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by Lauren Saunders


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Six months to develop, launch and fill your Quantum-leap of a group course or coaching program, laying down the strategic & energetic foundations of your authenticity-driven, 6-figure online business.


I totally get it --

You know you were meant for more.


The path less-travelled.

A life of passion, purpose, abundance & above all,
a life of freedom.


You've watched other coaches, consultants & course-creators build their dream online offers & businesses and fill them full of incredible & eager clients (you've maybe even tried your hand at it, too).

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You desire to work less and earn more.

To have complete time and location freedom.

To run a 6-figure business working part-time hours.

To skip over the months or years of struggle that so many business owners suffer through, and bee-line it into your dream life, asap.

To never again have money or a job be the reason you have to say no to the things and experiences you want most in life.



While you love the idea of offering courses and coaching programs online, you're unsure of what to launch first/if you have expertise that people will pay for.

You just KNOW you are meant to change lives through sharing your offers online, but are unsure of how to go about designing & bringing to life a sell-out course or program.

You've possibly even launched before, but not gotten the enrolments you hoped for or didn't know how to get your offer in front of enough people to hit your income goal (that problem ends NOW-- it's time to draw in your people with a step-by-step, scalable system that's based in both energetics and authentic strategy).

You're committed to manifesting financial freedom and the abundant life that comes with it, you just need someone who can break it down & show you the way-- there's so much information out there, it's hard to know which practices will actually align you with your desired income goals.


You can see & feel the destination (sipping cocktails on a beach at 2PM on a Tuesday after ditching the 9-5 life amirite?), but the pathway there feels littered with doubt & overwhelm.

You have the desire and the determination-- now all you need is the identity uplevel, the game-changing, Quantum-level course or program idea + the marketing know-how that will get it out to the people you were sent here to serve.

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What if, there was an approach to online business that combined Quantum physics, a profound connection to the Divine, and an authentic/aligned strategy approach, that let you bypass the BS and leap into the life and results you dream of?

Here's my story...


I'm Lauren! I'm a business coach for entrepreneurs who are ready to manifest the income, purpose and freedom that they know on a deep level, is available to them. I help my clients to think and feel their way into alignment with their biggest business desires through mental & emotional reprogramming and the principles of Quantum Creation, and to take the action & implement the strategy needed to produce big, life-altering results.

In the four years since leaving my career as a high school art teacher, I've built a consistent 5-figure and multiple 5-figure/month online income, doubling and then tripling my former full-time teaching salary, and launched over 40 different courses, coaching programs, memberships and paid workshops using the Launch Magic process.

My approach to online business is different. It combines a thorough understanding of Quantum physics and the principles of neuroplasticity/identity re-programming, with very intentional systems and aligned launch strategies.

The secret to my success has involved a lot of unlearning of the traditional online business practices and manifestation principles that are widely believed to be effective (but yet don't work for millions who try to implement them).

This is not how things started for me though...

When I launched my first program four years ago, no one signed up. I hustled hard, I showed up in all the right places, and I was heartbroken when my efforts didn't pay off. About 6 months of launching later, and I was still only averaging about $300-$500/month in income. As it turns out, I was simply missing a couple vital (and dare I say 'magic') pieces of the launch magic puzzle.

With a single shift in my approach, everything changed. I stopped trying to force the belief that was necessary for my results to manifest (because what you BELIEVE & expect in your business, is what you call in), and instead started launching programs I *KNEW* would produce results.

With the right program idea and a new way of being that was necessary for my results, I went from worry, doubt & fear, to
belief, confidence & trust. I combined this new mindset & energy with an authentic and customized launch strategy that felt aligned with me, and 6 weeks later had 18 incredible women in a program that changed my entire life.


I discovered how to develop the *right* ideas and launch the aligned way-- a shift that took me from $500 months to my first $15,000 month within a matter of weeks. Three months later I boarded a one-way flight to Italy, continued to scale my business using my new understanding of exactly what goes into a sell-out offer and multiple 5-figure launch, and when I got home after a winter spent travelling Europe, I developed that understanding into the life-changing program you're reading about on this page: Launch Magic.

The right, *magic* course or program idea + a programmed way of being, combined with a killer & custom launch plan changed my life forever, and now it's time for YOU to experience the same.

