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the aligned entrepreneur

by Lauren Saunders


a private mentorship for the free-flowing, rule-

breaking, & innovation-inspired cyber CEO

mav·er·ick | /ˈmav(ə)rik/:

A person who shows independence of thought and action, especially by refusing to adhere to the policies of a group to which they belong.

Who is this for?



Up to 3 X 1:1 calls/month for 6 months

Unlimited 1:1 text and voice support via the Telegram messaging app

 Access to any and all courses, programs and curriculums of Lauren's deemed helped along your unique success journey

Complimentary participation in any of Lauren's live courses or programs that run during our time together (excludes collabs)


Each intensive will be highly personalized to the needs, desires and goals of the individual client. Anything you're desiring help with or clarity around, I'm here to support you through it. Our time together will be spent focusing on a customized combination of the following 3 pillars:



Your success is a reflection of who you're BEING. In other words, not necessarily the actions you take but rather, the energy behind those actions. Pillar 1 is all about tapping into the success frequency-- through identity work, nervous system regulation, mental reprogramming practices and developing/tweaking your niche, offers and messaging as to position yourself energetically as the go-to expert you are (and have you believe it too!).


Offer Development

Courses, coaching programs, paid trainings and e-resources are the avenues through which your business gets to thrive financially, and change lives in the process. We'll be working closely together to create the product suite that's aligned and highly profitable for you personally. You'll become a pro at developing and launching your online offers (or tweaking existing ones to optimize sales), structuring them in a way that allows you to find your own version of time & financial freedom.


Aligned Sales Strategy

Strategy matters. Not because strategy creates sales directly, but because strategy contributes to your belief, and your belief is what creates sales. Together we'll be developing the marketing strategy, content creation approach and business model that feels good to you (and thus, is effective for YOU), and puts you into the belief, conviction and feeling of personal power that leads to effortless, scalable sales in your online business.

Maverick (1).png

Single payment of $9999


6 monthly payments of $1777

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