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A 7-week program to find your tribe & attract your dream clients

by building an engaged & highly profitable Facebook group.


You've watched others explode their income by building a community FULL of their soul clients.

You're ready to do the same, but you'd rather not have to wait a year before your effort turns into earnings.


Hey powerful, I SEE you, and I know you've been...

  • Dreaming of going full-time in your freedom-based business, getting paid amazing money to create things you love while sharing yourself and your message with the world

  • Struggling to attract an audience big enough to make the kind of income you KNOW, deep down, is available to you

  • Trying to figure out the best way to grow your online audience quickly, and finding it frustrating AF that the Instagram algorithm just doesn't seem to like you very much

  • Ready for your dream clients and customers to effortlessly find YOU, instead of hustling for every last lead

  • Wanting to grow a massive email list that loves hearing from you almost as much as they love buying one offer after another from you, if only you knew how to do it and where to find your people

  • Doubting that people really want to hear from you, and questioning how on earth you'll ever build a large audience (your inner mean girl wants to convince you that you're just 'not the influencer type', but don't worry, we're going to prove her dead wrong)

  • Ready to make bank while building your dream biz A-S-A-P

When it comes to growing your scalable, profitable online audience full of your dream clients & customers, you've either tried #allthethings with little results, or are feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out where to start

I know that YOU know that NOW is your time to...


Launch high-level products, services, courses and coaching programs to an ever-expanding audience full of your dream clients and participants who cant wait to buy.


Earn a full-time income doing your soul's work with your soul peeps.

Always have people excited and eager to buy your next offer instead of launching to crickets and getting frustrated AF at your lack of results.

Gain tons of organic new audience members every day and hundreds of subscribers to your email list every month without lifting a finger.

Watch your other online platforms grow with ease as a result of your thriving, self-sustaining Facebook community.

I know there's a whole WORLD of marketing experts out there selling you their foolproof "ten step system for success" that'll have you become internet famous like, yesterday.

And trust me when I say I've tried it ALL:

Pricey and complex Facebook ad campaigns, A rigorous Instagam posting schedule and growth strategy, Pinterest boards, YouTube videos, Podcasting... you name it, I've implemented it & felt totally defeated when it didn't bring me an audience-full of my dream people.

The fact of the matter is that my business was going nowhere, fast, until I turned to Facebook groups to quickly build an audience that loved buying my courses and programs, and that continues to scale my reach & income on auto-pilot to this day.

Also trust me when I say that there's a MUCH better way to go about it than starting a group, adding ten of your friends, and hoping that a few thousand of your dream members show up and start buying from you (if you've tried this approach, I'm willing to bet it didn't go as you'd hoped. ;))

Here's what Facebook Groups have done for me & my business...

Hey powerful, I'm Lauren

I'm a mindset & strategy coach for modern entrepreneurs, and 2.5 years ago when I started out building my online business as a coach and course creator, I was the definition of dead-set determined to figure out how to grow my audience and thus, my income so I could create a life of time, location & financial freedom for myself.

The issue was... that I failed, a LOT. I invested thousands of dollars and a TON of time & energy implementing every social media growth strategy in the books. I hired coaches and purchased courses and invested in paid advertising galore. None of it worked.

Exhausted, I finally turned to Facebook groups. I launched two different groups inside of 6 months.

The first, had about 450 people join within the first 5 months of me launching it, creating a small handful of sales in that time. The second, had over 1000 people join in the first 30 days, allowing me to create my first $15,000 month practically overnight, and continues to scale my audience, email list, income & impact for me on auto-pilot to this day.

So far in 2020 my newly incorporated business, LCS Inc., has done over $100,000 in sales, with the VAST majority of it coming from the audiences I have built through launching and growing Facebook groups.

The difference between the two groups? Was that with launching the second, I had strategy, know-how, and the right energy behind what I was doing. I'd learned how to work with the algorithm to have Facebook grow my group FOR me, how to offer content that my target audience was super interested in (and eager to join my group for). I combined the right mindset with a step-by-step action plan that launched a packed & profitable group that at this time, has growth to over 13,000 members on it's own, and my income and freedom in my business has followed suit.


Now, I'm breaking my ENTIRE process down step-by-step-by-step, to help YOU do the same. It's time to grow your audience, email list, confidence and INCOME by building your soul-aligned Facebook community.