Screen Shot 2022-02-03 at 8.49.37 AM.png

Working with Lauren was an amazing experience for me as a business coach. She helped me realize how much my energy, belief system and internal world was holding me back from all the abundance I desired in my business.

She helped me get out of my dominating masculine energy, and step into more of my intuition and feminine side of my business. This helped me listen to my body more and create more alignment within my business. With that, I was able to let go of all the 'hustle and grind' and lean into more surrender and trust. This helped me have a wonderfully enjoyable launch and make $32K without burning myself out in the process. If you want to transform yourself internally, work with Lauren!

-Michelle Smit


I am so grateful that I found Lauren and this program. The universe brought her in my life! Launch Magic has been such a magical time for me. I love Lauren´s spiritual/energetic approach to to online business and success, and that´s why I decided to invest in this program. It was a great decision that helped me go next level with my online holistic health business and finally make online courses that are aligned with my soul AND help other people.

Since enrolling in Launch Magic I've had 6 big course launches and a handful of smaller ones and feel more confident than ever!

Thank you Lauren! You are doing such important work!

-Viktoria Tauberger



What IS Launch Magic?

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Launch Magic is a 6-month self-paced coaching program for current or soon-to-be online creators ready for next-level financial freedom, in which you will get the tools & step-by-step strategies needed to launch your "magic" of a breakthrough course or program-- the one that totally changes the game; the one you were meant to launch to thousands of people (and make hundreds of thousands of dollars from), if that's what you desire.

Inside the curriculum we'll start by mastering the mindset of a 6-figure business owner and transforming your way of being-- AKA the person you believe yourself to be, and turn you into the version of you who thinks and feels naturally in alignment with your soon-to-be freedom-filled online business.


From there, we'll dive into designing a course or program that's totally and completely YOU. An offer that's not only deeply needed by the people you're meant to serve, but that your life experience has been preparing you to deliver, possibly without you even knowing it. An offer that feels like something you HAVE to share and you KNOW people need. One that you can't help but get your conviction, confidence and belief behind-- and THAT is an energy you can take straight to the bank. That is the energy that manifests results on auto-pilot.

We'll develop and plan out the details of your course or program so that it feels good to you while also speaking directly to your future participants in a way they can't resist. Then, we'll go to work building an email list and launch strategy that's catered to and aligned with you and your desired outcome.

This isn't a "follow these 10 steps to a T for guaranteed launch success" type of program. Will you get the specific action-steps, tech tutorials and strategies needed to get big, intentional results? Absolutely. But what makes Launch Magic unique and effective is the emphasis on finding your magic and developing it into a program that you can truly get your energy behind.

The more you believe in the course or program you're launching, the less the "proven strategies" even matter, because when it comes to big results, you manifest what you believe. I'm here to turn you into a believer who sets crazy big money goals and then manifests them with ease, too.

↠ The killer, custom, and aligned AF marketing strategy that's authentic & unique to you, and will build your audience & fill your offer with intention and predictability.


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↠ The knowledge of Quantum creation and spirituality, as it relates to business and how to apply both in order to collapse timelines around your success.

↠ The emotional & mental re-programming needed to become a literal magnet to your desired results.

↠ The course or program idea that's been waiting for you to discover it; the one that you feel so confident in that the doubt & uncertainty that blocks results for so many business owners is simply a non-issue.


Imagine what it will be like to...

  • Work less and earn more (like, way more)

  • Discover THE course or program idea that you just know is the game-changer; the one you feel 1000% confident in and that no one else can offer the way you can

  • Use the plug-and-play framework you'll learn in the next three months to launch a variety of programs, evergreen courses and even memberships to grow scalable, reliable and passive income online

  • Create significant & sustainable growth in your business with a single program you launch multiple times a year

  • Fill your signature offer with people you can't believe you get to work with and make a difference for

  • Create the time & financial freedom that you KNOW is totally possible for you (you wouldn't be reading this if you didn't!)

