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Create your sell-out course or coaching

Step 1: Request to join The Cyber CEO pop-up Facebook group to watch the lives each day of the training!

Step 2: Check your email for confirmation. Add Lauren to your contacts ( to ensure you receive important information about The Cyber CEO, and updates before we go live each day!

Step 3: Mark your calendars! The dates for the next live round of The Cyber CEO can be found on the opt-in page here.

Step 4: Watch the video below to learn how NOT to launch to crickets!

Create your sell-out course or coaching


While you wait for The Cyber CEO to begin, learn how to build an audience on-demand to launch and sell your courses or programs to:



3 steps to building a qualified email list pre-launch, even if you don't have an audience yet.

Create your sell-out course or coaching
Create your sell-out course or coaching

Inside the 7-page, 3-step video guide, you'll learn:

  • My start-to-finish process for attracting the right people into my audience (even before I had an audience) pre-launch, so that I'm marketing it to those who my course or program will be a "hell YES!" for

  • The best ways to find new potential clients/program participants when you're starting out or scaling your platform, that don't rely on the Instagram algorithm

  • How I use the course or program I'm going to launch (the idea for which you'll have nailed down after our time together inside The Cyber CEO) to create a "content event" that turns new audience members into eager clients

  • How to build trust quickly through your content, so that up-selling into your offer feels natural, fun & easy (no icky sales-tactics needed!)

  • 3 steps to NOT launch to crickets, and instead launch to tons of your dream people (because your course/program is too life-changing not to get it in front of those who need it)


Lauren Saunders is a mindset & marketing coach for ambitious online entrepreneurs who desire a life of purpose, time and financial freedom, by combining proven strategies with an aligned and empowered mindset.

In June of 2017, Lauren left her career as a high school art teacher to build a coaching business that has since allowed her to travel the world while working her business from anywhere. By implementing the money-making strategies and insights that will be shared inside The Cyber CEO, she's been able to go full-time doing work she loves, launching all kinds of online courses & programs and as a result, experiencing her first $15K, $20K and $30K+ months as a business owner and entrepreneur working 20-25 hours/week.

In the three years since leaving her career, Lauren's built a consistent $20K - $34K/month income and launched over 30 different online courses and coaching programs, and in that time, has learned a thing or two about how to do it successfully.


Now, she helps other online business owners (content-creators, influencers, authors, coaches & consultants) do the same by gaining the tools they need to live a life of purpose, freedom and financial abundance.

You can connect with Lauren on Instagram @laurencsaunders or by listening to The Aligned Entrepreneur Podcast on iTunes/Spotify for success tips on marketing & mindset for modern, soul-led entrepreneurs.

 Scroll down to connect with Lauren on Instagram and through her podcast 

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The Aligned Entrepreneur is the place where the "work" meets the "woo", and teaches business owners how to combine effective marketing with energetic alignment and Quantum-leap their lives and businesses as a result.

We interview experts and successful entrepreneurs from all niches and backgrounds to share their marketing & manifestation stories, tips and insights in this value-packed, one-of-a-kind podcast.

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