauren worked closely with me to make sure the program produced our desired results, that it genuinely helped the participants of the program, and made sure I was well educated and understood the process of launching a successful program. With her help, I had 16 incredible people sign up for my first group coaching program, the success of which has made a huge difference for me financially, and equipped me with the confidence, strategy and know-how needed to continue launching & building my online income.

Screen Shot 2021-03-07 at 4.17.16 PM.png


Hiring Lauren as our business coach has been like having a guardian angel for our business. 


Lauren makes everything seem possible, while making sure everything is in place to achieve what you set out to achieve. We recently launched a coaching academy and nearly sold out the foundational round with one email to our waitlist and no sales page.  The remaining spots filled up within a couple of days. Lauren was there to say “yes.”  She had so much belief in this program selling out that it was impossible for us to believe anything otherwise.

We had no background in online courses or groups and we have been running group cleanses nearly every month now.  The groups are steadily growing and our online presence is evolving.

Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 11.50.53


"Lauren was a huge asset in helping me launch my first eBook and in creating my group coaching program. My book launch far exceeded my expectations and brought in multiple 5-figures in sales in it's first weekend (and has since done over $100,000 in sales) through marketing strategies we implemented together.

I was also thrilled to sell out my first ever group coaching program shortly after the book launch. She then helped me structure the program by creating a weekly outline and fine tuning the details of the resources. Having her help through this process boosted my confidence in what I was offering and prevented me from undercharging. The launch of both my book and coaching program was a huge success and I’m more excited than ever to expand on my online offerings."

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Here's my story...


I'm Lauren! I'm a business coach for online coaches and course creators who are ready to manifest the income, purpose and freedom that they know on a deep level, is available to them. I help my clients to think and feel their way into alignment with their biggest business desires through mental & emotional reprogramming and the principles of Quantum Creation, and to take the action & implement the strategy needed to produce big, life-altering results.

In the four years since leaving my career as a high school art teacher, I've built a consistent 5-figure and multiple 5-figure/month online income, doubling and then tripling my former full-time teaching salary, and have launched over 50 different courses, coaching programs, memberships. I've also helped clients to build and launch hundreds more.

When I started my business, I knew next to nothing in terms of how or what to coach. I only knew that I desired to create freedom for myself through working online, and I left my teaching career of 12 years before even knowing *what* exactly I was going to build. I didn't have a clue, but I had a vision, and that was enough.

The first high-level coaching program I offered, cost me thousands in advertising and returned not a single dollar in revenue. Why? Because I wasn't offering the right package for me as the service provider. I was trying to create a program similar to ones being offered by others, focusing on what I thought people wanted help with, rather than trusting that my own experience and knowledge-based was actually my key to success as a coach.

I went back to the drawing board and began approaching everything from a place of alignment, creating content, sales strategy and 1:1 program that were all a reflection of ME, capitalizing on the small ways in which I believed I could help people.

At first, that was simple things like helping my clients with overcoming procrastination, removing blocks around action-taking and creating step-by-step roadmaps to help them turn ideas into reality. It wasn't anything crazy, but it was enough to sign my first few clients at a $3000 price point for a 4-month package. Overtime, my experience, results and expertise expanded into bigger packages with higher price-points, and then group programs that scaled my income to multiple 6-figures inside of two and a half years.


The missing ingredient that took me from eager to earning? Was recognizing that the experience and knowledge I already had, was more than enough to help my dream clients and build a life I was wildly obsessed with.

Your thriving online business will manifest quickly when you focus your time and energy where it's needed, while developing the coaching program inside of the niche that's right for you.


So what is

Coach is a self-paced course for the ambitious creator ready to build the foundation of their coaching business, and gain access to every last piece of the thriving biz puzzle, withOUT the price tag of a high-level program. It exists to take you from eager to earning within the 11 weeks of the course (but you can go at whatever pace best suits you and your schedule) and is both hugely comprehensive while also being entirely customizable; allowing you build the business that reflects YOUR dreams and desires.

Coach will teach everything from discovering. designing and developing your 1:1 coaching package inside of your personally profitable niche, laying down the energetic foundations of 6-figure success, implementing the tech set-up & back-end needed to create ease and automation, while building your audience and attracting your dream clients to you with authentic and intentional content creation.

Creat Intensives (5)_edited_edited.png

The Structure

 Inside coach, you'll gain lifetime access to:

NINE EXCLUSIVE MASTERCLASSES (a $4500 value) walk you through the start-to-finish process of building your dream biz.

A BONUS MASTERCLASS ON ADDING GROUP COURSES TO YOUR 1:1 BUSINESS MODEL (a $500 value) that you can stop trading your time for money and instead scale 6-figure freedom while working less than ever before.