  • Finally get manifestation to work FOR you rather than against you in creating life-changing financial results, by launching an offer that you can't help but believe in, and that your target market is eager for

  • Wake up every morning with purpose, freedom & self PRIDE because you've created a life that truly lights you up, and a business that has nothing but potential in terms of its growth

  • Know that 5-figure+ months working part-time, are only JUST the beginning


You were made to be rewarded for sharing what you know with those it can help, during this time of mass awakening (the real reason you're here reading this, is because you have an important role to play in it whether you know it or not). Life-changing success and the freedom that comes with it, is no longer something that's only available to a select few. It's something that millions are being called towards. It's what you came here to create. And your access to it? Isn't on the other side of coercive marketing tactics or scarcity-based sales content.

It's available to those who serve others in a way that no one else can (AKA you). It's magnetized to authenticity and to those who aim to uplift. It's drawn to a way of being that's based in personal power, self-belief and conviction.

The new success paradigm is one of intuition, innovation and the soul-aligned service of others.

The Breakdown

The Launch Magic framework has been designed to be catered & customized to each individual participant, while also removing the guesswork by giving you the step-by-step to your 6-figure business.

(6 weeks)

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A sell-out launch is the result of one thing: being in energetic alignment with your desired financial outcomes the majority of the time. But what does that actually mean in regards to building a 6-figure business? It means priming your brain and body with the neuro-circuitry and the emotional/mental programming that makes it easy to believe in things you can't yet see (like a course or program-full of your dream participants). It means creating an internal foundation for success before setting out to create it in the external world. It means learning about and realizing your power to create any reality you desire, through the understanding and application of Quantum principals, so that molding your world to look however you want it to, isn't a game of trying or of force, but rather of knowing, creating, and claiming.

Here's what I know to be predictable for most people who set out to build their freedom-filled online business: they start out with total excitement and determination to manifest their vision of success, only to be thrown off when feelings of doubt, imposter syndrome, and fears of being met with crickets, start creeping in. The truth is that putting yourself out there online can feel very unsafe to the nervous system, and triggering to the old stories and insecurities we all have our own versions of. Those who successfully make it to their launch before self-sabotaging, are often disappointed when the results are not what they'd hoped for because they spent so much of it in worry, fear and attachment.

But... what if there was a way to bypass that struggle by un-familiarizing your brain and body with the emotions that all-too-often prevent business owners from the results they deserve? What if, you took the time first and foremost, to become somebody new long before your launch began? To program your default way of being for confidence, conviction and an expectation of success and affluence? What if you could convince your brain ahead of time, that your sell-out of a launch had already taken place, so that when doors opened, the internal program you'd installed made it impossible to get sucked into the downward spiral that leaves too many coaches and coach creators disappointed in their results?


Inside Physics of Affluence (phase 1), you will...

  • Begin the process of "losing your mind to create a new one" (thanks, Dr. Joe): in other words, learn the emotional signature (AKA way of "being") that'll lead you to creating magic during your launch, and become the version of you who effortlessly thinks and feels in alignment with your 6-figure success through a 10-20 minute intentional daily practice

  • Learn how to regulate the nervous system and familiarize it with a new reality: one where showing up online and serving course-fulls of your dream clients feels natural to you, bypassing the self-sabotage that often comes as a byproduct of the body's stress response when entering into the unknown ("unknown" = successful AF online business owner and leader of those who decide to work with you)

  • Master the art of Quantum Creation by learning the true nature of reality (and the role our human consciousness plays in influencing it) so that molding your external world to your every desire becomes predictable for you as a soon-to-be 6-figure business owner

  • Demystify manifestation and learn the scientific formulas for creating a life of affluence and influence

  • Move into alignment with the breakthrough course and program ideas that'll Quantum-leap your results by operating from the feeling-space of your success, rather than the lack of it

  • Embody new levels of confidence, authority and belief by hard-wiring your brain and body for it


Launch Magic Heading (11)_edited.png

(9 weeks)

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The number of people who sign up for your offer (and the money you make as a result) will be a direct reflection of your level of belief in it. Creating Quantum results in your business is not about what you're doing, but who you're being as you're doing it. In phase 2, we'll develop the online offer that has your full belief and conviction behind it, by pulling from your unique experience and designing a course or program that's truly in alignment for you. Then we'll get to work on building out an audience/email list of pre-qualified leads who are already in search of the unique solution/transformation your offer provides.

