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You're an entrepreneur or business owner with a desire to have a bigger impact, live a bigger life, and grow a bigger bank account.

You KNOW you were meant for more, BUT


  • You feel like you hold yourself back from really, truly going for it

  • You have allll the big ideas and visions, but have no idea how to make them happen (and doubt whether or not it's even possible)

  • You're worried that the money & success you dream of may never never become a reality

  • You are tired of doubting yourself and waiting to feel confident & worthy-- you know the CEO powerhouse version of yourself is inside of you, somewhere (it's time to LET HER OUT!)

  • You hear people talking about "manifesting their dreams" -- but no amount of visualization or affirmations seems to be making a difference for you

  • You're frustrated watching how "easy" success seems to come to other business owners, while you feel like you're working your ass of for every dollar you earn

You are BEYOND ready to


Laptop Lifestyle3.jpg
  • Never again have to worry about or feel controlled by your finances- life is wayyy too short

  • Break free from the fears, doubts and insecurities that make you question what you're truly capable of

  • Learn how to earn a lot MORE money with a lot LESS time and effort

  • Seriously step into the confident & unstoppable version of YOU

  • Have the freedom to create your own work schedule and life by design (4-day weekends & vacations whenever you feel like it, why the hell not!?)

  • Set big, ambitious business goals and learn how to hit them with ease and confidence (5-figure months, yes please!)

  • Finally start living the purpose, freedom and abundance-filled life you've been dreaming of

What's been holding you back is the belief that a CEO-status level of financial success is reserved only for a select and lucky few.


What if... the way to achieve 6-figure success WASN'T through implementing proven marketing strategies, growing a large social media following or taking big action?


What if... there was a secret superpower you hold that, if you learned to master it, would guarantee you an incredibly abundant life & successful business?

What if... you could learn to create ANY amount of success, impact and income you desired to by learning to do this ONE thing differently, regardless of experience, education, background or skill-level?

What if your biggest dreams and income goals became not only possible or probable, but inevitable?

There's a secret the world is finally waking up to.

That secret, is that your thoughts... ATTRACT

...and that you possess the divine ability to manifest virtually ANYTHING you desire

Girl, you are nothing short of a POWERHOUSE of a creator with the ability to move mountains and create an abundance-filled life beyond your wildest dreams

It's just that no one's taught you how to use your powers, and you had no choice but to believe them when they tried to convince you that you were limited.

How do I know? Because I went from insecure AF 20-year old, to 9-5 art teacher, to doubling my salary as a business owner in less than a year, to building an online audience of over 30,000 people, to growing a 2nd business that now affords me the freedom to make great money doing work I love from anywhere in the world.

No business degree? No problem. Turns out, education and circumstances have absolutely nothing to do with it.


It's not that some people get lucky and others don't. It's that successful people are an energetic match to their desires via the way they THINK- and unsuccessful people are not.

It's not that you don't have the right marketing strategy or what it takes to be wildly successful. It's that you have been lied to. No one told you how divinely POWERFUL you are, and that YOU can learn to THINK your way to and manifest any level of success and income you desire.


It's time you realized who you really are, what  you're really capable of, and learned how to create a life & bank account beyond your wildest dreams.

"Success is not to be pursued-- it is to be attracted to the person you become."

-Jim Rohn

Despite what social media wants you to believe, "hustle" and "making it happen" and "working your a$$ off" are NOT what all successful people have in common. Rather, it's the way they THINK and FEEL that draws that success to them like a magnet.

If you're taking action toward your goals but focusing on your doubts and fears as a business owner, your results can't find you-- let me tell you why.

Like everything in the physical Universe, our thoughts are made up of vibrating particles of energy. When we think, feel, and act, we emit an energetic frequency that attracts back to it things, outcomes and experiences of similar or like-frequency. You can MANIFEST any financial reality you desire by learning to master how you think, and the signal you emit as a result.

If you have a lack mindset... you'll attract more lack.

If you have a prosperity mindset... you'll attract prosperity.

The way you think attracts & manifests the reality you live. No exceptions. It's time you build your prosperity mindset and start THINKING your way to 6-figure success.

The problem? Is that you were programmed to limit yourself. You were taught to believe that you WEREN'T the powerful creator that you were born to be. You were told at a young age that you needed to play it safe, and that following your dreams would likely result in failure and disappointment.

You also grew up in society that makes it hard to feel good enough, worthy enough, beautiful enough, and capable enough- and it's alllll those limiting beliefs that are making it harder than it needs to be to create the money & success that you deep down know you're capable of.

