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"Feel abundant"
"Remove your money blocks"
"Blast through your limiting beliefs"
"Be grateful for what you have"
"Act as if it's already here"
"Have unwavering faith" your head spinning yet?

You know that money is energy. You believe it when you hear that money responds to your thoughts and feelings about it. You have a desire to receive more of it in magical ways, with or without a business.

It's time to make a game out of becoming a vibrational match to more money.
It's time to let it be simple.

It's time to play the Money Game, and win at it too.

What if there was a simple, tangible & effective way to turn your energy towards expecting (and thus receiving) more money?

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A 90-minute magical money masterclass on how to use a simple spreadsheet to get into expectation of abundance & manifest more money, now.


How it Works

The Money Game makes getting into the expectation (and subsequent receiving) of money, easy through the use of Google Sheets (can be used for free) to open your energy up manifesting more money in expected and unexpected ways by ditching the resistance that comes from comparison, from trying to figure out the how, and from doubting your ability to have money pour into your physical experience.

When it comes to the energy of money, it's all about expectation and celebration. Expecting money to come and celebrating it when it does, withOUT constantly noticing what hasn't happened yet. I know that energy work can often feel very conception and nuanced. With The Money Game, expectation and flow become easy, and overthinking gets to be left behind once and for all.

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What you'll accomplish

  • Replace frustration with flow, accessing an energy of expectation that leads to effortless manifestation of more money, with or without a business

  • Implement a tangible spreadsheet strategy that makes money manifestation more physical than conceptual

  • Shift from an energetic space of being closed off to magical money, to being open to however money wants to find you

  • Remove the resistance of "why isn't it here yet" or "how can it come?" and replace it with "it is coming" and "I'm excited to see how this unfolds"

  • Understand why and how we often slow down or altogether prevent the money we desire from manifesting (and patch these energy leaks so that that stops happening)

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What's included

  • A 75-minute masterclass replay covering magical money fundamentals, why and how the MG releases resistance while putting you into flow & receiving mode

  • Lifetime access to all Money Game content + masterclass replay and community Facebook group

  • A plug-and-play template for Google Sheets will be provided so you can dive straight into playing (and winning at) the Money Game following the live masterclass

  • A 10-minute guided money meditation to use alongside the MG to help you to (literally) make the most of this simple but effective money manifestation strategy

  • An accompanying workbook + masterclass slide deck PDF to follow along and dive in deeper with

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Over the past 3 months, I've used the Money Game to...

  • Get into the flow and expectation of manifesting unexpected money between launches (something that previously hardly EVER happened to me, now money is finding me in magical ways almost every single day)

  • Receive unexpected amounts of money of up to $800, $2000 and $4500 in effortless ways that required zero action on my behalf

  • Create fun and ease around receiving money, truly making a 'game' of it so that it could flow in without the pressure or attachment or need to constantly monitor my thoughts

  • Get out of the "shoulds" around money mindset while allowing it to be a simple, fun and rewarding game of receiving effortlessly

  • Get creative about the ways in which money wants to find me to stop blocking abundance from sources outside of my business

  • Experience more out of the blue course sales and passive income inside a couple of weeks, than I did in the entirety of last year


Play the Money Game

Gain immediate lifetime access to the replay + all Money Game resources:

Regular price: Join for 1 payment of $44

 Included inside The Academy 

MG Payment
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What happens next...

You'll be automatically re-directed to the Money Game Facebook group where the Money Game masterclass is pinned to the top of the group inside the 'Announcements' section. You'll immediately be sent an email with all the accompanying resources to download and dive into.

You have lifetime access to the replay, community and all included resources, and are encouraged to use the group to ask your fellow gamers questions and share your wins as you implement the strategies shared and reap the benefits in the days and weeks to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have a business. Will the Money Game still work for me?

The Money Game works whether you have a business or not! When you turn your energy and attention towards the flow of money, it'll find its way to you regardless of if you're self-employed. Your job isn't the 'how' (we'll be officially letting go of this inside the live workshop). Your job is opening yourself up to receiving money, taking whatever action you can (we'll go over this together) and then allowing for it to come.

I don't have a Google subscription. Does this matter and will I need to pay to it?

Google Sheets can be used for free, and I'll be showing you how to use it with or without a subscription to play and win at The Money Game. You will however need to create a Google account it you don't have one yet, or decide to complete the Money Game by hand. Instructions for getting set up with Google Sheets are provided inside your welcome email immediately following signing up.

©copyright 2021 by Lauren Saunders
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