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You're an online entrepreneur with visions of watching your business (and bank account) grow quickly & easily. 


Posting on Instagram just isn't cutting it- you know implementing a more advanced strategy to grow your biz is long overdue.

Terms like "landing page" and "automated email sequence" and "click-through-rate" leave you feeling overwhelmed.


You're not sure what to offer or who to offer it to, so that people eagerly join your list, buy your product or pay for your service.

You're looking for a quick & easy roadmap that will take you from funnel newbie to funnel expert and start letting your business build itself already.

But wait... what exactly IS a funnel? And what can you use it to accomplish in your business?

I explain it in detail on my IG stories-->

How would you like to...

  • Be able to quickly put a 5-step funnel together that starts delivering you qualified, eager leads the same day you build it

  • Grow your list, group, business and bank account on auto-pilot while you're out living your life

  • Set up a sales funnel that earns you passive income through automating your sales process

  • Provide value in a way that draws your ideal customer/client into your business and builds trust and credibility right off the bat

  • Automate the process of turning your cold leads into warm ones who are ready to buy



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3 weeks to go from funnel newbie to funnel pro.


Have we met yet?

Hey there, I'm Lauren! I'm a business coach for modern entrepreneurs, and a year ago when I was starting my online business, I literally had to Google "what is a marketing funnel?".

Quite frankly, everything to do with automated funnels intimidated me. I figured it was something that only the extremely tech-savvy marketing experts knew how to configure.

Since then, I've learned (and become a pro at) using marketing funnels to gain hundreds of email subscribers in a single a day, grow a Facebook group to 1000 members in 2 weeks, book 1:1 coaching clients and sell automated e-courses to a cold market. I literally set it up and then watch the subscriber and payment notifications roll in on their own. Mastering simple funnels is hands down the number one tool that have lead to me going full-time in my online business and embracing the freedom that it provides: AKA spending the next half a year travelling Italy & Europe.

As it turns out, funnels are not nearly as complicated to set up as people assume them to be, and once you understand the basics of a lead-generating funnel, you realize the endless possibilities of automating your business using funnels.

In this 3 week course, I'm going to walk you through building your first funnel so you can start growing your audience and business on autopilot.

If you desire time leverage in your business, you don't need employees or freelancers, you need funnels.

Since learning how to build & implement funnels in my business I've...

  • Grown my email list by hundreds of people in my target market every single week


  • Grown a Facebook group to 5000 people in just 4 months


  • Booked out online trainings with over 1500 attendees who add themselves to list via a simple funnel


  • Started earning passive income with a Facebook Ad/Webinar funnel that sells an automated e-course while I sleep/travel/eat/live my life


  • Learned how to leverage my time without hiring other people-- my funnels keep working even when I'm not!

  • Implemented automated growth strategies that are now allowing my to travel full-time

FUNnels 101 is for you if you...

  • Know that growing an email list, audience and/or Facebook group to market your services to will be of huge value to you and your business goals

  • Are frustrated with "organic" growth methods of posting your content on social media and hoping your ideal clients/customers stumble across it

  • Want to understand exactly who your target market is and how to create content they can't resist

  • Feel overwhelmed with how to handle the tech-side of building an automated funnel

  • Have a desire to seriously up-level your growth and sales strategies with a skill that you can learn once and utilize forever


Here's what you'll learn in the course:

During the 3 weeks of FUNnels 101, you're going to build a funnel that serves a specific purpose in your business (lead generation, building your email list/Facebook group, gaging interest in an upcoming program). To do this, we'll cover the following content and walk through the action steps together:

In the pre-course module we'll discuss what a marketing funnel is, why do you need them and the many things you can use them to accomplish in your business. We'll cover the main types of marketing funnels and the importance of automating the process so that you get more results with less time and effort.

Pre-Course Module

Module 1- Choosing your "I'm a badass" niché​

Your “I’m a Badass” niche is an area of expertise you have where you feel like you can really help people. People will join your list/training/program when they:

  1. See your offer/freebie as solving a problem they're currently experiencing

  2. Believe that you're the person who can help them solve that problem

In Module 1 we'll cover the mindset component and set you and your funnel up for success from the get-go. The results you experience in your business are a direct reflection of who you're being and how confident you feel in what you're offering. In this module you'll learn how to get hundreds and thousands through your funnel by choosing a niché and offer that you feel you're a total badass in. (Worried you don't have something you're a badass at? Don't worry, I'll prove you wrong inside the Module!)