If you look a little closer, you can find evidence of how your thoughts are creating your financial reality as a business owner. What are your expectations when it comes to your success (or lack thereof)?


Are you EXPECTING your success, or are you stuck in a vicious circle of doubting the arrival of the clients & income you truly want? Do you have ideas and visions that have been brewing for a while (sometimes even years) but that you talk yourself out of?


The good news? All of that is about to change. You can unlearn this programming and set free the REAL you- a woman who's as confident as she is unstoppable, while developing your understand of and power to work with the Universal laws in order to manifest anything you want. You will no longer need to chase the success and money you want, because it's about to start chasing YOU.

Ready to attract the financial reality you've been dreaming of?



Hey there  I m Lauren



I'm a business coach for modern entrepreneurs who believe in their dreams, in themselves, and in the magic, and I help women like you align with and manifest the big success they truly desire.

I'm currently writing this while
sitting on a train heading from Verona to Milan as I spend the winter travelling around Italy, staying in incredible places, earning twice what I did as a teacher and doing work I love with clients I adore.

Somebody, PINCH ME.

BUT... it wasn't always this way. I used to DREAM of creating this kind of life for myself. I used to imagine what it would be like to feel not only free, but abundant, empowered, and lit the EFF up by how I get to spend my days, and the work I'm here to do.

It was just a dream though... because girls like me didn't start businesses or build multiple online income streams or become successful entrepreneurs. I believed that in order to be a business owner, you needed to go to business school. I believed that when it came to success, some people got lucky, but most didn't. I believed that I needed to "be realistic" and stick to what I knew. Mostly, I spent my time stuck in feeling like I wasn't good enough. Like I wasn't the one to build an empire and influence thousands.

NOW I know that when you have a dream, everything you need to make it a reality begins to come your way-- it's only a question of whether or not you're paying attention. Through a string of events that took place in my life about 3 years ago, the truth began to reveal itself. I started to wake up. I realized a divine secret that's been lost, but that SETS FREE those who choose to embrace it. I began to peal away the layers of false beliefs and insecurities while developing my ability to THINK my way to attracting the life and success I'm living today.

But first, allow me to introduce myself...

Since then, I've...

  • Left my career as a high school teacher

  • Built my first business as a lash tech earning as much as $900 in a single day while sitting in my living room

  • Leveraged the success of my 1st business into creating my 2nd business as a coach and experienced my first $10K, $15K and $18K months working for myself

  • Retired my first business in order to have complete time and location freedom as a 30-year-old entrepreneur

  • Gone completely location-independent, packed up my life & apartment in Toronto and moved to Italy

  • Let go of the MONEY STRUGGLE and experienced regular non-work days where my business makes $500 in passive income without me opening my laptop

  • Stopped waiting for retirement to start living my dream life full of abundance, passion and travel

Facetune_30-11-2018-13-18-17 2.jpg

I've spent three years obsessed with learning how to build my confidence, & THINK my way to attracting big success and the life I dreamed of but never knew was available to me.


And now, I get to help you to do the same.


The clarity, know-how, & success you desire is only 6 short weeks away.

Program Titles (2).png



Gorgeous, imagine for a second what it would be like to...

  • Break free from the doubts and fears that you've been carrying around with you for far to long and finally step into the confident AF version of you who not only sets impossible goals, but goes after and achieves them, too?

  • Fill your calendar with dream clients you can't believe you actually get PAID to work with?

  • Be booked-out weeks or months in advance and need to start charging MORE in order to cut down on your client load?

  • Set life-changing business & income goals and know, without a shadow of a doubt, that they will soon become a reality?

  • No longer rely solely on your time and effort in order to make more money, but instead learn how to become the effortless attractor of it?

  • No longer allow your fear of judgement or failure to slow you down on your journey to big success?

  • Learn how to *actually* sync your energy up with financial abundance and manifest the sh*t out of your dream business outcomes? (no- this program isn't about using vision boards or affirmations- if those worked, you wouldn't be reading this!)

"You would not have the dream if you didn't already have what it takes within you to make it happen."

-Marie Forleo


Girl, if you have a desire to make more money, that desire exists for a REASON.

You were meant to see it manifest. You were meant to experience the freedom, purpose and fulfilment you truly long for.

You wouldn't have dreams if you weren't meant to watch them become a reality. The only reason they haven't yet is because no one told you about the power you possess to manifest ANYTHING you desire to experience in your life.

No one taught you how to USE that power to create a life of true abundance... until now.

If you're reading this, you've been lead here for a reason.

So what IS the Money Boss Academy?


