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the aligned entrepreneur

Success, your way.

Four weeks to release resistance in your business by writing your own rules, embracing your personal magic and prospering through authenticity & innovation as a result.


Your success is on the other side of releasing resistance by embracing you, and building a personally aligned & truly profitable business in the process.



...not necessarily in the way you've seen others make it happen.

Every expert on the planet has a different set of rules around what you must do and who you must be in order to create your desired results.

And while at times you draw inspiration and even clarity from their teachings, it feels like the success of your soul-aligned business can't possibly be contingent on your ability to perfectly follow a million and one of someone else's 'must-dos'.

Your intuition is calling you elsewhere.




You feel deep down a strong knowing that things aren't meant to be so complicated, that you shouldn't have to pretend to be someone you're not, live on social media or sell in a way that leaves you feeling less than amazing.

But actually trusting yourself and your intuition when it tells you that the way you desire to do things can work, is a permission slip you have yet to fully grant yourself.

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You've been feeling like...

  • You started a business for the life of freedom it promised, only to feel anything but free in all the things you now feel you should be doing

  • Sharing every piece of your life online and showing up in all the places at all times, just isn't for you long-term

  • Your success is contingent on how well you can follow a million and one of someone else's rules, and it just isn't sustainable or even appealing to you

  • You want to do things your way, you're just not sure it can work

  • The results you desire often seem far away; there are so many things that need to be different in order for the success you want to come

  • You're suppose to want things in your business (a million dollars, a big team, to 'make it happen' at all costs) that you're not sure personally resonate; simplicity is actually what's been calling you

  • Your business is suppose to be easeful rather than exhausting, and the tactics you often see others implement just are not for you

The secret behind a successful business, is the absence of resistance. Inside TAE, you'll build alignment into everything you do, so that the results you desire can flow in with ease.

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You're truly ready to...

  • Trust yourself and your intuition fully; no need to rely on or even listen to the advice of a million and one experts and the 'must-dos' they insist on if it doesn't feel good to you

  • Ditch the results-driven rat race and honour your own journey, appreciating every step of the way rather than feeling like you should be further along

  • Draw your confidence & power from your ability to show up as your authentic self and believe it's enough, rather than trying to prove your worth through your results or vanity metrics

  • Honour and fully embrace your own innovation, journey and timeline, rather than trying to force your success to happen within the framework or number of months it's taken others

  • Grant yourself full permission to build a business that suits and supports YOU; the strategy, vision and model that aligns with your desired way of doing things

  • Have your success feel easy, intuitive, and peaceful; the way you desired to feel when you started it in the first place



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the aligned entrepreneur

Success, your way.

4 weeks to write your own rules, embrace your own journey, and prosper through authenticity & innovation in the process.

Less pushing, trying, hustling. 

More allowing, trusting, creating.


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Have we met yet?

Here's my story-- I'm a business mentor for passionate, spiritual business owners and creator of The Aligned Entrepreneur.

I started my business 4 years ago with a desire for one thing: freedom.

In a way, I got it. I manifested my way to multiple 6-figures working with other business owners online, and life was good. There was however, a voice in my ear the whole time reminding me that the 'freedom' I'd created was contingent on a lot of rules, most of which I'd adopted from other experts in the industry.

Posting every single day at least once. Saying the right things at the right times. Showing up constantly and embodying a specific energy I'd tied to my results, even when it took everything out of me to do so.

Then, the pandemic happened, and things since have
 hit entirely different.

I’m softer now. I can’t bring myself to get my energy behind the things I used to, in the ways I used to.⁣ I’d unknowingly placed a condition around my success— that feeling powerful, excited, determined and showing up that way —was the way of being & acting that produced results.⁣

Just navigating
 life this past year has been a collective source of exhaustion, and I don't believe our businesses are meant to add to that.

