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by Lauren Saunders

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The free 3-part mini-course:

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In this 3-part mini-course, you'll learn:

  • The new, Quantum approach to developing group offer ideas that catapult your success in a fraction of the time

  • How to build & embody the confidence and conviction needed to manifest a 6-figure coaching business quickly

  • The #1 thing that all wildly successful group courses and coaching programs have in common (and it has nothing to do with audience size or marketing strategy)

  • Exactly how to discover YOUR next money-making offer idea, even if you think you don't have one (yet)

  • The effective way to structure, price out and launch your offer so that your dream participants flood in that goes completely against what most "experts" will tell you to do

  • The energy work that creates the way of 'being' that'll draw your desired results to you with ease

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About Your Host

Lauren Saunders is a mindset & marketing coach for ambitious online entrepreneurs who desire a life of purpose, time and financial freedom, by combining proven strategies with an aligned and empowered mindset.

In June of 2017, Lauren left her career as a high school art teacher to build a coaching business that has since allowed her to travel the world while working her business from anywhere. By implementing the money-making strategies and energetic approaches/practices that will be shared inside Quantum Course Design, she's been able to go full-time doing work she loves, launching all kinds of online courses & programs and as a result, experiencing her first $15K, $20K and $30K+ months as a business owner and entrepreneur working 20-25 hours/week.

In the four years since leaving her career, Lauren's built a consistent $20K - $34K/month income and launched over 40 different online courses and coaching programs, and in that time, has learned a thing or two about how to do it successfully.


Now, she helps other online business owners (content-creators, influencers, authors, coaches & consultants) do the same by gaining the tools they need to live a life of purpose, freedom and financial abundance.

You can connect with Lauren on Instagram @thealignedentrepreneur or by listening to The Aligned Entrepreneur Podcast on iTunes/Spotify for success tips on marketing & mindset for modern, soul-led entrepreneurs.

©copyright 2021 by Lauren Saunders
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