Money Boss Academy is a 5-week group coaching program for the business owner and entrepreneur who's ready to learn to tap into her unlimited potential, her most confident self, and attract the success, life & 6-figure income she desires and deserves. MBA is everything I've learned and applied in my own life & business that has allowed me to manifest success that's granted me the freedom to do what I want, when I want (and from anyWHERE I want).

MBA is a mindset program that's been specifically designed to help you to BECOME the person and business owner who earns more, easily. MBA is here to turn you into a Money Boss-- someone who is confident and UN-friggin-stoppable in her desire to create any outcome she desires. During our 6 weeks together, I'm going to personally guide you through the step-by-step process of growing a money mindset that *actually* attracts to it success, prosperity, opportunity and freedom beyond what you've been taught to believe is possible.

Together we'll be releasing your money blocks, implementing the strategies that will make earning money fun & easy, and learning how to attract a new & WAY improved financial reality. This isn't just about learning why it works (though we'll cover that too!), but practically and strategically making it work FOR YOU.

MBA is for the driven business owner who KNOWS she's ready to step into her power and become the intentional attractor of success & financial abundance.

Money Boss Academy is for you if you


  • Value guidance and are eager to learn and put in the time & effort to unlock your hidden power and manifest A LOT more money & freedom

  • Are beyond ready to live the life you've been dreaming of (seriously girl, it's YOUR time!)

  • Are ready to step into that NEXT LEVEL of abundance (even if you're already doing well financially-- the sky is the limit!)

  • Are open to ideas, processes and strategies that are a little more "outside of the box" than anything you've heard of or tried before (hence why they WORK)

  • Are tired of feeling like there's never quite enough money for the things you want & need and are ready to put an end to the vicious (and draining) cycle

  • Have been watching others live their dream lives and feel like there must be more out there for you, too

If you show up, do the work and follow the steps that are laid out for you in each module of Money Boss Academy, your financial reality will shift so quickly you'll wonder what the hell happened.

You'll also finally feel like the YOU you were born to be- confident, empowered, excited for all that's to come. Which in truth, is the best part. Becoming that powerful, abundant version of yourself will take care of the money struggle, anyways.


And I'm here to help you make it happen every step of the way.

What would be possible for you if you believed, whole-heartedly, that you could achieve any financial goal you set for yourself (AND you had the manifesting super-powers to make it a reality?)

The answer? ANYTHING.

Here's what past program participants are saying about how developing their mindset exploded their business & income...

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 3.03.12 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 12.58.45
Screen Shot 2018-10-21 at 7.10.49 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 5.01.25 PM.png

"Anything is possible if youve got enough nerve."

-J.K. Rowling

Money Boss Academy is your one-stop-shop to re-programming your money and success mindset so that it flows to you with ease for the rest of your life.

We start together with Module 1 on April 5th.

Here's what we'll accomplish together inside the 6 Money Boss Modules:

Pre-course module :


The pre-course Module is going to give you the two most powerful tools for instantly changing your energy so you can dive into attracting more money A-S-A-P. When it comes to transforming you into a powerful and intentional Money Boss, let's not waste any time.

You'll also learn how & why you can finally STOP TRYING so darn hard to make things happen-- with the right mindset, success and money become fun and easy.

The way you think and feel about yourself is something you can change in a relatively short period of time with just a little practice each day. Your Money Boss transformation begins the second you sign up.

Module 1:


In Module 1 we'll dive into unleashing your power by learning how the process of manifesting money and success works on a scientific level and role your thoughts play in influencing the world around you.

You'll also discover how your thoughts & beliefs have prevented you from making more money in the past and why it's often felt impossible to create the success and impact you've been envisioning for yourself (don't worry- it ends here!).

Knowledge is power. Module 1 will put you on the fast-track to becoming the powerful creator and success magnet you were born to be.


Module 2:


You are ALREADY powerful beyond measure when it comes to your ability to create any financial reality you desire. You simply can't access that power because of the emotional blocks that we each develop as a result of being a human being.

In Module 2, we're going to identify and release the money and success blocks and begin to re-program your brain for true abundance. Often, it's through identifying and letting go of a single limiting belief that you're able to unleash a power within you that you never knew was there. It's that powerful, and beginning to attract more money than you've ever experienced can happen that quickly.

You simply need to know where to look, and how to release the blocks once you've found out where they've been hiding.

THINK Your Way to 6-Figure Success


In Module 3, you'll learn how to finally become the most confident, most unstoppable CEO version of you who not only sets huge business goals, but who goes after and achieves them, too. You'll also learn why confidence is your KEY to manifesting virtually any financial outcome you desire and how to develop it A-S-A-S-A-P.

