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Hey, I'm Lauren

...and there's not a single thing in the world that lights me up more than talking about what's possible.

I was 27 years old, living with my parents for 6-months after having moved home from 3 years of teaching Special Education in Australia. I found myself neck-deep in the daunting process of applying for teaching jobs in a part of the world where there really are no teaching jobs available. The idea of working for the next 5 years to get a permanent teaching position gave me severe anxiety (and I'm not generally an anxious person) especially considering that deep down, I knew I didn't really want to be a teacher. I spent years trying to "want" that life for myself; one of security and predictability, but it's just not who I am.

I had always been someone who loved to create, to dream, and to act on my ideas.

I dreamed of a life of possibility. Of being free to travel whenever I pleased, impact as many people as possible, share my passions with the world and to truly live a life by my own design. But... I was scared. What were the odds that someone like me could venture out as an entrepreneur and actually be successful? After all, I went to school for art, not business. 

Here's My Story...

I had long been know as "queen of the side hustle", and was always dreaming up ideas and starting new projects. I'd started Etsy shops and not-for-profit initiatives, started an MLM business and grew a YouTube channel to over 15,000 subscribers posting lifestyle videos. I sold paintings in art shows and taught private art classes while also teaching high school visual arts. I started an at-home aesthetics business that grew to a full-time income inside of 6 months.

Even with the success of many of my pursuits however, I always seemed to hit a ceiling. I couldn't bring myself to quit teaching in order to work for myself full-time and really go after a big dream. What if I failed and was left with nothing?

And then, I discovered something that changed my life forever.

A power that each and every one of us have within us to create a life beyond our wildest dreams. That power, is the power of thought. When we think about something and focus on it for long enough, that thing must manifest into reality. It is not circumstance or luck that determine one's ability to be successful, but rather the thoughts they think.

It was such an extraordinary discovery for me that I poured every spare ounce of time and energy I had into learning more and understanding how to use this power to create a life for myself that I'd never realized was possible before. And so... I left a teaching career that had more than 12 years invested into it, began to work towards starting my dream business and started waiting for incredible things and my abundant life to start manifesting.

And then... nothing happened.

I hired a fancy coach who helped me to design a high-ticket program and piece together an expensive sales funnel. I posted constantly on social media, hired two different photographers and a marketing agency to help me brand myself. I put up a fancy website, designed the business cards, networked like crazy and waited for the discovery calls to roll on in. I wrote and self-published a 180-page eBook on how to use the Law of Attraction for weight loss and advertised and promoted it everywhere. I knew the book would bring in tons of excited coaching clients!

And then... nothing happened.

I decided it was my mixed energy around money that was blocking my success, so I enrolled in a 6-week group coaching intensive that worked exclusively on money mindset and re-programming your brain to be a money magnet. I said my affirmations, made plans for my impending success and continued to read every book, listen to every podcast and watch every video and webinar I could find on the topic of manifesting success.

And then... NOTHING happened.

I began to doubt everything and wonder if I'd made a horrible mistake leaving my teaching career. I still believed in the Law of Attraction and the power of our minds, but couldn't figure out why it wasn't working for me. I must be one of the people who couldn't attract the type of success and outcomes I wanted, no matter how hard I tried.

I was doing ALL OF THE THINGS and yet, nothing seemed to be working.

However... I wasn't about to go down without a fight. I hired another coach, enrolled in another seminar, read more books (1-2 a week!) and watched a million mindset for success videos. Finally, the fog started to clear. I realized and implemented some small but mighty mindset shifts that made all the difference in my business. I realized it was in this fine-tuning that all the secrets to my success really started to unveil themselves. I kept trusting, kept working, and kept developing my programs and marketing strategies while continuing to practice the mindset techniques that ended up being the difference between seeing my business flourish and continuing to invest my time and energy in all the wrong places.

Mastering your mindset and re-wiring your brain for mega success isn't necessarily hard, but it does take practice, exploration and guidance when it comes to hitting that sweet spot and creating the life you've always dreamed of. Today I'm doing what I love, helping other spiritual entrepreneurs to build the life and business they so deeply desire and I feel more fulfilled than I ever knew to be possible.

I get it. It's scary making moves that are far outside of your comfort zone. But I assure you, you didn't end up here by accident. Deep down, you know the life you want for yourself, and you know that you're capable of building it while making a real difference with countless others. Building a wildly successful business that includes time and financial freedom while serving your soul's purpose does not come without taking some scary leaps. I had years invested in avoiding risk and taking small steps in the general direction of what I wanted. I dreamt of a life of possibility and purpose, but felt like I was getting nowhere.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.


My desired business outcome came only after I hired my first real premium-priced and "serious about getting some kickass results" business coach, who pushed me to just GO FOR IT. The words she said to me that ultimately had me take the leap were "I'm only interested in working with clients who see their success as a non-negotiable." I knew in my heart that I was one of those clients I got super serious about achieving crazy success and FAST, and I declared myself as "officially unavailable for any other outcome".


I knew what I was capable of, and it was finally my time to get out there and get it done. With the right structure and support from someone who had already done it, my doubts fell away and my success became a certainty. Suddenly I had possibilities available to me that had never been available to me before.

Schedule a complimentary discovery call here.

It's time to step into your power.

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