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If you're someone who has struggled to lose weight, keep it off, feel confident and love the skin you're in, and you just can't seem to find the missing piece of the weight loss puzzle, then this book is for you. The missing piece of your countless torturous, and often unsuccessful attempts at losing weight. This book addresses the crucial role that mindset plays in helping us to lose weight and keep it off without fad dieting, restriction or excessive exercising.


Dreambody explores the well known spiritual principle that your thoughts create your reality, and what you focus on grows. With this in mind, Lauren Saunders helps readers to identify the words and phrases they predominantly use to describe their body, weight, and relationship with themselves, and then put specific tools in place in order to attract easy and sustainable weight loss from a place of self love and acceptance.



✔️ My Story

✔️ The Key to Weight Loss That You Haven't Tried Yet

✔️ Everyday Confidence Tips

✔️ The 10-Day Diet Plan for Your Thoughts

✔️ Thirteen Weight Loss Affirmations that Actually Work

✔️ The Diet Plan That Won't Turn you into a Crazy                     

     Starving Person

✔️ Essential Exercise Tips

✔️ How to Get and KEEP Your Dream Body

DREAMBODY: A Spiritual Guide to Weight Loss