 11 WEEKS OF WRITTEN Q&A WITH LAUREN INSIDE HER COURSE PLATFORM KAJABI (a $3000 value) that you can get the support and clarification you need as you work through the material, without the price tag of a high-ticket program

TEMPLATES & TUTORIALS FOR ALL NECESSARY TECH SET-UP (a $1000 value) take the overwhelm out of automating your business.

LIFETIME ACCESS TO LAUREN'S 'FUNNELS 101', 'YOUR RICH NICHE' AND 'TRANSFORMER' COURSES (priced at $870) that you can draw in the clients on auto-pilot, learn the skills of a killer & confident coach and go from eager to earning all in the next 3 months.



Your Rich Niche

As soon as you sign up for Coach, you'll be sent access to "Your Rich Niche", my 3-part course on nailing down the niche that'll be personally profitable for you, by pulling from areas of expertise, past personal experience and changes you've created in your own life that you now get to help others to create, too. Starting with the right niche will be the foundation from which you build your thriving coaching practice and draw in your dream clients with ease.

These exclusive 11 masterclasses + the three included bonus courses have been specifically designed for the soon-to-be thriving business owner who's ready to build the foundations of their freedom-filled coaching business, align with their dream clients and income, and also get the tools needed to scale into 6-figures while working less.


6-Figure Foundations: how to get your beliefs and energy in check through intentional identity work that'll make the action you take in your biz, actually create the results you're ready for.


Magnetic Messaging: how to nail your niche and master your messaging to stand out from the crowd and become magnetic to those you're meant to serve.


Your 1:1 Coaching Container: designing the 1:1 coaching package that your people can't wait to buy from you.


The Confident & Killer Coach: the belief systems, communication skills and modalities of a killer coach who truly transforms the lives of their clients.


Your Profitable Sales Page: Become a pro at creating stunning, professional sales pages that sell your program for you and make scaling your biz a breeze.


Website & Automations: how to take the overwhelm out of automation and master the art building your coaching website and implementing the tech set-up/integrations of your online business.


Content & Aligned Audience Design: how and where to create/share the content that'll draw in the clients you've built your coaching program for.


Client & Money Magnetism: how to actually manifest the clients and money you're now ready for in your coaching business + implementing the onboarding process for your new clients.


The Coach Curriculum



Tutorials & Templates

The Art & Energy of Successful Sales Calls: how to take inquiring clients from interested to invested through 'Discovery' calls in a totally non-cringey and service-centred way.

Scaling With Group Courses: how to add group offerings to your coaching business to scale to 6-figures working 15-20 hours/week.

Techy-things: client contracts, tech integrations, written templates/examples and set-up instructions for everything you need to run an ease-filled, automated & professional coaching business.

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How is Coach different?

Even though inside of Coach you'll get the complete step-by-step roadmap for building your dream coaching business, this course is anything but cookie-cutter. Coaching has been designed to be highly customized to the individual participant, so that you can create the business that's both aligned with what feels good for you, and intentional in it's systems and strategies.

You deserve to build a business and a life that sets you free-- financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Your access to that? Isn't through following someone else's action-plan verbatim. It's about accessing the tools and know-how needed to build the things and attract the people, while honouring what will work for YOU, your desires, your nervous system and your unique vision of success and freedom.

You'll become a pro at both the how-to of a successful coaching business, AND the energetics, confidence and self-trust that's behind every thriving entrepreneur.

Lauren’s magnetism is what drew me to her work. Her conviction in her abilities to create a sustainable, evolving and soul fulfilling business and help others do the same was evident when I first magically came across “The Lo & Zo Show” as an energy healer, channel & very confident woman I didn’t need regulation around my abilities or gifts… but I NEEDED to know and be HELD in the truth that it was possible, and ease filled when in alignment to build a very successful, highly impactful and financially abundant business for myself, seeing Lauren generating 30k months in business, as a projector with a very potent awareness of Energetics AND aligned strategy. It was a NO brainer.

I went to her page and signed up for her intensive. This was my FIRST time investing in my business. This was November 2020. It’s now December 2021 and I just had my first 17k month in business, I have hundreds of women in my paid offers, I have sold out containers, I am flourishing, vibrant, healthy, wealthy, certain & truly OBSESSED with my life.

The catapult to ALL of this was my session with Lauren.
Everything she said was magic. So clear. So individualized. So aligned with what I NEEDED to know, integrate and LIVE to have the income streams I desired, the offerings that made sense for me, my energy type and my business. Through all of this Lauren was always SO clear that the sky isn’t even the limit. She normalized wealth for me. She normalized money for me. She embodied a successful entrepreneur who was actually HAPPY in her day to day life. It was the ultimate expander moment for me to work with her.