A Quantum offer is the one that leverages the power of who you're being-- in other words, makes it easy for you to remain in belief, long after many others would have succumbed to doubt? The online business world often does this part backwards. They place little to no importance on what you're launching, and instead focus only on how you launch it. The thing is though, that even the most well-executed strategy in the world, can't overcome a lack of alignment. On the flip side, when you believe so whole-heartedly in how you help people and why your course or program is a total no-brainer (because trust me, it's going to be), the strategy you implement is simply the means of getting it out into the ears and eyes of those who need it. Strategy doesn't sell. Your alignment does.


Inside Quantum Offer Development + Aligned Audience Design (phase 2), you will...

  • Nail down your personally profitable niche and the million-dollar message that'll draw in your soulmate clients and make you stand out from the crowd

  • Download your breakthrough course or coaching program straight from the Quantum Field and by pulling from your strengths, personal experience and areas of expertise 

  • Idea development and offer details- deciding structure, support-level, content, price point and messaging to make it an irresistible YES from your future participants

  • Write/design your sales page copy & design your offer's branding so that it speaks directly to the desires of your ideal course/program participants (you'll be a conversion-copy pro after this!)

  • Get experience coaching people in your niche and learn how to communicate and mentor effectively to feel confident in your ability to truly transform the lives of your future clients

  • Design the valuable lead magnet that will attract your target audience and build an email list of people eager to sign up for your offer

  • Build your lead magnet opt-in (marketing funnel), including a landing page and follow-up email sequence

  • Learn how and where to advertise your freebie (don't worry if you don't have an audience yet-- you will soon) to begin building out your list pre-launch

  • Learn how to launch and run Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns to attract your ideal clients into your business in just a few clicks (bonus module)


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(11 weeks)

Launch Magic Heading (6).png


A profitable launch is an aligned one. Meaning, we're actively designing your offer, strategy and promotional period to be as resistance-free as possible. We don't just want your belief behind what you're offering, but also HOW you're marketing it, too. Inside Phase 3 we'll design, implement and execute the launch strategy that feels good and is effective for you personally, by: turning you into a pro content creator and promotional copy writer, showing up authentically in front of those who are already a likely yes to your offer, and combining the things that feel good and make sense to you with the approaches that truly work.

Launch Magic Heading (16)_edited.png

Phase 3 is where everything comes together. Your offer is ready to go and your sales page is a work of art. You have the tech integrations set up to make attracting, on-boarding and hosting your participants, automated and effortless. You've fully integrated with your new, 6-figure coach identity and are able to hold space for your dream clients to start streaming in without overwhelm or uncertainty. All that's left is designing and executing on the launch event and content schedule that turns qualified leads into excited course/program participants. It's time for lift off.


Inside Lift Off (phase 3) you will ...

  • Launch, baby! You've put together the offer, the sales page, the audience and the launch strategy and combined it with the 6-figure mental and emotional programming- now it's time to bring it all together and manifest your breakthrough results

  • Learn to master your magical launch mindset-- staying open and committed to your vision, and trusting the process of the Universe bringing you your people (become a pro at THIS and you can have any outcome you desire)

  • Execute the different day-by-day strategies throughout the launch period (early bird pricing, value-based marketing emails, bonus incentives etc.) that make sense for you, benefit your participants and ensure you capitalize on your results

  • Design your killer & custom launch plan, be it a live online training, an email marketing strategy, personalized outreach or a discovery call model (or a combination of them all!) in a way that feels aligned and effective for YOU- as well as being catered to your specific launch goals

  • Implement (and become a pro at) the launch mindset strategy that's going to call in your dream participants-- from Day 1 of promoting right through the minute before cart closes

  • Learn to either down-sell into a course, or up-sell into a 1:1 program post-launch and get the most out of the momentum you've created throughout your launch

  • Get the tools, strategies and know-how to scale your audience, your launch results & your income moving forward, so that the program & launch plan you've built once, will pay forever


Launch Magic is the complete package-- every single thing I do to run & grow my multiple 6-figure business & income month after month

Launch Magic Heading (4).png

Success energetics, strategy, tech know-how, Facebook ads, graphic design-- you name it, I've included how to do it step-by-step inside the 19 comprehensive modules + 2 exclusive bonus modules of Launch Magic.