A 7-week program to find your tribe & attract your dream clients

by building an engaged & highly profitable Facebook group.


 Who is this program for and what will it's participants accomplish? 

GROUPIES is for the coach, consultant and/or course creator who very serious about making great money online through growing their audience, sharing their message, and selling their products and services. The program is 7 weeks long because in that time, you'll be doing a lot more than just starting a Facebook group.

You'll be learning how to strategically share your message in a way that speaks to the desires of your target market and motivates them to buy. You'll be learning the rinse-and-repeat framework for creating both free and paid offers that draw in your people with ease. You'll be becoming a pro at landing pages and email copy and promotional graphics design and the tech-side of running an online business.

You'll ALSO be going to work on your mindset, and energetically stepping into the version of you who believes in, aligns with, and manifests not just the thriving community, but the thriving bank account to go along with it, too.

You've got the big vision, and you know deep down, that you're here to impact the lives of thousands. It's time you helped your people find you.

 Here's why I love Facebook groups, and why I pretty much ALWAYS recommend them to people wanting to grow an online audience & income, quickly... 


Easy growth. Facebook is a search engine. Meaning, your audience members are actively looking FOR you and your group, as opposed to other platforms that rely on people sharing your content in order for your audience to grow.

Build & sell to your email list. With Facebook groups, it's easy to simultaneously grow your email list on auto-pilot. In GROUPIES, I'm going to give you the step-by-step process for doing just that.

Engagement. Facebook will promote your group FOR you to people it thinks may be interested, so long as it has great engagement. Meaning, your current members will attract your new members without even knowing it, and all you have to do is make it a place they love to be/find value in.

Earning potential. You don't need a big group to make great money. Even a group of a few hundred people can create a 6-figure income if it's run properly. AND, as your group grows for years to come, so does your capacity to make more money.


Content repurposing. Create it for your group, and share it everywhere else. Write posts that you share to Instagram. Create live video trainings that become paid offers on your website. Let your community members know that you have a new podcast episode up. Your growing Facebook community will become the creative hub for all your content, which you can then use to grow your audience in all the other corners of the internet, too.

Have I lost you yet? Don't worry. By the end of GROUPIES, you'll be a total pro at all of the above.

Since implementing the practices, processes & strategies shared inside GROUPIES to launch, grow & sell to my own groups, I've been able to...

  • Finally went from frustrated and struggling to make ends meet, to thriving financially as my audience & income grow day-after-day

  • Retired my first business and spent the winter travelling Italy & Scotland while continuing to grow my online income

  • Temporarily packed up my life in Toronto to travel Italy and the UK for the winter while working my business from anywhere-- just because I could (I love you Canada but your frigid winters just aren't for me)

  • Had my first $10K, $18K and $22K months in business as a result of growing an online audience of thousands through launching Facebook Groups

  • Hired my first team member, turned my business into a corporation and scaled to consistent $20K+ months working part time hours doing work I love with clients I adore

  • Manifested a life of location freedom, time & financial abundance-- not to mention a business and career I'm over the moon in love with & passionate about

  • Created a day-to-day life where I get to do my soul's work with clients I adore, and getting abundantly compensated for it-- if there's one thing I wish everyone could experience, it's THIS. Life's too short to be anything less than lit the F up.


Without Facebook groups & the process I use to strategically launch, fill & profit from them quickly, I wouldn't be where I am today. The most impactful thing they've given me is the confidence that no matter what I decide to create & offer in my business, people will buy it, because I have a large & engaged audience to market my products & services to.

"A few months ago Lauren helped me start my first Facebook group. Being that is was the middle of a pandemic I wasn't sure how it was going to go, but Lauren's system is brilliant. I did exactly what she coached me to do and I had over 200 people in my group in about a week. Another week later I launched and almost sold out my very first online training! With Lauren's help I built a completely new audience (from my exact target market) from scratch in a short period of time and I went from being basically unemployed due to the pandemic to having an online business that generated thousands of dollars in less than 4 weeks! My group is still growing and I'm getting ready for a second launch, implementing Lauren's step-by-step process for launching & scaling Facebook groups has transformed my mind and my business!"

-Kayon Wilson @kayonbrowbeauty

Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 4.04.37 PM.png

By the end of your 7 weeks inside GROUPIES, you will have...

Gotten crystal clear on your niché, group objective, overall message and growth strategy so that your ideal members feel drawn to joining without you lifting a finger.


