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 You're ready for ease. 

 You're ready for overflow. 

 You're ready to feel like you've really fucking made it

You've been...

  • Consistently building your business for a while now, dreaming of the day when it doesn't just pay some of the bills, but elevates you into an abundant AF life of financial freedom

  • Working hard on your thoughts, knowing that your next-level life will come as a result of a next-level mind -- but it feels like the success you truly desire always remains just out of reach

  • Feeling grateful for all that you've accomplished but are eager for more -- the type of massive success that many strive for, but few actually creates for themselves

  • Watching others elevate into true abundance; knowing deep down that if they can do it, so can you

You're ready to...

  • Manifest your way into the top 1% of income earners, just because you can

  • Live life completely on your own terms, never again having money be the reason you can't do/have/experience the things you want to

  • Feel like a business badass-- knowing that you can confidently call on your manifestation skills anytime you're ready for an income up-level

  • Feel total peace of mind around your ability to continuously grow your business and income

  • Surround yourself with a group of like-minded, shooting-for-the-stars, all-the-way-in spiritual entrepreneurs who talk a big game and WALK it, too

  • Elevate into $20K+ months as a business owner and stay there for GOOD


 It's time to leave the struggle in 2020 where it belongs, and embrace true financial abundance & freedom in your biz. It's time to ELEVATE. 

the magic behind the mastermind

Your outer world is nothing more than a reflection of your inner world. By joining a group of minds who are intentionally thinking, speaking and acting in alignment with $20K+ months and the freedom that comes with them, you have no choice but to do (and thus manifest) the same.

Hustling hard and marketing more doesn't equal an income up-level (or 5).

Elevating your energy, feeling into overflow, and transforming into the identity of someone who shows up for, expects & attracts financial freedom, DOES.

To manifest your next-level life and elevate into BIG, consistent money months in your business, you'll need...

The intention: The no-going-back DECISION that YOU are ready for (and going to have) $20,000+ months in your business moving forward. By signing up for Elevate, you're stepping into the commitment (and backing it up with bold action) that true financial freedom is as good as yours.

The energy work: The daily practices that'll reprogram your subconscious for effortless success combined with the accountability to show TF up for it every single day, and manifest the massive money months as a result.

The identity: The automatic, programmed way of being in your business that'll have you automatically act, think, believe and speak in energetic alignment with the multiple 6-figure income that's been waiting for you to call it in.

The action-steps: The aligned action & marketing strategy that moves you from where you are, to where you're ready to be financially in your business.

The direction: Two coaches who know just how possible consistent $20K months are, and who will provide you with the framework, guidance and the action-plan to get YOU there, A-S-A-P.

The support: A group of elevated AF entrepreneurs who encourage you to go bigger, who challenge you to see what you're truly capable of, who have got your back and are cheering you on every damn step of the way.


The inspiration: The monthly guest speakers and experts who will show you just how capable you are of building ANY life you desire, and give you the actions & insights to get you there, too.

Over the next 6 months, you'll get everything you need to gain CEO-level confidence, align with the success you desire, and elevate into a multiple 6-figure income in your business as a result.

but first, have we met yet?

We're Lauren & Tara

We're coaches and content creators who are on a mission to empower others to create magically abundant lives & businesses through implementing the knowledge, tools & daily mindset practices needed to transform their realities from the inside out.

Just over a year ago we co-founded the Mind Magic Movement; a quarterly membership that helps people tell a new story in order to manifest desired change with flow and ease. We've since witnessed as countless people have utilized the practice to create outcomes including roles in movies, $50,000 within a month, booked-out clients calendars, dream homes/jobs and more.

Now, we're ready to empower fellow entrepreneurs to reach new levels of income in their business by elevating their energy, ease and impact in order to manifest next-level results; the truly life-changing kind.


Lauren Saunders

Lauren Saunders is a former teacher turned a marketing & manifestation coach to ambitious, heart-driven entrepreneurs. She built her first full-time business in 2015, doing eyelash extensions in Toronto, Ontario. Within 4 months of discovering manifestation in 2017, Lauren officially retired her career as a high school art teacher, determined to manifest a life of time, location & financial freedom through starting her second business as a coach.

