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3 steps to manifest your $20-$30K/month business

Yesterday, I released my 100th podcast episode, sharing about how I'm intentionally building belief in order to manifest my biggest income goal yet: my first $100,000 month.

It's a goal that scares me.

It's a goal that probably sounds crazy.

It's a goal that every part of my logical and ego-based mind wants to convince me is impossible.

And? It's a goal that I'm going to achieve-- even though I’m not currently in 100% belief about how and when it’s going to happen. And you know what? That doesn’t matter. You don’t need to believe that $20K+ months (or $100K, for that matter) are achievable for you in order to build that belief and then manifest them, too.

As I put my plans in place to take action towards this goal, I’ve been reflecting on where I’m at this point in my business mentorship business. Not only am I making $20-$30K per month, own a thriving business I love, just purchased my dream car, and live in a beautiful apartment, I'm at a place in my business where the outcomes I so badly wanted when I started 3 years ago have manifested. The contentment and freedom that's come with these manifestations have been worth every single thing it's taken to get me here.

However, this article isn't meant to be about me. I share my story and my goals because I know that through doing so, others will see it's possible and achievable for them, too.

If you're a coach or course creator with similar monthly income goals for the new year, here’s what I did to hit regular $20-$30K of monthly income online, and here’s what you can do, too:

  1. See it as being possible -- because it is. When we think that something isn’t possible in our businesses, we don't let in the bigger numbers. Many of us get caught in a trap thinking that what we want likely will never happen, and we put certain levels of success on a pedestal, creating an energetic gap between ourselves and what we want. In truth, $20K+ months aren't hard at all. In fact, once you do it once or twice, you'll realize how available it always was to you. Familiarize yourself with the possibility of earning the amount of money you want by talking about it, writing it down, imagining it, intentionally putting yourself into conversations with those who are already doing it, and know just how easy it can be. Create a world around you where a quarter of a million dollar business really isn't a big deal, and as you do, you'll close not just the vibrational gap that's keeping you from it, but also reprogram your brain into a place of ease and availability around money.

  2. Show up for it. Fully. Are you taking action towards the business you want, or the one you have? If you're ready for the next level, it's probably time to do things like start charging what you're *actually* worth, re-structure your offers so that they're super scalable, and create a business model that allows not only for more money to easily flow in, but for it to be consistent, too. What actions have you been holding off from taking that maybe scare you, but that you know are what's needed to get to multiple 6-figures and beyond?

  3. Throw out the back-up plan. And I mean now. Every time I've created a quantum leap in my business and in my life, it's because I committed FULLY to the vision of what I wanted, and became unavailable for anything less. I threw the proverbial hat over the wall with absolutely no idea how to retrieve it. My vibrational 'set point' became one of "Alright Universe, I'm showing up, I'm scaring the sh*t out of myself in doing it, and I'm committing to what I want. It's your turn to show me your magic. You always do." This step is probably the most powerful and results-producing one I've taken when it comes to manifesting big financial up-levels in a short period of time. Why? Because when we remove the comfort and temptation of a back-up plan, there's nowhere to go but forward. No story to tell (and thus manifest) outside of the one you really want.

Number 3 is the real reason I'm going to manifest my first $100,000 month. It’s also the reason I’ve been able to manifest a multiple 6-figure business in a relatively short period of time. Because I haven't given myself any other option. Because I've told everyone that it's happening. Because I've hired the coach who can help me make it my reality. Because I've scaled my offers and made my plan and simply put-- there's just no other way I'm allowing it to go.

So today I'm inviting YOU to do the same with your own big goals. I'm inviting you to stop giving yourself a back-up plan. I'm inviting you to move FULLY into the possibility of your $20K & $30K months, in a way that makes it impossible for them not to start manifesting.

Your desires are Divine. Your dreams are meant to be realized so that during this great time of awakening, you can inspire others into THEIR power, and into their own life of pure possibility, freedom and happiness.

The Universe is literally banking on you making it happen.

It’s time to come into alignment with your full potential, and use it to manifest the eff out of a crazy abundant life & impactful AF business.

To your inevitable success,


-The Aligned Entrepreneur

Business Mentor │ Speaker │ Podcast Host 

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