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good enough.

Small words, big implications.


 A livestream event, a lifetime in the making. 

The journey to radical self-acceptance and the unparalleled role it plays in your results as a business owner.

NOVEMBER 15 - 19 @11AM ET

**replays available following the livestream

by Lauren Saunders

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 Good Enough. 

Two small, seemingly harmless words that in reality dictate every single thing we allow ourselves to have, to create, to become.


Usually with the word ‘not’ placed in front of them.


What I know is my own, very complicated & lifelong relationship to these two words, and the work that has gone into believing them, especially where my business is concerned. I'm ready to share my journey with you and help you along with yours.

Just some of what's inside the 5 days of Good Enough:

  • My own journey, and the key ways in which 'not good enough' has manifested for me/how I've transformed or am in the process of transforming this narrative

  • How to become an effortless match for your desired outcomes (independent of how you feel day-to-day) through embodying the truth that you are so much more than enough

  • How and why the relationship you have with yourself is the only true thing that's dictating your results in life and business

  • The reason why it can feel impossible to feel confident at times in your business, and why thoughts or affirmations aren't actually the way to move back into belief when you're feeling unsure

  • How to overcome imposter syndrome for good so it can stop sabotaging your results

  • Overcoming the fear of rejection and how this one lesson has been a lifelong personal pursuit-- my story


Meet your host

Lauren Saunders is a business mentor to ambitious, heart-driven business owners and entrepreneurs. Lauren left her career as a high school art teacher for a life of entrepreneurship at the age of 28 and has built 2 full-time businesses by implementing mindset, marketing, & manifestation strategies that work.
As a business mentor, she's quadrupled her income as a teacher while working 20 hours a week, and lives a life of travel, freedom and passion. Lauren is passionate about providing ambitious business owners with the tools and practices they need to manifest the success & lives they truly desire.

You can connect with Lauren on Instagram (@laurencsaunders) or listen to The Aligned Entrepreneur Podcast on iTunes and Spotify for all-things mindset, manifestation and marketing for soul-driven entrepreneurs.

©copyright 2021 by Lauren Saunders
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