She retired her lash clientele after building a 6-figure income online through implementing the mindset and aligned marketing strategies that she teaches her clients and program participants, so that they can do the same. Lauren has since began hitting regular $15K, $25K and $34K months in her business and has manifested her dream home, Mercedes SUV, and an entirely different and totally transformed life filled with flow, fun and freedom. She's on track to have a half a million-dollar year in 2021.


Now, Lauren is teaming up with Tara to help other entrepreneurs elevate into the type of success and income that she knows first-hand, is available to anyone who chooses it, and who has the courage to back that choice up with massive, bold action. Lauren loves to provide her clients with both the mindset and marketing strategies needed to manifest next-level success, no matter your industry or niché.

Tara Brunet

Tara’s entrepreneurial journey started at age 25 when she read the book “The Secret”. At a time in her life when she was completely miserable, she made her first vision board. In the 5 years since discovering manifestation, she's developed and implemented systematic techniques that have transformed her entire life. 

As a waitress that despised her job and dreaded going into work, fitness was her passion. Her dream was to open a personal training studio in her hometown. She went to school to become a personal trainer & nutritionist, and started training people in her bedroom, as well as in parks around town.

Through sheer determination and self-belief, she elevated to creating a modest outdoor gym in her home’s carpark. When she outgrew that, she took the leap into owning her own space. She owned a successful and beautiful dream studio for 3 years, while continuing to absorb all the manifestation content she could. She reached the point where she knew fitness wasn’t what she wanted to do full time anymore, and launched her first digital online course, ‘Manifest Mondays’ which was a huge success and pivotal moment. From there, she spent a year building online courses, teaching fitness online and slowly transitioned to become a mindset & manifestation coach.


In 2020, she retired from the gym and went full-time online. Since the she has continued to up-level her life, income, and create the reality she has always dreamed of- from her soulmate love story, to her oceanfront home. She is dedicated to helping others realize the power of their mindset and that absolutely anything is possible!


Collectively we've used the manifestation, mindset & marketing principals (that you'll be implementing inside the Mastermind) to create financial results that are beyond logic, beyond the ordinary, and beyond what should be possible. Outcomes like regular $20K-$30K months, multiple successful full-time businesses, and day-to-day realities where we work less (like, way less) and earn more (like way, way more). We travel when we want, work when we want, with who we want and for however much we want, and are ecstatic to be packaging everything that's gotten us here into these 6 transformational months exclusively for the members of the Elevate mastermind.

We know the life-changing & results-producing power of surrounding yourself with others who are choosing their Divine right to abundance and believing in their potential. We also know how vital to your success it is to be reminded daily of your limitlessness in a world that's obsessed with convincing you of your limitation.

Now, we're ready to elevate to the next level of freedom, impact and income, and we've decided to take you with us.


you didn't come here to live an average life

 You came here to Elevate 

...into freedom, into adventure, and into big, life-changing, "how the hell did they pull that off?" next-level SUCCESS and ABUNDANCE.


Elevate - The Mastermind is for you if you...

  • Are a soul-driven entrepreneur in any industry or niche, with a desire to go bigger, earn more, and manifest time & financial freedom in your business

  • Are already earning an income for yourself but know you didn't come this far to only come this far -- you're ready to elevate into multiple 6-figures and beyond

  • Desire the support, structure and strategy that'll propel you into the level of certainty needed to manifest massive money months on demand

  • Have had success promoting your products and services in the past, but feel like manifesting your actual income goals (the ones that make you nervous when you say them out loud) feels like an impossible feat

  • Are level-ten obsessed with all-things mindset, energetic alignment and manifestation; you know deep down that you were made to live a life that many dream of but few actually create for themselves

  • Are ready to make the no-turning-back DECISION to show up for and start manifesting the $20K+ months you deserve-- you're officially unavailable for ANY outcome other than the one you want

the elevate framework & curricular content

Over the next 6 months, you're going to elevate your impact, ease and income by aligning yourself with the energy of overflow, removing what's in the way, and expanding into the identity of the $20K+/month version of you.

Each month we'll tackle a different area of focus that'll empower you to elevate into a life of big success & true financial freedom, coach you through your custom mindset & marketing plans, and feature a high-level guest speaker to exponentially raise the energy & income of each and every one of you.