Lauren truly saw me, see’s me & understands my power. This is something that is truly profound to experience. When someone YOU admire, look up to and idolize SEES you fully and in YOUR power. It’s the ultimate experience of validation and infinite possibility. As always the work to SEE yourself first is number one, but in Lauren also seeing me, opening the doors to what is possible for me and being a constant source of empowerment is truly divine. I am blessed to have had Lauren as a coach to me.

Working with Lauren is a moment in time in my business and life that I will remember forever and always attribute to my catapult to success. 


-Haley Bowler-Cooke

Founder - Uplift Lifestyle

Founder & CEO - Fit Portal 

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IMG_4954 3.jpg
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Rich Niche Boss Bundle Ecourse Empires (9).png

My coaching business set me free...

Within 18 months of starting my business, I had:

  • Retired a full-time clientele from a previous in-person business to work exclusively online

  • Left to travel Italy and Scotland for the winter; working 2-3 hours/day from anywhere I wanted

  • Escaped the 9-5 grind for good and created a life and schedule that was completely by my own design

  • Manifested courses and programs full of dream clients, doing work that sets my soul free and satisfies every desire for creative expression possible

  • Moved into my DREAM condo downtown Toronto while continuing to scale my business

Now, it's your turn.
Total value of Coach: $9900 | Income potential: unlimited.

Creat Intensives (5)_edited_edited.png

Join Coach:

Join for 1 payment of $1499, 3 monthly payments of $555 or 6 monthly payments of $299




Get $500 OFF when you enrol before Friday, July 22nd @10PM ET**

Doors closing Thursday, August 4th. Coach begins Monday, August 8th

Want to chat first? Send me a voice note or text message via Instagram with any questions you have (@thealignedentrepreneur).

Want 1:1 support in building your business? Check out my open-enrolment mastermind Free to get everything included in coach + the high-level 1:1 support daily for 3 months.

With Lauren’s help I managed to set up my whole business in only one summer, including writing a business plan, publishing my website, doing my first 3-day live event, launching my first online course successfully and getting my first 1:1 clients.

When I worked with her this year in a 1:1 Intensive, I was struggling with my messaging because I found it so intangible.

I received so much clarity on how so many people can relate to my story. I really learned to own my transformation, my skills and value through some cool mindset exercises Lauren had me do. ;) We came up with creative, easy and aligned ideas for my offers when I was back to overthinking things and making them too complicated. I now feel so much more ease, fun & relief in my business.


I really enjoy working with Lauren because she is always super transparent & honest with her own story, it always feels like talking to a longtime friend. Lauren truly has a gift to see the magic in you before you see it yourself and makes you feel truly empowered from within. It always is about finding the right thing for ME and I always feel supported, never judged.

Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 11.48.42 AM.png


"I started working with Lauren when I was stuck in a corporate career and doing a life coaching certification on the side. I knew I wanted to start my own business and do it in a soul-aligned way, as I had already stepped on the path of inner work and self development.

I am a highly sensitive introvert and before joining, even the thought of putting myself out there in front of people seemed so far away. Lauren's way of incorporating the strategy and the mindset work really spoke to me and I decided to trust my intuition and go for it. As soon as I got in, I knew I was in the right place as I saw how value-packed yet easily digestible Lauren's teachings were. Everything has been thought of to the smallest detail and laid out in a way that’s easy to follow and implement. I didn’t feel left behind at any point. Having Lauren’s support when developing and launching my program was so crucial to my progress. You can see that she really cares for each of her clients.

The mindset tools included in the program were the very reason why I was able to become visible, start attracting an audience and launch my coaching program."

Screen Shot 2021-12-22 at 11.53_edited.jpg


Frequently Asked Questions

How much support is included with Coach?

Coach is a DIY-style comprehensive course that you can work through on your own time and will have lifetime access to. It does not include any coaching (check out my 1:1 mastermind 'Free', for that) however you can ask questions as you work through the modules in the 'comments' section below the curriculum videos inside of Lauren's hosting platform, Kajabi. Lauren will respond personally within 2 business days during your first 11 weeks inside of Coach, so you can gain clarity where needed!

What if I don't know enough/have enough expertise to help people and attract clients as a coach?

This is probably the #1 reason why people hold off from going after their dreams of building a life-changing coaching business. The truth is, you wouldn't be reading this or have even been called to consider becoming a coach if you weren't meant for it or know enough to truly help people NOW. Wildly successful coaching programs and businesses are often built around very niche offerings. Meaning, even if it feels like you're not 'far enough along' on your own journey to help others, you have experience and expertise that others are currently needing and looking for. When I started my business, I focused on helping people to overcome procrastination and create accountability and action-plans for creative projects they wanted to start. It was simple, but it was enough, and it quickly led me into $10K then $20K months online. Inside of Coach, you'll learn how to leverage your own experiences and the things you know and have learned (even the tiny, seemingly insignificant things can be goldmines) into a sell-out 1:1 coaching practice.