Discover how to think, feel & act like the 6-figure version of you so that even your biggest money goals manifest in the months to come.

It's time you got to start experiencing your life as confident, successful money boss & business owner you truly desire to be.

Module 3:



Module 4:


Are you used to feeling guilty about money? Do you resist looking into your bank account and seeing what isn't there? Trust me, I get it.

But manifesting more money is about improving your relationship with it. By the end of Module 4, you will be best friggin' friends with your money after releasing the guilt, shame and fear you've been carrying around when it comes to your finances. Leave the financial stress at the door, girl. It was SO 2018.


After cleaning up your old money story, you'll be ready to write a new one-- and in Module 4 you're going to learn how to do it in a way that actually manifests.

Module 5:


In module 5 we'll learn what the missing piece is when it comes to attracting money- ALIGNMENT (what it means, and how to cultivate it) for easy manifestation. You'll learn:

  • How to start automatically believing in a financial future before it's happened so that it manifests

  • The 10-minute daily practice that will transform your life & bank account

  • The step-by-step proven process for attracting the money you want-- the vital ingredients to successful manifestation and how to use them successfully

Manifesting more money is easy when you know how to do it - Module 5 will teach you how.


Module 6:


In Module 6, we'll dive deep into why programming your subconscious mind is the key to lifelong success & prosperity, and exactly how to do it.

Money Boss Academy is 6 weeks in length for a reason: so that you are in the program for long enough to start changing your thoughts, programming & beliefs about money on a subconscious level so that abundance flows to you by default.

In our final module, you're going to learn how to do just that in as little as 5-10 minutes a day so that you can finally stop worrying and start LIVING.

Pay -in -full bonus module:


Nothing is ever as it seems. We're taught that we live in a physical reality in which things happen to us: some good, some bad. We're taught that we are mostly powerless and we either get lucky in life, or we don't.

Science is now proving otherwise, and humanity is waking up to a truth we've been desperately awaiting: that we are so much more than just our physical bodies and we play a monumental roll in creating the world in which we live.

To those who pay-in-full when signing up for MBA, this bonus module will give you a new spiritual perspective on life through exploring metaphysical breakthroughs-- that
if embraced, will forever alter how you view and relate to the world, to others, and most importantly, to yourself.

The Details

In your 6 weeks of Money Boss Academy, you'll get:

6 Money Boss Masterclasses (valued at $1800)

These 6 weekly video modules (described above) sum up every process, mindset strategy and daily practice I've implemented in order to manifest not one but two successful businesses. I've learned how to THINK my way to earning great money even on days I don't work (and from anywhere in the world- I'm writing this from my AirBNB in the Italian Alps!), and through these 6 transformational masterclasses, I'm going to teach you how to do the same.

Each module has been designed to give you the specific action-steps needed to grow the bank account of your dreams and turn you into the money magnet you were born to be.


6 Weekly Group Coaching Calls (valued at $1500)

Each and every week I'll sign on  for 75 minutes of answering all of your money boss questions via Facebook Live inside the members group to help you implement the course material to your unique business and goals, as well as overcome anything you're struggling with or just want some help with.


Call times will be communicated in advance and those who can't make the live calls can send their questions in ahead of time for me to answer and then catch the replay!

6 Weeks of Email Support (MBA Exclusive -- valued at $1000)

It is important to me that EVERY participant gets the support they need to break through the blocks and beliefs that have been holding them back. Because this is a mindset course, MBA will include unlimited email support for all participants so that you can speak to me privately if you would prefer it over posting publicly in the group or on our group coaching calls.

Support in the MBA Members-Only Facebook Group (valued at $800)


Diving deep into re-programming the way you think in order to attract your dream reality, is a LOT easier (and more FUN) when you have a supportive sisterhood of fellow money bosses to go on the journey with. You will be welcomed into a community of like-minded biz besties who totally get where you’re at and are on the same journey as you are. Together, we celebrate each other’s wins and support one another throughout the program. I

will also be in the group to help you get the most of the program in between our masterclasses and coaching calls.


Your MBA sisterhood & the support you find there is yours to keep forever.

Money Mastery Workbooks (valued at $800)

To deepen your understanding and of the course materials, specific modules will come complete with a money mastery workbook that will walk you through the action-steps that will turn you into a money magnet. These workbooks will be the key to breaking through the mindset blocks that have held you back in the past. They will guide you through the process of aligning yourself with your income goals and then watching them manifest- now and in all your future business endeavours.