Learned how to design a launch event, set up an opt-in funnel and simultaneously grow your email list alongside your group on auto-pilot.


Learned how to write sales copy like a pro for landing pages, engagement posts and marketing materials that'll help you grow your group and earn from it, too.

Transformed into the leader you really are; the one who's ready to change lives and make bank in the process.


Launched your own thriving Facebook community full of people who are excited to support you and your business for years to come.

 The GROUPIES Curriculum Breakdown 


 Here's what we'll cover & accomplish in each of our 7 weeks together... 


The key to success isn't about what you're doing; it's about who you're BEING. Before we begin, it's imperative that you step into your role as a leader in a big way, so that you can attract the community-full of the people who are ready to learn from you. Before the program officially begins with Module 1 dropping Monday, August 3rd, I'll be doing a bonus pre-course module live on how to BECOME the confident leader who people want to follow, listen to and join the group of.



In week 1, we're setting you up for success right off the bat by addressing the most important factor there is when it comes to ensuring your group actually becomes both packed and profitable: your niché (or in other words, the need your group exists to fill). A well-chosen niché is vital for two reasons: it determines both how appealing your group is for people to join, as well as how you personally show up (and thus, the results you attract). The right niché that's specific to YOU will make or break the success and growth of your group. In Module 1, we're going to determine the group objective that's right for you, and that ultimately leads to your packed & profitable Facebook community.


What's in a name? Well in this case... everything. Knowing how to work with the Facebook algorithm to get your group in front of your soon-to-be community members is all about strategically choosing a name, messaging approach and group design that draw in your dream peeps now and for years to come. In week 2 we'll also be covering the tech tutorials needed to create a stunning banner image, select the correct group settings & draft your group rules, write a compelling group description and even have people join your email list before you've even approved their request to join the group.


Here's where things get GOOD. Let's face it-- starting a group and adding everyone you personally know, just isn't the vibe, and it ISN'T the strategy that will lead you to the impact & income you're ready for. In week 3, you're going to create a customized group launch plan & lead magnet through which you'll be offering free value (a PDF guide, a free training, a mini e-course) that your dream members can't resist. You'll also be putting together an opt-in funnel that does the work FOR you, simultaneously building your list & group while building the type of trust with your new audience that later leads to easy and scalable sales. Not a the 'tech-type'? Don't worry. I've got you covered with a step-by-step breakdown of creating your first landing page, opt-in and email sequence that'll grows your list for years to come.


After executing your custom launch plan and welcoming in your first members, it's time to become a master at content creation and community engagement. In week 5, you'll be creating a content schedule that feels fun, keeps your group engaged & growing, and doesn't require you to be on Facebook 24 hours a day (or even 1, for that matter). You'll be designing a customized content calendar that combines a variety of posts to ensure you build trust, encourage group engagement, grow exponentially while also providing you with a library of content & posts you can create once and benefit from forever.



Keeping your group active & engaged is the #1 way to grow your group organically through the facebook algorithm, by ensuring your members carry the conversation just as (if not more) often than you do.


The whole point of growing your packed community, is so that you can profit from it, while impacting the lives of thousands in a way that you were personally put on this earth to do. In weeks 6 & 7, you'll have time to get caught up on anything you feel you're behind on, while also getting the step-by-step process for leading into paid offers and marketing them to your group effectively. We'll cover the art of re-purposing content so that running & profiting from your group just gets easier and easier, as well as encouraging the continued growth of your group, audience and income for years to come.

 The Details 

Inside the 6 weeks of GROUPIES, you'll get...

6 In-Depth Video Modules (a $3000 value)

Inside the 6 comprehensive video modules of GROUPIES, you'll get a step-by-step run down of every action you need to take, every mindset practice I recommend you implement, and every piece of copy you need to write. You can work through the program content at whatever pace best suits you, and I'll be here to help you implement it successfully inside the Facebook group and on our Q&A calls together, to ensure you not only launch a soul-aligned Facebook group, but that you fill it with your soul-aligned audience members, too.

6 Accompanying Workbooks (a $500 value)

Knowledge isn't power-- the application of knowledge is power. These 5 workbooks have been included to help you understand and implement the program content in your own business, and grow a thriving & highly profitable Facebook group as a result

Accompanying Tech Tutorials (a $1200 value)

When it comes to building your online audience & income, knowing HOW to show up as the tech wizard you were born to be, will keep you in your power and out of overwhelm & frustration. Inside GROUPIES, you'll gain the step-by-step breakdown of every integration you need to set up, landing page you need to format, and email campaign you need to schedule out. After these 7 weeks, you'll be a pro at the behind-the-scenes stuff that every successful online business is built on top of -- no need to hire contractors or spend your money on things you're more than capable of doing yourself.

