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a private mentorship for the free-thinking, rule-

breaking, & innovation-inspired cyber CEO

mav·er·ick | /ˈmav(ə)rik/:

A person who shows independence of thought and action, especially by refusing to adhere to the policies of a group to which they belong.

Way-maker, I see you...

As much as you desire financial freedom, you're not willing to trade your sanity for it.

Constant posting, endless audience-nurturing, keeping up with the day-by-day changes to algorithms and online trends-- just doesn't feel like the path to true freedom for you.


You desire to set an intention, and then be effortlessly guided towards its manifestation without strategizing or forcefulness.

You want to lead with creativity and inspiration and have it be the only requirement of your Quantum-level success.

You want the permission to shift and change as many times as you feel called to, because you're just not meant to fit in one box or serve only one niche for the rest of your life.


The perfect niche.

What/when to post.

Rigid content schedules and launch strategies.

An encyclopedia-full of "marketing shoulds and must-dos" that your success apparently depends on...


...consider that it's because you're not meant to follow them.

While structure and sense-making work for many entrepreneurs...

 You're different. 

You're free-flowing and innovation-inspired.

A true creative.

Your desire for peace of mind within how you run your business and receive money, is an overwhelmingly potent one.

You actively push away from the people and places that leave you feeling confined.

It's the reason you wanted to start a business in the first place.


You're trying to now operate your business as if it's a job, inside a world of rules, and your whole body is rejecting it.

You desire freedom not only in the outcome, but also in the journey that gets you there.

Anything done purely for the sake of making money, won't be sustainable for you (and it's probably also not working, anyways).

Ditching the need for rigid niching or rule-following in your business in exchange for an approach based in fun, flow and inspiration, will be the reason your business flourishes, and the reason your soul clients find and choose you.

Trust the voice that's resisting the rules. They're not meant for you, anyways.


You're freedom-driven, through-and-through

You not only desire the time, location & financial freedom that's on the other side of earning a 6-figure+ income online, but also the freedom to make it in your own way, and on your own terms.


  • Doesn't require you to limit yourself and your creativity when it comes to niching

  • Isn't on the other side of constant and draining content creation

  • Doesn't rely on scarcity-driven marketing tactics or pushing on people's 'pain points'

  • Isn't contingent on following the ebbs and flows of the Instagram algorithm

  • Is more flowy than it is forceful; more spiritual than logical

You don't just want to break the rules of the old paradigm.

You want to write the ones to replace them and show the world what's possible, too.

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