The key to any successful funnel is knowing what you'd like to accomplish with it. In Module 2, you'll learn about the different outcomes that a simple funnel can help you create, and choose the outcome that will most benefit you in your business right now.


By the end of the course, you'll have a funnel that does exactly that.

We'll also be designing your "value hook", AKA the freebie you offer to incentivize people to enter your funnel. You'll learn how to create simple yet irresistible content that establishes you as an expert in your niché and converts your cold market into people who are ready to buy from you.

Module 2- Decide your funnel objective + Design​ your hook

Module 3- Landing pages that convert

In Module 3 you'll learn how to create a landing page (or opt-in) that turns a window shopper into an engaged subscriber/group member/supporter of your business. I'll share with you how to write copy that catches the attention of your target market and makes it impossible not to take you up on your offer.

You'll also gain access to a video tech tutorial using Leadpages where I'll walk you through the step-by-step and show you how to design your landing page and set up your opt-in so that it looks professional and works seamlessly with the other tiers of your marketing funnel.

Module 4- Create your nurture sequence

The beauty of a funnel is that you can set it and forget it. In Module 4 you'll learn how to lead your opt-ins from your landing page to either your email campaign, Facebook group, training or freebie download (and later, your paid offer if you have one!).

You'll learn how to take each of your subscribers from being a total stranger who stumbled across your value hook to being a loyal subscriber and supporter of your business by providing value that's extremely relevant to your target market and that builds trust and credibility.

The best part? It's automatic, meaning your funnel walks your subscribers through your nurture sequence without you having to spend your precious time or energy doing it manually.


Module 5- Finding your audience

Building a funnel is of no use to you or your business goals if you don't have people to go through it and come out the other side as a subscriber, group member, client or customer. In Module 5 I'll share with you the many different ways in which you can get your offer in front of people and have members of your target market enter your funnel. We'll cover how to use social media, search engines (SEO, Google and Pinterest), paid advertisements and online communities to attract the right people, and expand your audience using your new funnel so that your business grows on auto-pilot.

Module 6- Leading into paid offers

Generating leads and growing your email list or Facebook group is just the beginning of what's possible using funnels in your business. In the final module, we'll talk about how to build out your funnel and have it lead into paid offers by attracting those who are most likely to need your program, product or service.

I'll also be sharing with you the funnel templates you'll need to sell e-courses on autopilot, book discovery calls and 1:1 coaching clients or fill your group programs with qualified and excited participants.




1-Time Payment



**prices listed in USD

Payment Plan

PURCHASE FUNnels 101 for 3 b-weekly payments of $127

**prices listed in USD
  • How much time do I need to complete the course?
    Each of the 7 modules will be between 15 and 60 minutes and there are two a week. Additionally, you will need to set aside time to build your funnel.
  • Can I complete the modules at my own pace?
    Yes! The course content will be delivered via a 3-week drip email campaign (one module every 3-4 days), but you will have lifetime access to the modules and can complete them on your own time as best suits your schedule.
  • Are there costs involved with building a funnel?
    Yes. Depending on how technically-advanced you want your funnel to be, you can build a marketing funnel for a small investment (subscriptions to landing pages and email CRM software) or a large investment (paid advertisements and webinar software). In the course I will go over all options and discuss how to build a funnel for as little as possible as well as options for expanding your funnel and costs involved with doing so.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    No. Success in business comes from committing to the results you desire. This course is packed-full with the information and tutorials you need to implement effective funnels that will grow your business quickly and easily. No refunds, no back-up plan needed!
  • When can I start!?
    The second you sign up! As soon as you sign up you will be sent a link to the pre-course module and Module 1. The 6 video modules will be sent straight to your email over the course of 2 weeks (one module every 3-4 days) and you can email me to request early access to the modules if you're wanting to work ahead.
  • I have more questions, can I contact you?"
    Absolutely. Email me at with any questions about the course and I'll be happy to chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

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