The first step? Deciding that who you are and what you know NOW, is enough (because it is).

I haven't started my business yet/I've been working at it for a while now and am already making money. Is Coach a good fit for me?

Coach has been built with the newbie business owner in mind, taking you from 0-100 over the course of 11 weeks. It is best suited to those who either haven't started yet, or have started on their own and are looking for the structure and expert guidance needed to go from eager to earning in as little time as possible.

When do we start!?

Coach officially begins on August 8th, 2022 with Masterclass #1 dropping inside of Kajabi by 3PM ET, with subsequent modules being released every 7 days following, with the exception of a couple of intentional implementation weeks in which there will not be a new masterclass and your focus will be on completing tasks from previous weeks.

How much of a time investment will be needed to complete Coach?

It depends. Some weeks an hour or two. Others, considerably more as you build out your website and become a pro at writing profitable sales pages. It's for this reason that Coach is a self-paced course, and you can complete it over however many months you need to have it work with your schedule. An hour or two as week is all it takes to build something incredible over the next year, but if you want to speed up your success timeline than you can do so by investing more time into building your business, minus the overwhelm or proverbial 'spaghetti-throwing' that comes with trying to go it alone. Coach is your complete guidebook to go from eager to earning and can be catered completely to you and your dreams, regardless of what your current schedule looks like.

Are there additional investments that are necessary when starting a coaching business besides the price of enrolment?

It's completely possible to gain your first clients without spending a dollar, and Lauren will go over the options for things like email software and website-building within a variety of budgets. Generally speaking, it's recommended that you spend $15/month on email software and about $10-$20/month building your website to get started, however there are ways around these expenses and options for those who wish to keep costs as low as possible before signing their first client.

I have more questions. Can we chat first?

Of course! Shoot me a text or voice message on Instagram (@thealignedentrepreneur) and I'm more than happy to chat about whether this is the right course for you!


"There are so many good things to say about Lauren as my coach, I barely know where to begin! For starters, I was instantly drawn to her captivating energy - she truly has this radiant personality that you can't help but love...  And she REALLY knows her stuff!  Her passion for helping women entrepreneurs step into their "CEO selves", as she likes to say, truly shines through on every single 1:1 call.


Not only is she everything you'd expect from a coach - punctual, extremely organized, intelligent, and business savvy - but she also has "X factor" coming out of her ears!  


She holds space for you when you're needing a boost; she somehow knows EXACTLY what to say and when to say it in order for you to experience breakthroughs and see massive results in your business; she has this bottomless pit of resources on hand to whip out and e-mail you when you're struggling with something specific; she's compassionate and gentle in her coaching approach but also gives you the accountability you need when your ego attempts to keep you safe in your comfort zone; she's a total goofball (in the best sense!) when the situation calls for it; I could literally go on and on about amazing this woman is as a coach and a friend.

Her signature combo of mindset mastery & marketing know-how is EXACTLY what I needed in order to find myself outside of my comfort zone kicking ass with numerous live videos to my ideal clients (increasing my confidence as an expert in my niche), growing a facebook group, growing an e-mail list, and building out my very first group program - - all from the ground up!  She was there to guide me and lift me up the entire time.


Everything from marketing funnels to deep, healing mindset work around my limiting beliefs in business - she covers it all and then some... leaving you feeling like your success is TRULY inevitable.


The investment in her as a 1:1 mindset & marketing coaching is 110% worth it and if you're ever finding yourself on the fence about hiring her, PLEASE take the plunge and just do it - you will know after your first call that you made the right decision."

Chrissy Martin

Coach, Yoga Instructor, Entrepreneur


"Lauren helped me start my first Facebook group and group offer. Being that is was the middle of a pandemic and I'm in the beauty industry I wasn't sure how it was going to go, but Lauren's system is brilliant. I did exactly what she coached me to do and I had over 200 people in my group in about a week. Another week later I launched and almost sold out my very first online training, covering the cost of our 3-month program together 3 weeks in! With Lauren's help I built a completely new audience (from my exact target market) from scratch in a short period of time and I went from being basically unemployed due to the pandemic to having an online business that generated thousands of dollars in less than 4 weeks! My group is still growing and I'm getting ready for a second launch, implementing Lauren's step-by-step process for launching & scaling has transformed my mind and my business!"

-Kayon Wilson

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©copyright 2021 by Lauren Saunders
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