Inside LM, you'll become a pro at essential skills including:


  • Identity up-levelling and sustainable energetic alignment with new levels of success

  • List building & audience growth

  • Launching & growing facebook groups with intention & momentum

  • Social media engagement, community management, content scheduling & building trust with your audience so they love to buy from you repeatedly

  • Idea development & course/program design

  • Mindset work that *actually* works-- building confidence while drawing your ideal participants to you with ease

  • Writing email & post copy that converts

  • Website building & design

  • Course content building, delivery & hosting options

  • Funnel-building (access to my complete FUNnels 101 course)

  • Lead magnets

  • Landing pages

  • Building professional & effective course & program pages

  • Coaching & communication skills & tools to best serve your future participants/clients

  • Payment portal options & setting up checkout pages and payment plans to make sales seamless, automated & professional


Lauren’s magnetism is what drew me to her work. Her conviction in her abilities to create a sustainable, evolving and soul fulfilling business and help others do the same was evident when I first magically came across “The Lo & Zo Show” as an energy healer, channel & very confident woman I didn’t need regulation around my abilities or gifts… but I NEEDED to know and be HELD in the truth that it was possible, and ease filled when in alignment to build a very successful, highly impactful and financially abundant business for myself, seeing Lauren generating 30k months in business, as a projector with a very potent awareness of Energetics AND aligned strategy. It was a NO brainer.

I went to her page and signed up for her intensive. This was my FIRST time investing in my business. This was November 2020. It’s now December 2021 and
I just had my first 17k month in business, I have hundreds of women in my paid offers, I have sold out containers, I am flourishing, vibrant, healthy, wealthy, certain & truly OBSESSED with my life.

The catapult to ALL of this was my session with Lauren.
Everything she said was magic. So clear. So individualized. So aligned with what I NEEDED to know, integrate and LIVE to have the income streams I desired, the offerings that made sense for me, my energy type and my business. Through all of this Lauren was always SO clear that the sky isn’t even the limit. She normalized wealth for me. She normalized money for me. She embodied a successful entrepreneur who was actually HAPPY in her day to day life. It was the ultimate expander moment for me to work with her.

Lauren truly saw me, see’s me & understands my power. This is something that is truly profound to experience. When someone YOU admire, look up to and idolize SEES you fully and in YOUR power. It’s the ultimate experience of validation and infinite possibility. As always the work to SEE yourself first is number one, but in Lauren also seeing me, opening the doors to what is possible for me and being a constant source of empowerment is truly divine. I am blessed to have had Lauren as a coach to me.

Working with Lauren is a moment in time in my business and life that I will remember forever and always attribute to my catapult to success. 

-Haley Bowler-Cooke

Founder - Uplift Lifestyle

Founder & CEO - Fit Portal 


The Details...

 During your 6 months of Launch Magic, you'll get... 

19 Launch Magic Masterclasses (a $15,000 value)

These 19 video module masterclasses cover it all-- the strategy, the mindset, the tech tutorials and more. Every single action-step you need to take for big success inside these 6 months will be outlined in an easy-to-follow, 20-60 minute (approx.) video masterclass.

I've taken the guess-work out of the launch process so that you can skip the frustration and fast-track your way to the financial results you're ready for (and that are ready for YOU, too).


Lifetime access to the members-only Facebook group (a $3000 value)

Our Launch Magic family Facebook group is the place where you'll get to connect with, learn from and grow with your fellow launchers -- both current participants and the Launch Magic Alumni, too.

Please note the support will be provided exclusively inside the Launch Magic Voxer group chat for current participants only. The Facebook group is the place where you can continue growing with and launching alongside your fellow LM alumni for years to come.

Templates and examples provided for all landing pages, marketing emails, program pages and lead-generating materials (a $1500 value)

No more guessing games-- when it comes to creating the business and income that'll change you and your family's life forever, clarity is key. Inside the program you'll gain exclusive access to templates and examples for every opt-in, promotional graphic, marketing email and sales page you'll need to write in order to draw in your future participants with copy that speaks directly to their unique desires.

Lifetime access to all current and future program materials (a $3000 value)

Once you join Launch Magic, all program materials (and any updates made to future rounds of the program) are yours to keep forever. You can re-visit and re-use the tools, tutorials and templates provided inside the program as you continue to scale your impact, audience and income for years to come.