7 Guided Money Magnet Meditations (valued at $400)

Becoming a magnet to success and abundance is about learning to think and feel differently, which is accomplished by implementing simple but effective daily mindset practices.

Each weekly module (plus the pre-course module) will include a short daily meditation that's designed to re-program your subconscious thought patterns and help you build confidence so that attracting money becomes a by-product of the way you begin to think.


Plus these awesome bonuses :

A 45-minute 1:1 money manifesting coaching call for the first 10 participants to be used anytime throughout the course of the program (valued $300)

A pre-course bonus module that will help you to immediately start manifesting more money the second you sign up for MBA (valued at $250)


An exclusive PDF guide sharing my top 15 journal prompts & process that quickly puts me into energetic alignment with money every single day (valued at $97)


A pay-in-full bonus module diving even deeper into the metaphysical world of success (valued at $250)


Lifetime access to the Money Boss Members site in which you'll be able to revisit all of the course content (and any future updates made to the course content) so that you can continue to develop your money manifestation superpowers for years to come (valued at $1000) 

Total value : over $7800


Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 9.24.04 PM.png

Pay In Full

Join  Money Boss Academy for

1 payment of: $997

$200 OFF first round special: $797

The first 10 participants to register receive a 45-minute 1:1 money-manifesting coaching call ($300 value)

Get exclusive access to the *Other* Universal Laws of Success Bonus Module when you pay-in-full.

**Prices Listed in USD

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 9.24.04 PM.png

Payment Plan

Join Money Boss Academy for

3 bi-weekly payments of: $379

Foundational round: $279

The first 10 participants to register receive a 45-minute 1:1 money-manifesting coaching call ($300 value)

**Prices Listed in USD

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 9.24.04 PM.png

Extended Payment Plan

Join Money Boss Academy for

8 bi-weekly payments of: $139

Foundational round: $107

The first 10 participants to register receive a 45-minute 1:1 money-manifesting coaching call ($300 value)

**Prices Listed in USD

MBA Payment

**Money Boss Academy is a hands-on program with a lot more 1:1 support than my other programs through face-to-face video coaching calls and email support. As such, there is no VIP option available because EVERY participant is VIP.**

What happens next

You'll be on the fast track to becoming the effortless attractor of the financial abundance you desire.

After selecting your preferred payment plan, you will be directed to the checkout page. After checkout, you will be sent a welcome email with a link to join the members only Facebook group to start connecting with your fellow MBA participants.

Be sure to add my email ( into your contacts so it doesn't end up in your spam folder!

It's going to be an amazing 6 weeks together, and these ladies (myself included) will become your support system, biggest cheerleaders and money boss family.

The video & course materials for Module 1 will be released first thing on Friday, April 5th for you to complete on your own time (and with the support of the group) throughout the week. Modules will be released each Friday following by 10AM EST until the end of the course.

Laptop Lifestyle2.jpg

Each week we will have a live video group call via Zoom video conferencing to ensure you get the support you need throughout the course to start attracting more money ASAPThe call times will be communicated ahead of time and if you can't join us live, you can ask your questions beforehand so that I can answer them during the call.

_SC24497_web 2.JPG

So, are you ready to step into the financial abundance and success you've been dreaming by claiming your spot in

Money Boss Academy?

  • How much time do I need to complete the course?
    Each of the 7 modules will be between 15 and 60 minutes and there are two a week. Additionally, you will need to set aside time to build your funnel.
  • Can I complete the modules at my own pace?
    Yes! The course content will be delivered via a 3-week drip email campaign (one module every 3-4 days), but you will have lifetime access to the modules and can complete them on your own time as best suits your schedule.
  • Are there costs involved with building a funnel?
    Yes. Depending on how technically-advanced you want your funnel to be, you can build a marketing funnel for a small investment (subscriptions to landing pages and email CRM software) or a large investment (paid advertisements and webinar software). In the course I will go over all options and discuss how to build a funnel for as little as possible as well as options for expanding your funnel and costs involved with doing so.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    No. Success in business comes from committing to the results you desire. This course is packed-full with the information and tutorials you need to implement effective funnels that will grow your business quickly and easily. No refunds, no back-up plan needed!
  • When can I start!?
    The second you sign up! As soon as you sign up you will be sent a link to the pre-course module and Module 1. The 6 video modules will be sent straight to your email over the course of 2 weeks (one module every 3-4 days) and you can email me to request early access to the modules if you're wanting to work ahead.
  • I have more questions, can I contact you?"
    Absolutely. Email me at with any questions about the course and I'll be happy to chat.

Frequently Asked Questions

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