Lately, things are shifting. My business feels more me- more sustainable, enjoyable and freeing, than ever before. My sense of power & confidence isn't derived from my results. I'm building a truly aligned business that's a reflection me; no shoulds or must-dos required. I'm leading with innovation and granting myself permission to truly honour my own intuition. There is no way of being or no energy I must come from in order for my goals to manifest. Only me operating as my authentic self, and believing it's enough.

Here's the thing about the 'not enough' narrative that keeps us from our results (not enough action, enough followers, enough mindset work): it isn't actually true. It’s a bi-product of a belief system that says there are conditions around our success— that we need to be more, do more, believe more-- than we currently do, in order for what we want to come.

Deep down, I know you feel this shift too. Away from the success paradigm that's based in rules, action & scarcity, and into a world where trusting yourself, is the only success requirement there is.

As The Aligned Entrepreneur, you do things your way.

While you draw inspiration from others, you trust your intuition above all else.

You lead with authenticity, creativity & innovation because you know that what the world needs more of, is you.

You understand that who you are is so much more than enough, and others respond to the effortless way of being that’s embodied through your own belief in yourself.

You honour your journey knowing that it's the perfect one for you, and you're not interested in any action or strategy that doesn't feel 1000% aligned.

The more you just be you, the more your business thrives.

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The Details

4 Weekly Video Masterclasses + Q&As

Weekly live modules delivered inside our family Facebook group covering the entire AE process and framework for expanding your business & income in record timing. We'll be covering the it all-- how to build a truly aligned business, allow for the Divine unfolding of your desired financial outcomes, bring your innovative ideas to life, and embody an energy of authentic abundance through embracing your true self, and believing it's enough.

4 Weeks of 3 day/week Coaching Inside a Voxer Group Chat

Members of the foundational round of The Aligned Entrepreneur will get 4 weeks inside the Voxer group chat, where Lauren will be checking in every Monday, Wednesday & Friday to answer your questions, give 1:1 feedback and coaching, and help you personally through the process of creating your most aligned business & strategy.

At any time you can jump into the chat and either text or voice message Lauren (as well as listening to/learning from the coaching and guidance given to the other participants) and ask your questions as you work through the modules and implement the step-by-step framework in side of TAE.

4 Weekly Workbooks

I've said it before and I'll say it again-- knowledge isn't power. The application of knowledge is power. In other words, I'm not here to give you a bunch of information that may or may not change your life and business as you know it. I'm here to help you implement the physical & energetic principals, processes and strategies that'll catapult your success. Weekly workbooks will be provided for you to follow along in during the live modules, and implement the teachings so they can actually help you to change your life, business and finances forever.


Lifetime Access to All Program Content + Facebook Group

As a participant in the program, you'll not only gain lifetime access to all curricular content, but also any additions and/or updates made to future rounds of it, too. The framework being taught over these four weeks is the same framework and process I'm personally implementing in order to scale my income inside a truly aligned, customized and freedom-filled business model.. These teachings are designed to be ones that'll meet you wherever you're at, and for you to refer back to for years to come.

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The Curriculum

 WEEK 1 


The reason we think we "should" do a million and one things we don't actually want to, is because we don't believe that simply showing up however we feel called to, is enough. Your people will resonate with YOU-- not will with that piece of copy you got just right or the consistency of your IG posts last week. In week 1, we're going to deep-dive into a major perspective shift: that YOU are your magic, and that all the things you think need to be changed, hidden or precariously curated, are actually there on purpose-- to qualify you to be the best at what you're here to do & connect you with those you've been sent to serve. Self-trust is the real success super-flex, and by the end of week 1, you'll have lots of it.

 WEEK 2 

Your Journey

'The perfect point of attraction is feeling satisfied with where you are while reaching for more." -Abraham Hicks

The question I get most often is "how do I let go of the how/when?" The answer? Understanding that the timeline of your success is perfectly planned, and there's nothing you can do to speed it up (besides honouring it, that is-- the irony!). The *real* secret to flowy success is acceptance. Knowing that where you are is perfect, and actually believing it too. After week 2, you'll truly honour your own journey, knowing with certainty that it's leading you to where you desire to go.