Launch Magic Heading (4).png

Plus these magic-making bonuses :



A customizable 15-minute daily launch mindset routine (including guided meditation) that we'll implement in week 1 to get you aligned with your desired outcomes, so that by the time you launch, they're already a done-deal (valued at $500).



A 15-minute guided meditation to wire-in your belief behind your sell-out launch from DAY 1, so that your people manifest with ease by the time cart opens (a $350 value).



An exclusive bonus module on running Facebook ads with Lauren's ad manager Jeremy of Ever Media, on how to target your ads effectively, write compelling ad copy, and test out different images to get the most out of your ad spend during your launch (a $350 value).

Lifetime access to Transformer: A 4-part curriculum covering skills, practices and beliefs behind becoming a sought-after coach, cultivating life-changing transformations and creating space for way more clients (and money) in your business (valued at $1500, sells for $444).


Lifetime access to Unfamous: an 8 week course covering audience & income growth strategies that don't involve becoming famous or sought-after on social media (a $1000 value, regularly priced at $399)

Lifetime access to GROUPIES: A 7-week program to find your tribe & attract your dream clients by building an engaged & highly profitable Facebook group, should you wish to grow an engaged and profitable Facebook group post-launch, to continue to scale your audience, offers and income for years to come (valued at $4000, sells for $997).

Lifetime access to Lauren's FUNnels 101 course: become a pro at building the lead magnets & funnels that'll generate the audience you need to fill your course or program (valued at $850, sells for $347).


Exclusive lifetime access to key trainings including Your Rich Niche (a $500 value, sells for $297).


Lauren was instrumental in the success of my program.  She is talented at identifying what each step will need, what will benefit your target audience and gave me valuable feedback at each stage of the program. Lauren worked closely with me to make sure the program produced our desired results, that it genuinely helped the participants of the program, and made sure I was well educated and understood the process of launching a successful program. With her help, I had 16 incredible people sign up for my first group coaching program, the success of which has made a huge difference for me financially, and equipped me with the confidence, strategy and know-how needed to continue launching & building my online income.

Screen Shot 2021-03-07 at 4.17.16 PM.png


Hiring Lauren as our business coach has been like having a guardian angel for our business. 


Lauren makes everything seem possible, while making sure everything is in place to achieve what you set out to achieve. We recently launched a coaching academy and nearly sold out the foundational round with one email to our waitlist and no sales page.  The remaining spots filled up within a couple of days. Lauren was there to say “yes.”  She had so much belief in this program selling out that it was impossible for us to believe anything otherwise.

We had no background in online courses or groups and we have been running group cleanses nearly every month now.  The groups are steadily growing and our online presence is evolving.

Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 11.50.53


"Lauren was a huge asset in helping me launch my first eBook and in creating my group coaching program. My book launch far exceeded my expectations and brought in multiple 5-figures in sales in it's first weekend (and has since done over $100,000 in sales) through marketing strategies we implemented together.

I was also thrilled to
sell out my first ever group coaching program shortly after the book launch. She then helped me structure the program by creating a weekly outline and fine tuning the details of the resources. Having her help through this process boosted my confidence in what I was offering and prevented me from undercharging. The launch of both my book and coaching program was a huge success and I’m more excited than ever to expand on my online offerings."

Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 5.00.46 PM.png


Screen Shot 2020-04-11 at 5.11.16 PM.png

The structure that Launch Magic provides for you is just priceless! It really gives you ALL the strategy  from start to finish plus you are given the tools you need to create a confident mindset as the strong base so that the strategy can be successful. Every week you know exactly what you have to do as Lauren provides a step-by-step system that gave me the possibility to just put one foot in front of the other without feeling overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done in order to launch online. Plus Lauren is just the best business coach/cheerleader you can ask for! If you are wanting to launch a course or any kind of program online, I highly recommend joining LM!

-Elisa Becker

IMG_5735 2.jpg

Powerful, I see you. Actually, I was you.