The secret to manifesting $20K+ months in your business, is to decide to-- and then no longer entertain any outcome outside of that decision. The thing is that most entrepreneurs aren't utilizing the true, life-changing power of decision properly. They decide, and then they waver, and then they question whether it'll happen, and then they settle for less than what they really want out of doubt and fear.


But what if you removed the doubt and fear from the equation, knew how to choose what you want and then get 100% of your belief and energy behind it? What if you shifted into the identity of someone who manifests massive money months with ease, simply because you've chosen to?

Month 1 will get us started in a big way, by DECIDING what it is that you're going to create in the next 6 months and doing it in a way that guarantees it'll happen. Decide on what you want and that it's yours, commit to the identity of that version of you (don't worry, we'll show you how) create space for it by removing what's in the way, and begin manifesting your next-level life and income A-S-A-P as a result.


How much time, money and energy have you spent taking action in your business and implementing strategies that left you drastically short of your income goal? Spinning your wheels and coming up short, ends here. When it comes to knowing how to take the action and implement the strategy that'll actually create financial overflow in your business, it's okay (nay, it's critical) to throw out the rule book and disregard what the internet "experts" are telling you. It's time to show up unapologetically and in a way that's aligned with YOU and your business.

Here's the truth about the action that'll get YOU to your multiple 6-figure income: it has nothing to do with what's worked for others. Only after you choose and commit to manifesting your first $20K+ month, can the Universe get to work on lining up the step-by-step plan that'll get you there, and we're here to help you do just that.


You don't manifest what you want, you manifest who you ARE on a subconscious, identity-level. In other words, hitting $20K months and staying there isn't something we're going to have you work for, it's something we're going to have you BECOME. Your income will elevate when YOU do. In month 3 we're specifically going to go to work on programming the subconscious with automatic thoughts, belief and emotions that are aligned with your next-level life & business, so that attracting massive money months is simply who you are and what you expect/receive on auto-pilot. If you're not yet leveraging the extraordinary results-producing power of the subconscious mind, it's time to start.


No ifs or buts about it-- your reality is a perfect reflection of your energy; of the dominant thoughts you think and feelings you feel. While we'll be talking on our calls and in month 2 specifically about the customized action steps and marketing strategies you'll need to implement in your business, the name-of-elevation-game truly is frequency and vibration. The only way to guarantee that you manifest the big, abundant AF financial results you desire is to align your thoughts, beliefs and energy with them. In our fourth month together we'll be focusing on the key ways to quickly align yourself with the results you want so that they can come in, and come in fast. We'll be welcoming one of our guest speakers to specifically talk about the power of imagination, and how to use it strategically to create $20K+ months in your business moving forward.


It's time to let go of the old stories and drop the drama taking place between your ears. Making more money isn't about asking harder or visualizing longer. It's about allowing more of what you've asked for, to flow in through removing the things that are holding it hostage. In month 5, we'll create SPACE for money to avalanche in abundance and increasing amounts months after month, by removing any remaining resistance and habitual thoughts, doubts & fears you may be (unknowingly) holding on to.

By the end of month 5, you'll have completely forgiven your financial past and anyone who's kept you from believing in your true money-making potential. You'll have reprogrammed the habitual ways of being (avoidance, scarcity, guilt etc.) that are messing with your money vibes. You'll have completed the process of letting go the resistant thoughts and feelings you have about money so that they no longer hold any power over your capacity to believe and earn BIGGER (like way, way bigger).


These six months are only just the beginning. In month 6, we're setting you up for continued, quantum growth in your business and income by pushing you to go BIGGER. Bigger than $20K months (because really, they aren't a big deal tbh), bigger than you once believed you were capable of, and bigger than the reality that most people are telling you is feasible to expect for yourself. By month 6, you'll have proven to yourself that massive money months have always been super fucking available to you. You'll have shown the people around you that no matter who you are or where you've come from that an abundant, freedom-filled and next-level life has always been just a decision away. You'll have learned how to choose an outcome where money is concerned, align with it intentionally, and watch it flood in as a result.

