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From high school teacher to multiple 6-figure online coach: How my spiritual awakening set me free

It's been almost 4 years since I stumbled across a YouTube video that changed my entire life.

It was an audio interview between Oprah and Esther (AKA Abraham) Hicks that I'd randomly clicked on even though I'd never listened to Abraham before. I was cleaning my apartment at the time while half-listening to their conversation, not having any understanding of what they were talking about, when a single line of Esther's struck me like a lightning bolt.

"Everything happens for a reason, yes, but not in the pre-determined way people think. Everything happens for a reason, and that reason is the vibration people are offering through the thoughts they are thinking."

I stopped in my tracks and let those words sink in for a few moments. It's not that I'd never heard of Law of Attraction or consumed teachings on it previously, it's that I'd never really gotten it.

I'd never understood that we live in a vibrational reality that's responding to us in each moment. I never got that each and every one of us has the ability to create ANY life we desire. I'd never understood that the only thing limiting me were my own thoughts and beliefs about what I could 'realistically' expect for myself. I'd never totally grasped the truth that if I wanted to build a freedom-filled life and create a huge career for myself simply by embracing my creativity, that I could.

I'd thought that life was mostly random and that some things just weren't in the cards for me. I was wrong.

In that moment I just got it-- that if I could learn to align my energy with an outcome (ANY outcome), it would manifest. The only circumstances preventing it were the ones I chose to believe.

They say that when you begin waking up spiritually, that the things you learn feel more like things you're remembering. That's exactly how it felt to me in that moment, and so many moments since. Even though I'd often scoffed at the idea of manifestation, believed that life was mostly a game of luck and chance, and identified as a 'self-proclaimed realist' for years prior, in that moment... I remembered.

In an instant I understood that there was no life or level of success that I didn't have access to, and that one realization was the only one I needed.

In the weeks and months following, I consumed every piece of LOA and manifestation content I could find. My view on life and what it even was shifted for me overnight, and I knew within a matter of days that I would be leaving my career and everything I'd previously imagined for myself, so that I could get to work manifesting a life of freedom.

And that's exactly what I did. Three months later I handed in my resignation for my teaching job, and when people asked why I told them "I'm starting some sort of online business so that I can create time, location and financial freedom for myself through creating content".

To be honest, I had no idea what I was doing or what type of business I was going to start building. I hired my first business coach before knowing what I needed her help with. I took leap of faith after leap of faith, acting on the next intuitive step that presented itself to me, ignoring the very prominent part of my brain that was trying to convince me I'd totally lost it. Twelve months after that I packed my Toronto life into a storage locker and boarded a plane to Italy after manifesting my first two $15,000+ months in my online business.

Today my life is unrecognizable. The day-to-day reality I live often feels like it belongs to someone else. I could list the countless ways in which I've created massive change, but we'd be here all day.

There's obviously more to the story of how my business became what it is today, but the only part that really matters was the realization that I had the capacity to manifest ANY life I desired, and with that realization, I decided to.

Everything else --the action steps, the support, the ideas, and the success-- came as a bi-product of making that decision and being determined enough to repeatedly take action from it, too.

This is my story, but truth be told I'm more interested in your's. Six months from now will you be telling about how you followed your intuition, leapt into the unknown, and manifested a life of next-level abundance through your business? Will you talk about the moment you decided to go all-in and how everything unfolded for you in the months to follow as a result?

YOUR story is not meant to be one of continuous struggle or playing small. YOUR story is one of deciding to walk the path less travelled, of showing up when it felt scary to, and of inspiring thousands of others through the success that is already on it's way to you.

But don't take my words for it... your intuition's been telling you the same thing all along!


-The Aligned Entrepreneur

Business Mentor │ Speaker │ Podcast Host 

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