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A 90-day challenge & community to embody the frequency of your desires, and have them flow into your life with ease.

Mind Magic

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We see you, and we so totally GET IT-- you're tired of trying and frustrated AF.

All kinds of things are not as you'd like them to be. And we, your mindset coaches, promised you that the Universe totes has got your back, but some days that really just feels like a whole lot of BS.

Here's the thing though. You have what you have (or... don't have) for one, simple reason with an even simpler solution. You're observing life as it is, not as you desire it to be.

And since LOA101 says that thoughts become things and you get what you focus on, you're continuing to get a wholeee lot of all the sh*t you were more than ready to kick to the curb like, forever-ago.

Manifesting your every desire is as quick & simple as changing the story you have about it, then spending 5 minutes a day literally speaking your new story into existence.

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Click HERE to listen to testimonials from past participants!

In this 90-day quarterly challenge, you're going to...

  • Create magic WITH your MIND, like... literally

  • Join a supportive community of like-minded mind magicians gaining the tools, accountability, resources and coaching needed manifest your best life and find happiness & contentment in the process, too

  • Choose an area of your life each month that isn't as you would like it to be, and start to manifest the heck out of all the things you want, instead of what you don't

  • Break the nasty cycles of unwanted manifestations-- the debt, the weight gain, the less-than-Prince-Charming-like dates you keep ending up on, the lack of clients your awesomely non-abundant business is currently attracting

  • Be provided with a supportive space to do the 5 minutes of daily mindset work that will literally transform your reality before your very eyes

  • Realize just how simple it is to manifest allll the things, gorgeous. Ain't nobody got time to be searching for "blocks" all the live-long DAY.

  • Gain exclusive access to weekly "Wine & Wisdom Wednesday" livestream coaching calls with Lauren and Tara, in which we'll each be sharing an area of our lives that we're actively re-writing for ourselves


90 days of community and a mindset practice/daily challenge that'll transform your world from the inside, out, and teach you how to create literal magic with your mind.

Weekly "Wine & Wisdom
" Q&A coaching call livestreams with Lauren and Tara, answering any and all questions you have and coaching you through anything you need help with in order to manifest your desired outcomes.

A 5-10 minute/day manifestation routine (shared in the group) that'll have you tell a new story, in order to create a new reality in any area of your life (even the really stubborn ones).

Four curriculum videos dropped over the first four days of each new round, walking you through the Mind Magic process, and leaving behind the old story for good so that you can create the life you're truly deserving of.

An incredible Facebook community of supportive Mind Magic family members who will cheer you on as you step into your most powerful self, and the abundant life that comes with it.

A simple, actionable framework and practice that's as transformative as it is real. No more woo woo fluff or "ra ra" motivational speeches. Real-world advice for real-world results.

for the final round for a 1-time payment of $80

Become a Mind Magician

Doors are closing March 31st at 11:59PM ET

MM payment

Meet your mindset & manifestation coaches, Lauren & Tara-


Tara Brunet is a Manifestation and Intuitive Eating Coach who is dedicated with helping her clients find food freedom and live in their dream bodies.


She has been a self-employed entrepreneur for 6 years, and just recently left the fitness industry to pursue full time coaching and digital course creation. She is all about spreading high vibes, and being a light for women everywhere who desire to love their bodies and feel free from diets and restriction.


She loves to learn everything she can around the subjects of manifestation and law of attraction, and is constantly looking to take her life to the next level, usually with a glass of rosé in hand! Tara loves to break the complicated down into simple, achievable steps and that is why she loves the Mind Magic Movement so much!

Lauren Saunders is an alignment & success coach to ambitious, heart-driven business owners and entrepreneurs. Lauren left her career as a high school art teacher for a life of entrepreneurship at the age of 28 and has built 2 full-time businesses by implementing mindset, marketing, & manifestation strategies that work.


As an entrepreneur, she's doubled her income as a teacher and lives a life of travel, freedom and passion. Lauren is passionate about providing ambitious business owners with the tools they need to manifest the success & lives they truly desire.

She knows without a shadow of a doubt that the most effective strategy for creating big change in our lives quickly, is to implement a SIMPLE, daily mindset practice that shifts our habitual thought patterns after a few weeks of commitment and accountability. She created Mind Magic with Tara to help people from around the world do just that!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much time do I need to complete the course?
    Each of the 7 modules will be between 15 and 60 minutes and there are two a week. Additionally, you will need to set aside time to build your funnel.
  • Can I complete the modules at my own pace?
    Yes! The course content will be delivered via a 3-week drip email campaign (one module every 3-4 days), but you will have lifetime access to the modules and can complete them on your own time as best suits your schedule.
  • Are there costs involved with building a funnel?
    Yes. Depending on how technically-advanced you want your funnel to be, you can build a marketing funnel for a small investment (subscriptions to landing pages and email CRM software) or a large investment (paid advertisements and webinar software). In the course I will go over all options and discuss how to build a funnel for as little as possible as well as options for expanding your funnel and costs involved with doing so.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    No. Success in business comes from committing to the results you desire. This course is packed-full with the information and tutorials you need to implement effective funnels that will grow your business quickly and easily. No refunds, no back-up plan needed!
  • When can I start!?
    The second you sign up! As soon as you sign up you will be sent a link to the pre-course module and Module 1. The 6 video modules will be sent straight to your email over the course of 2 weeks (one module every 3-4 days) and you can email me to request early access to the modules if you're wanting to work ahead.
  • I have more questions, can I contact you?"
    Absolutely. Email me at with any questions about the course and I'll be happy to chat.
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Every Wednesday we go live for Wine & Wisdom: sharing our stories, answering your questions and providing you with the tools & insights needed to slay the day. Watch the highlights below:

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