When I started my business, I was downright determined. I signed up immediately for a 3-month group program that focused only on strategy. After paying $6000 for the program itself and another $2000 on paid advertising, I'd made not one single dollar. Why? Because the curriculum placed zero focus on alignment, on the *right* offer for me to launch, or on customization of the outlined marketing strategies. I read from sales scripts (gross) and wrote copy that didn't sound at all like me, leaving me feeling like a total imposter the whole time. I launched a program I had zero confidence in but that made all the 'logical' sense in the world.

I was quick to learn that success isn't logical, though. It's energetic. I'd ignored the part of me who knew deeper down that energy needed to play a big role in my business approach, but at the time I figured that others knew better and that if they sold a strategy that was "foolproof", then hopefully it would be (oh, Lauren... how far you've come).

I've built Launch Magic for the woman who is where I once was (AKA you).

You're not available for a life you don't feel truly obsessed with.

You're done with the money struggle and feeling limited by financial constraints.

Your time is too valuable to spend it doing anything that falls short of your soul's purpose.

You're ready to put in the time and energy to build your dream business, and are looking for the science and spirituality-based approach to making it happen.

No 'bro' marketing tactics or cookie-cutter must-dos.

No rules or conditions.

No bullsh*t.

You, being you, and getting wildly compensated for it in the process.

You have the vision for your 6-figure success.

Launch Magic is your step-by-step roadmap to creatingmarketing & filling the online offer(s) that makes it a reality.

Total Value: Over $32,500

Inside LM, you won’t just learn how to launch programs. You’ll learn how to build an email list, a marketing funnel, a customized audience on-demand.


You’ll learn how to develop the ideas that pull from your unique strengths in a way that also speaks to your audience. You’ll learn the mindset strategies needed to call in the results now & forever. You’ll learn how to scale your audience and your offer so that you can build it once, and earn from it forever. You’ll learn how to down-sell from a program launch into a course or intensive, or up-sell into a higher-level, 1:1 coaching program.


Together, the teachings provided inside of Launch Magic create the step-by-step roadmap for developing & selling-out online courses and programs. Separately, they make up everything you need to know in order to build and scale your dream online coaching/course-creation business for years to come.


Join Launch Magic:

One payment of $1500,
or six monthly payments of $277,
or twelve monthly payments of $150





**Launch Magic is now a comprehensive, self-paced curriculum as opposed to a high-support group coaching program, and lifetime access begins as soon as you sign up for you to work through on your own time. 1:1 coaching calls can be purchased within your first 6 months for $222/60-minute call, should you desire personalized support. As a launch special, you can get lifetime access to Launch Magic for $999 before Wednesday, April 26th at 10PM ET.


What happens next ...

Launch Magic is an open-enrolment program, meaning that your six months starts from the day you sign up. After choosing your payment option, you will be immediately sent a welcome email full of everything you need to know.

You will also be invited to join the program Facebook group, where you get to meet your fellow participants and newest biz besties who are going to be going through the process of launching right alongside you.

Module 1 will be sent to you immediately upon signing up, and made available inside the Kajabi members site for lifetime access to any and all curriculum materials. You're free to work through the subsequent modules at your own pace.

It's going to be an incredible 6 months, and I'm SO excited for the big changes coming your way inside the program.


Lauren has such a welcoming energy and I felt instantly connected. She helped me narrow my niche with a laser coaching call and from there, I launched my first program, resulting in my first $10K month.


She has an in-depth knowledge of strategic marketing as well as the mindset & energetics behind running an online business as a coach in this new paradigm. She has a very real approach to being an entrepreneur which I really appreciate, giving you permission to fully embrace the journey while trusting the process. 


Lauren will always meet you where you are at but she will always expand what is possible for you, encouraging you to elevate your capabilities and step into a bigger vision than you could have believed possible for yourself.

-Kyra Yang


With Lauren’s help I managed to set up my whole business in only one summer, including writing a business plan, publishing my website, doing my first 3-day live event, launching my first online course successfully and getting my first 1:1 clients.

When I worked with her this year in a 1:1 Intensive, I was struggling with my messaging because I found it so intangible.

I received so much clarity on how so many people can relate to my story. I really learned to own my transformation, my skills and value through some cool mindset exercises Lauren had me do. ;) We came up with creative, easy and aligned ideas for my offers when I was back to overthinking things and making them too complicated. I now feel so much more ease, fun & relief in my business.