Examples & Templates for Copy-Writing & Funnel-Building (an $800 value)

Building your online empire from scratch is a LOT easier when you can model your steps after someone else who's already done it. The 6 comprehensive modules of GROUPIES include examples and templates from my own business, so that you don't have to start from scratch or reinvent the wheel. I've done the heavy-lifting for you so that you can simply plug-and-play, rinse-and-repeat. It's time to stop wasting time & energy throwing the metaphorical spaghetti against the wall just to find out that it doesn't stick.


Lifetime access to my members-only site (a $500 value)

All program materials (including any future updates made to the program) can be accessed through my members-only Kajabi site for easy referencing, organization and implementation. The program materials will be updated each week with the new module, and you can easily work through them at a time that suits you and your schedule best.

 Plus These Business-Building Bonuses 

Lifetime access to FUNnels 101 course (priced at $347)

We're not just going to be launching a Facebook group together; we're going to be building your email list through mastering the art of lead magnets, landing pages and email sequences. As an exclusive GROUPIES bonus, you'll gain lifetime access to my FUNnels 101 course, to help you become a pro at creating free content that your audience is eager to join your list to access.

Any & all future updates & additions made to GROUPIES

This round of GROUPIES is the most accessibly-priced the program will ever be offered for. Which means, you're not only securing your spot at the best price possible, but you're also gaining access to any and all future updates and additions I make to the program. This includes the Q&A livestream replays of upcoming rounds of the program, and any additional modules, meditations and resources that I decide to add.

Lifetime access to The Cyber CEO course (priced at $247)

I don't just want you to build your packed Facebook group, I want you to PROFIT from it too. That's why I'm including my Cyber CEO 3-part eCourse on how to dream up, design and structure your sell-out online courses & coaching programs. Inside this course, you'll learn how to create online offers that your new audience can't wait to buy, as well as invaluable tips on how to successfully launch your offers inside your group for years to come.

Total value: over $6500

 Your Investment 

**GROUPIES is a DIY evergreen course, meaning that upon signing up, you'll gain immediate access to all course content, and be able to dive in and work through it at your own pace.

 Pay in Full 

Join GROUPIES for a one-time payment of $997

**prices listed in USD

 Payment Plan 

Join GROUPIES for three monthly payments of $359

**prices listed in USD


What happens next...

After choosing your payment plan, you will be immediately sent a welcome email full of everything you need to know, to set you up for success before diving into the course content.

You'll also receive two emails granting you access to my members-only course/program library, where you can login and work your way through the GROUPIES modules at your own pace. Your access is for life; meaning you can continuously refer back to this content (and any futures additions made to it) and use to to continue growing your business, audience & income for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much time do I need to complete the course?
    Each of the 7 modules will be between 15 and 60 minutes and there are two a week. Additionally, you will need to set aside time to build your funnel.
  • Can I complete the modules at my own pace?
    Yes! The course content will be delivered via a 3-week drip email campaign (one module every 3-4 days), but you will have lifetime access to the modules and can complete them on your own time as best suits your schedule.
  • Are there costs involved with building a funnel?
    Yes. Depending on how technically-advanced you want your funnel to be, you can build a marketing funnel for a small investment (subscriptions to landing pages and email CRM software) or a large investment (paid advertisements and webinar software). In the course I will go over all options and discuss how to build a funnel for as little as possible as well as options for expanding your funnel and costs involved with doing so.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    No. Success in business comes from committing to the results you desire. This course is packed-full with the information and tutorials you need to implement effective funnels that will grow your business quickly and easily. No refunds, no back-up plan needed!
  • When can I start!?
    The second you sign up! As soon as you sign up you will be sent a link to the pre-course module and Module 1. The 6 video modules will be sent straight to your email over the course of 2 weeks (one module every 3-4 days) and you can email me to request early access to the modules if you're wanting to work ahead.
  • I have more questions, can I contact you?"
    Absolutely. Email me at with any questions about the course and I'll be happy to chat.

Questions? Email me at

Questions before you sign up? Email me at!

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