 WEEK 3 

Your Ideas & Innovation

It's ironic that we start businesses as a means to manifest truly fulfilling lives by our own design, only to then look to others to give us the rules to play by. In week 3, you'll discover the innovative genius that's likely been lying dormant with you, and develop it into a truly aligned way of doing business that's do you, you can't possibly not get your energy & belief behind it. Your success isn't on the other side of following someone else's rules or framework verbatim. You have a desire to serve people and share your ideas because your ideas are what's needed. Less emulation, more personal innovation.

 WEEK 4 

Your Money

You get to make money however you desire to. Icky sales tactics & unaligned marketing strategies are simply not required. How do YOU wish to sell and make money in your business? What do you get paid to do? What rules are you ready to create around your ability to make money unconditionally? Authenticity and connection in my experience, combined with a genuine belief in the product or service you're offering (which we'll master inside week 3) is all that's necessary for you to scale your income quickly. By the end of week 4, you'll be an expert at all three.

You have a direct connection to the Divine that's ready to personally guide you into a thriving & aligned business, step by step by step. It's time to learn how to trust your ideas, your intuition, your journey-- above any and all else.

Those actions you feel called to take? Will work because you enjoy taking them.

That content you desire to create? Will resonate with people because it's authentically you.

That passion-filled idea you haven't seen be modelled by anyone else? Will blow up because you trusted your instinct, followed your guidance, and leaned into innovation when everyone else was falling in line.

You deserve a business that's truly aligned, feels good to and is a reflection of you. All you need is the permission slip to do things your way and the belief system that has it work, too.

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The Investment

Get lifetime access to The Aligned Entrepreneur inside The Academy, or enrol separately for 1 payment of $555 or 4 X bi-weekly payments of $155

**We begin together Tuesday, November 23rd

TAE Payment
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What happens next?

After enrolling through either The Academy or using one of the payment options above, you'll receive an email with a link to join the program Facebook group and instructions on accessing the Voxer group chat that'll take place Monday, Wednesday and Fridays during our time together.

We kick off together on Tuesday, November 23rd with the first module going live inside the Facebook group, and subsequent weekly modules being delivered each Tuesday that follows for the duration of the program.

You'll have lifetime access to all program materials, the Facebook group, as well as any curricular components that get added, and complimentary attendance to future live rounds of the program.

Buckle up entrepreneur, it's going to be one massive permission slip of a month together!


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I'm not a coach or online business owner. Is TAE still suitable for me?

A: Yes! The Aligned Entrepreneur has been designed for all business owners, no matter their niche, industry or business model. We'll be discussing these success principals as they apply to ALL businesses, regardless of what you're selling.

Q: When do we start?

A: Module 1 will happen live inside TAE Facebook group on Tuesday, November 23rd at 3:00PM ET. If you're not able to join us live, the replay will be up directly after the livestream for you to work through at whatever time best suits you.

Q: I'm new to my business, will TAE benefit me?

A: YES! In fact, I wish I'd known what I teach inside The Aligned Entrepreneur at the beginning of my business, because it would have saved me a lot of trial and error, and most importantly, time spent not trusting myself to simply follow what feels good and write my own rules where my success is concerned.

Q: What if I'm already a ways into my business? Is The Aligned Entrepreneur too preliminary for me?

A: Nope. This course has been designed to meet you wherever you're at, no matter your current goals or income level. In fact most of what I'll be discussing is shifts and principals I've really only recently begun to implement myself (and my business is growing quickly because of it). Whether you're just getting started, even just thinking about getting started, or already doing 6-figures in your biz, TAE is for you if you have a desire to scale your income through embracing intuition, innovation and authenticity.

Q: I have more questions, can we chat first?

A: Of course! You can shoot me a text or voice message via Instagram DMs @thealignedentrepreneur, or email me at

Create your sell-out course or coaching program in just 3 days (11).png

You, honouring you, and thriving in the process.

©copyright 2021 by Lauren Saunders
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