I really enjoy working with Lauren because she is always super transparent & honest with her own story, it always feels like talking to a longtime friend. Lauren truly has a gift to see the magic in you before you see it yourself and makes you feel truly empowered from within. It always is about finding the right thing for ME and I always feel supported, never judged.

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"I started working with Lauren when I was stuck in a corporate career and doing a life coaching certification on the side. I knew I wanted to start my own business and do it in a soul-aligned way, as I had already stepped on the path of inner work and self development.

I am a highly sensitive introvert and before joining, even the thought of putting myself out there in front of people seemed so far away. Lauren's way of incorporating the strategy and the mindset work really spoke to me and I decided to trust my intuition and go for it. As soon as I got in, I knew I was in the right place as I saw how value-packed yet easily digestible Lauren's teachings were. Everything has been thought of to the smallest detail and laid out in a way that’s easy to follow and implement. I didn’t feel left behind at any point. Having Lauren’s support when developing and launching my program was so crucial to my progress. You can see that she really cares for each of her clients.

The mindset tools included in the program were the very reason why I was able to become visible, start attracting an audience and launch my coaching program."

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When do we start!?

This is an open-enrolment curriculum, meaning your time inside begins as soon as you sign up. You'll be immediately sent access to Module 1 and the rest of the Launch Magic curriculum, as well as a link to join the program Facebook group, where you can connect with and learn from other participants and alumni.

How can I know I'll create big launch results through this program?

Simply put- you wouldn't be reading this if big results weren't available (and predictable) for you, and soon. That nudge that's telling you to keep reading, is coming from the part of you that knows that the freedom, abundance & success you seek is on the other side of this program.

Launch Magic has been developed to work with and FOR you-- exactly where you're at, despite the doubt you may have. It's 'magic' because it's about us finding your path of least resistance to big launch results while equipping you with the mindset & manifestation superpowers needed to Quantum-leap your results. In other words, working with your strengths instead of your doubts, working with who you know yourself to be, instead of who you feel you are not.

By combining manifestation principles with customized marketing strategy while learning to act from your intuition and confidence, you WILL find the success you desire so long as you stay committed to the outcome and complete the program as designed.

How long to I have access to the program materials for?

Forever! You get lifetime access to all curriculum materials as well as the Facebook group, and complimentary access to all future additions and updates too.

Is Launch Magic right for me?

Nothing in life happens by chance. You set intentions and visualize the life you desire to create for yourself, and the Universe responds by lining up the stepping stones to get you there. Your job is to take actions on the ones that your intuition is pulling you towards.


Is it scary to take a leap of faith and dive into the unknown? YES! And thank god for that! Life gets good when you let your inner being call the shots, rather than your fear-driven ego. If you want an extraordinary life (and girl take it from me-- it's available to you NOW), you have to make extraordinary moves. The good news is you don't have to do it alone.

What makes Launch Magic different from other coaching programs that teach launch strategies?

This isn't a "follow these 10 steps to a T for guaranteed launch success" type of program. Will you get the specific action-steps and strategies needed to get big, intentional results? Absolutely. But what makes Launch Magic unique and effective is the emphasis on finding your magic and developing it into a program that you can truly get your energy, belief and confidence behind.

The more you believe in your program, the less the "proven strategies" even matter, because when it comes to big results, you manifest what you believe. I'm here to turn you into a believer who sets crazy big money goals and then manifests them with ease.

How much of a time commitment is needed to complete the program?

Some weeks will be a couple of hours, other weeks will be considerably more. You're building a container of a business that will make literally anything possible for you moving forward, and I'm not here to tell you it's going to be quick and easy (and anyone who tells you it can be is just trying to sell you a quick fix that won't work). I'm here to match your commitment to creating your dream life and provide the roadmap and guidance that will help you to cut out the costly guesswork. Hard work, time investment and a strong commitment to your vision are all necessary components of big success. Let me help you make it as streamlined as possible.


Spend the next 6 months doing the unreasonable, making the time and committing to the program, and you will be forever grateful you did. I'm here to support you in every way possible over these transformational months.

I have questions. Can we chat first?

Of course! You can message me on Instagram @thealignedentrepreneur.


You were made for this.

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