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Can't catch it live? Replays will remain up for a week following the training.

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With business coach Lauren Saunders

You're a certified lash artist who's ready for a full-time loyal AF clientele, and the freedom & fulfilment that comes with it.

You're ready for the success roadmap-- for the marketing know-how and client attraction secrets that weren't covered in your certification.

Inside LCC, I share exactly how I went from newly certified lash tech to doubling my teaching salary in just 6 months, with less than 100 followers on Instagram and without using paid ads.

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In this free 5-day Lash Client Challenge, you will:

  • Set your 2022 clientele & income goals and get to work on having them become a reality NOW

  • Get the #1 non-negotiable tool for getting booked out A-S-A-P that you won't hear anywhere else

  • Learn & implement the action-steps and marketing strategies needed to start attracting clients within the 5 days of the challenge

  • Get the easy but crazy effective branding strategy that will have you stand OUT from the competition

  • Implement the business practices needed to not just attract your dream clients in the 5 days of the challenge, but turn them into loyal & return clients who will support your business for years to come

  • Learn exactly how I scaled to a full-time income as a lash tech in less than 90 days (and then doubled it within 6 months) working part-time hours, and how YOU can, too

  •  Get everything you need to gain 5 new clients in just 5 days

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The Content Schedule:

Daily livestreams typically last from 45-75 minutes with time for questions at the end, and will cover not just the action-steps you need to take to gain 5 lash clients in 5 days, but also the marketing strategies and mindset shifts that'll enable you to create long-term success as a sought-after lash artists.

 Day 1 

 Day 2 

Changing your THOUGHTS to build 6-figure confidence and allow new client inquiries to start coming through immediately. You'll swear it's magic but it's not; it's attraction at work.

Implementing effective marketing and how to attract QUALITY clients through quality content/messaging + the key to becoming the go-to girl for lashes in your area.

 Day 3 

Embodying the *secret*, totally magnetic quality that committed clients are drawn to in a lash artist (hint: it's not your skill or having the lowest prices!).

 Day 4 

Smart personal branding of your business that'll have you stand out from the crowd and attract the quality, high-paying clients you deserve.

 Day 5 

Mastering the art of return clientele and client referrals so that your business sustains & grows itself FOR you.

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Lauren Saunders is a certified eyelash extension/microblading technician and business coach who helps ambitious female entrepreneurs build their dream lives and businesses.

In June of 2017, Lauren left her career as a high school art teacher after growing a successful business as a lash and brow technician in under half a year, doubling her salary as a teacher. Immediately following, Lauren launched her second business as a business coach for entrepreneurs; helping passionate women grow their businesses and incomes through proven mindset and marketing strategies.

In her 3 years of making a full-time income in part-time hours as an at-home eyelash extension and brow technician, Lauren has learnt a thing or two about growing a successful business in the lashing industry.


She has since retired the service portion of her lash business and focuses exclusively on providing other women with the tools they need to build the success and freedom they desire as business owners. She has compiled her top tips for success as lash boss in this free 5-day e-course event to help other beauty professionals up-level their income as new or aspiring entrepreneurs.

Meet Your Host

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Here's my secret...

What if I told you that the size of your lash clientele has absolutely nothing to do with how many Instagram followers you have, years spent in the industry skill-level or price point?

What if I also told you that the industry ISN'T saturated, and that competition in the lash world just isn't a thing (yes, I said it)?

What you'll learn inside The Lash Client Challenge (or any of my free/paid content for that matter) isn't available anywhere else or through any other coach in the lashing industry. Why? Because I bring in the ONE completely vital success component that so few are aware of/implementing: MINDSET.

Energy, vibrations, confidence and belief in yourself are actually what's deciding your results in terms of the size of your clientele and the money you are (or are not) making in your lash business. Combine the right mindset with an intentional marketing strategy or two, and client inquiries will pour into your inbox, often while you barely lift a finger.

Inside the 5 days of this challenge, you'll learn how to embody confidence, build belief, and stand out in the industry as the CEO you truly are, while taking the empowered action needed to reach your dream clients. And no, it's not too good to be true.

Register for the challenge, mark the times and dates down, and bring a pen and paper because you're going to want to take notes. I'll also be providing simple homework assignments each day to equip you with the energetic shifts and marketing knowledge needed to gain 5 new clients in just 5 days.

©copyright 2022 by Lauren Saunders
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