In month 6, you're going to go even bigger-- because you can, because you know how to, and because you've transformed into someone who knows that they can create ANY level of financial success, and who acts on that belief and manifests "impossible" outcomes month after month after month.

This is only just the beginning.

the structure & what's included



Throughout our six months together we'll have bi-weekly group coaching calls where you'll get the support and guidance you need to level-up in your biz in a big way. We've kept the number of spots small so that every participant gets the customized coaching and step-by-step action planning needed to start hitting $20K months, like, yesterday.


Every month we'll have an area of focus and walk you personally through one of the six steps to elevating your SELF in order to elevate your INCOME. Our monthly modules will be accompanied by workbooks, homework and action-items to ensure you successfully implement the teachings and as a result, transform your energy and elevate into financial freedom as a result.


Our exclusive WhatsApp group chat will be the place where SO much of the magic happens. We want you to be IN the elevated energy of next-level success every single day, in order to become it (thus, transforming your financial reality from the inside, out). Our group chat will be the place where you can ask questions, share your wins and your struggles, and get coaching and feedback from your fellow mastermind participants.



Starting in month 2 we'll have a new expert guest speaker every month who will lead a Zoom call and teach on a topic that accompanies the curricular content. Where the magic of these speakers truly lies though is not in what they teach, but rather in being in the energy of people who think and act in a way that allows for big results in business. By being in the energy of successful thinkers, you'll have no choice but to become someone who thinks, acts and EARNS the way they do, too.

You are the culmination of the people you surround yourself with. It's time to be surrounded by abundance, success, and RESULTS.



Just by listening to the conversations and teachings that will go down each and every day inside Elevate, you'll begin earning differently.

Revisiting the Elevate content and coaching calls will have you continuously up-level your energy and income long after the mastermind is over.

By joining the mastermind you'll gain lifetime access to all included materials, call replays and the program group chat, so that you can continuing elevating into those next next levels of success in the months and years to come.



Knowledge isn't power. The application of knowledge is power. We're not just going to share the elevate framework with you-- we're going to hold you accountable to applying it (and reaping the financial rewards as a result), too.

Each month you'll be provided with homework items and a customized action plan that upon implementing, will shift your energy and grow your business week after week. We're here for one reason, and one reason only-- to help YOU begin creating consistent $20K + months with ease & predictability. Through your homework, we'll do just that.

 Plus these money-making bonuses: 

6 months inside the Tara Brunet Membership

Inside Tara'a membership, you'll gain access to everything you need to up-level your manifestation practices with an extensive library of guided meditations, manifestation trainings, online courses, and even 300+ recorded at-home workouts to get your vibe sky high.

6 months inside the Mind Magic Membership

The most powerful manifestation practices are the ones that create change on a subconscious level when done every day over a period of time. By joining Elevate, you'll also get 6 months inside our Mind Magic membership, where you'll experience the power of changing your story in order to change your life. 

Lifetime access to Lauren's FUNnels 101 Course

Don't have an email list yet but ready to use one to grow your business's sales? As complimentary bonus to your participation in Elevate, you'll gain lifetime access to FUNnels 101-- a 3-week course covering all-things lead magnets, audience growth and automated sales. Regardless of your niché, funnels are an incredible tool that'll allow you to grow your business and income on auto-pilot, by building it once and allowing it to work for you forever.


the guest speakers

Starting in month 2, Elevate will welcome a monthly guest speaker to lead a coaching call that's exclusive to our mastermind members. You'll have the opportunity to ask our experts questions and up-level as a result of being in their energy and teachings. We're so excited to introduce to you our 2020 Elevate guest speakers:

Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 9.30.43 AM.png

Chelsea Coleman - Top 20 Income Earner with Monat Global

Chelsea is a major network marketing success story. Her drive and determination led her from rehab and a life she wasn’t fulfilled in, to a Monat millionaire at age 30. She is unapologetically herself on social media, and an inspiration to women everywhere. She has utilized manifestation and energy techniques to change her entire world, and is never afraid to go for what she wants. Chelsea will teach you the inner work needed to quantum leap your life, and overcome anything standing in your path.

Joseph Alai - YouTuber & Manifestation Coach

Joseph has demystified the manifestation process into easy-to-understand, systematic, data-driven techniques -- manifestation has never-before been as "laid bare" as it is, because of Joseph's teachings. 

