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3 steps to make manifestation work for you as a business owner

If you would have asked me three years ago if I’d be making multiple six-figures a year, I never would have believed you.

At the age of 28, I quit my full-time job as an art teacher because I had a dream: To create an online business. I knew there was something more for me than the life I’d been living, and I wanted the freedom, money, and creative control that came alongside the entrepreneurial journey.

But the problem was, I had no idea how to create the level of success I imagined myself having. I went through many months of making little -- if any -- money, and I’d racked up an enormous amount of debt trying to get my business off the ground.

However, as my goals became clearer, and as my confidence increased, I slowly began to build my business to the point where I’m now on track to make my first $100k month this year. And here’s what I know for sure: When you leap, the net appears. The universe always has your back, and it’s willing to co-create your success with you.

I learned the hard way how to manifest an abundant AF business, and I’m sharing four key steps to help make the journey easier for you:

Step 1: Know what you want and set your intention. Becoming your own boss? Perfect. Buckets of money? Awesome. Time & location freedom? Even better. Once you get clear on your intention, take some time to imagine it for a few minutes a day. Tap into how it feels to have what you want.

Step 2: Take the actions that your intuition is calling you towards as they arise. Despite fear, despite logic, despite all the many many reasons there are not to. Your intuition is the guiding force within you, your divine connection to all that is, that’s saying “I’ve received your request, now I’m going to show you the way there, but you must do your part and take the steps as I present them to you.”⁣

This is where most people trip up. They don’t want to get uncomfortable. They don’t want to step too far outside their comfort zone. The problem with that is that what you’re asking for is out there, waiting for you to reach for it. The steps have already been lined up for you to realize ANY level of success you desire, but you have to be willing to walk the path and do the work.⁣

Step 3: Keep going. Every step and action taken in faith, trust & intuition, was the right one. If it feels right, it IS right, even if you can’t see how it’s all leading you to your goal. Take enough of these steps and continue down the path despite the fear, and you’ll wake up in a short time from now smack in the middle of the life & results you once dreamed of.⁣ The Universe only has one answer to every request you make of it, and that answer is “Yes”. However it doesn’t create for you, it creates WITH you. It’s your job to listen to the intuitive nudges and act on them before your ego has a chance to talk you out of it.⁣

Step 4: Script about it. The absolute KEY to allowing the Universe to give you what you want, is to think the thoughts and feel the feelings of already having what you want. Scripting is a tangible way to direct your energy and align your thoughts & emotions with the outcomes you WANT, so that they can manifest. I love scripting because I can FEEL the immediate shift in my energetic state after even just a few minutes. What becomes familiar is what manifests. Scripting enables you to quickly familiarize yourself with your big, life-changing desires through literally convincing your subconscious that they're already DONE, so that you can stop trying and start receiving (like, A-S-A-P).

How do you script? Grab a journal and begin writing as if what you want is what you have. Write about a day in the life of your abundant biz, describing what it feels like to have everything you desire like it’s already your reality.

You deserve all of the money and success you desire. Now it’s time to CLAIM IT!

To your inevitable success,


-The Aligned Entrepreneur

Business Mentor │ Speaker │ Podcast Host 

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