Joseph has stripped the unnecessary human traditions from manifestation, which have deterred countless individuals from finding the truth about manifestation. The truths about imagination and manifestation are simple, pure, and unalloyed. They have never been as simple as today, thanks to Joseph Alai's teachings. 

Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 9.30.35 AM.png
Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 9.30.57 AM.png

Lynnsey Robinson - Hypnotherapist & Success Coach

Lynnsey Robinson is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Success Mindset Coach. Her passion and purpose is in helping women all over the world align their minds for success, own their inner light, and step into their best selves by helping them clear the subconscious fear stories holding them back from achieving their ultimate vision of personal and professional success.

She is the master of teaching you how to release self-doubt, become infinitely more confident, believe in yourself, value your unique ability, and get out of your comfort zone so you succeed at a much bigger level than you ever have before. Lynnsey is also Chelsea Colemans’ hypnotherapist who she credits much of her success to, and Tara Brunet’s too!

QC2 Page Symbols (3).png

plus two more incredible guests - names TBA

QC2 Page Symbols (3).png

We're currently in the process of finalizing our last two speakers, and will announce their names as soon as the details are ironed out. Our intention with each of our guests is to bring our participants expert-level teachings, coaching and guidance from people who truly excel at what they do and help others to do the same.

Our final two guests (as well as the ones above) have been strategically chosen to elevate YOU into $20K months as quickly as possible.

If you're ready to manifest your next-level life & business, find someone who's done it already and observe and replicate the type of thoughts they think. Being in the energy of and learning from our guest speakers will propel you towards YOUR big success because it'll shift you into a paradigm where $20K+ months are really, no big deal.

By the end of our 6 months together, you will have...

  • Up-levelled into an entirely new realm of possibility, and programmed in a new identity and set of beliefs to go with it

  • Manifested the ideas, opportunities and intuitive nudges that'll make $20K+ months a regular occurrence in your life

  • Rid yourself of the doubt and subconscious limiting beliefs that have been holding your next level dream life and biz hostage for far too long

  • Gained a soul tribe of fellow unrealistic goal-achievers and biz besties who will continue to support and elevate you and your potential for years to come

  • Elevated not only your income, but your confidence, audience, marketing strategies and offers

  • Learned and implemented the daily strategies and action plans needed for your next level (or ten) of success with the help of your coaches Lauren & Tara, because what got you here, won't get you there

  • Stepped into the identity of multiple 6-figure YOU, and aligned yourself energetically with financial overflow; money struggles are finally a thing of the past

  • Gained the 1:1 support and customized plans needed to align your business, products and services with scalability, ease and massive money months


 Here's the bottom line: 

You simply can't be around people who are thinking and earning big, be involved in daily conversations centred around what's possible, and participating in a mastermind filled with successful, reaching-for-the-stars business owners without elevating into the vibration of your next-level success.


Yes, you'll be provided with the knowledge, coaching and tools needed to grow your income. Yes, you'll be guided through the customized marketing strategy needed to expand your reach and build your business. BUT, the real magic (AKA your $20K+ month results) will happen as a result of you inserting yourself into a group dynamic that causes you to level-up your thoughts, beliefs and energy (and thus, your reality) simply by being a part of it.

the investment

$10,000 Pay-In-Full


6 Monthly Payments of $1750

Ten spots available, application window closing Tuesday, November 17th at 11:59PM ET. Click the button below to apply to join Elevate - The Mastermind. Final decisions will be emails out by Saturday, November 21st.

go V.I.P.

$14,000 Pay-In-Full


8 Monthly Payments of $1850

VIP participants will get ten 45-minute 1:1 calls (5 with Lauren and 5 with Tara to be used anytime over the next 12 months (a $3000 value), as well as lifetime access to Lauren's "Launch Magic" 90-day program (regularly $1500) and Tara's "Manifesting Dream Body" 8-week program (regularly $1100).

Serious applicants only, prices listed in USD.


After the application window closes, we'll get to work on reviewing and selecting our ten mastermind participants. The selected participants will be notified on or before Friday November the 20th, and those who are selected will have 24 hours to complete their payment to secure their spot in the mastermind.

By filling out the application, you are making a decision-- that you're ready to go big, that you're officially unavailable for anything less than massive money months, and that you're ready to stop playing small and START elevating into true abundance & financial freedom.

We begin our transformative 6 months together with the month 1 teachings on Monday, November 23rd!

It's time to ELEVATE.

what happens next?


frequently asked questions

When do we start!?

We officially begins together on Monday, November 23rd with the group chat opening and the month 1 teachings dropping!

Should I go VIP?

If you're leaning towards the VIP option and are ready to go ALL-THE-WAY-IN and gain the 1:1 coaching and strategy sessions needed to take your business to the next next level, then VIP is for you. You can use your 10 1:1 calls with Lauren and Tara (5 with each of us!) anytime in the next 12 months. There's no question that 1:1 coaching is an invaluable tool that both of us have invested in a LOT of throughout our business journeys. We've provided a unique opportunity to add a private component to YOUR mastermind so that it's everything you need and more to catapult into $20K, $30K, and even $50K months in the next year and beyond.

My current income goals are less than $20K/month. Will Elevate still benefit me and my business goals?

Yes absolutely. We're talking a lot about $20K months because we're setting an intention for the way in which money's about to start showing up for you in your business-- which is with total ease and a lot of overflow. If your current goal is to hit that first $5-10K month and go from there, then that's amazing and we're here for it. However we're willing to bet that after even a couple weeks inside the mastermind, your perception of money will change such that bigger and bigger money months will begin to feel totally within reach for you. That's the power in joining a mastermind & surrounding yourself with elevated minds who are going BIG-- you'll have no choice but to begin throwing logic out the window and collapsing time in order to bring a LOT more money in in a fraction of the time than you previously believed to be possible.

I'm not 100% sure I'll be able to join. Can I still apply?

We request that if you're applying, that you be all-the-way-in with your commitment to join the mastermind and go BIG over these next 6 months, and are prepared to secure your spot via payment within 24 hours after receiving your official invite to join.

We're doing it this way intentionally-- to make the process of going through applications as seamless as possible, but more importantly, to ensure that from the moment you apply, you're already ELEVATING: into powerful decisions, into a no-going-back commitment to your success, and into honouring your intuition and the big, bold moves it's guiding you to make (so that everything you've been calling in can begin manifesting A-S-A-P!).

I'm not an online coach or course creator. Is this mastermind still for me?

YES! We've built Elevate to be for any and all business owners (regardless of your niche or industry) that are ready to elevate their income by up-levelling their energy, confidence, identity and action plan. Regardless of the type of business you have, any level of financial reality is available to you by doing the energy work to align yourself with that reality.

What if I'm in an industry where scaling your income is hard/impossible?

If you can imagine it, you can create it- period. In fact, if you find that you're in a story about not being in the right industry to scale into multiple 6-figures and beyond, it's just that-- a story.

Inside Elevate we'll teach you how to set the intention for the income you want, and then allow the Universe to reveal to you the way there, even if you have no idea what "there" looks like. YOU are the creator of your own reality, and YOU get to decide just how much money you're able to make in your industry, even if no one else has done it yet (until now, that is).

I'm new to my business. Can I still apply to join Elevate?

If you're serious about earning $20K+/month as a business owner A-S-A-P and are ready to take full responsibility for your next-level success, then yes! Elevate is still for you. However people who are further along in their business and have created a foundation for themselves that they're ready to scale, may take priority during our decision-making process (depending on number of applicants) over those who are brand new to their business, simply because we won't be discussing a lot of business basics during the mastermind.

We're looking for people who are already established and making money, but are ready to go bigger, earn more, and ELEVATE TF into a next-level life and freedom-filled reality.

Small Title

When will the group coaching calls take place?

Our bi-weekly group coaching calls will take place every other Thursday (day subject to change) at 4PM ET throughout the 6 months of the mastermind. This is the only time that is a daytime hour in every time zone. If you are unable to join all the calls live, you'll be able to ask questions ahead of time and watch the replays at a time that suits you and your schedule.

I have questions before applying. Can I contact you?

Of course! Email either or with any and all questions you have about Elevate. We're happy to chat!

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