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You're here to change lives.

To facilitate incredible transformations through your content and your coaching.

To help your clients come home to themselves, and live the lives they most desire to live.

To believe so wholeheartedly in your value and skill as a coach, mentor or course creator, that those you're here to serve are magnetized to you on a daily basis.

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You desire to...

Stand so firmly in your belief about your ability, that the clients and money you desire in your business start to manifest with ease and predictability-- holding the vibe is not something you even have to think about anymore.

Feel nothing but ease-filled and energized during and after your coaching calls or content delivery such that you're able to hold space for and serve way more people in your business.

Leave your clients feeling truly supported without needing to be available to them 24/7.

Show up in your power, knowing how valuable your work is and sharing it confidently with those it's meant for.

Have content creation and marketing materials feel effortless; no more strategizing or overthinking, just you sharing what you know and having your dream clients decide to work with you because of it.

Get regular feedback and testimonials from clients about how grateful they are for you and how much you've helped them change their lives.

Embody the way of BEING that creates effortless growth in your business.

Regard yourself as a true authority, no longer feeling the need to question or compare yourself to others. You know you're the best in the world at what you do, and your/your clients results reflect it.

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But you're identifying with at least a few of the following hesitations...

  • You sometimes worry that you won't know the thing your clients really need to hear

  • You feel attached to your client's outcomes; wanting to make sure they get the results they paid you to help them with

  • You hold yourself personally responsible for your clients' transformations and worry that they'll regret hiring you or feel unsupported if you're not constantly available to them

  • You question whether you're really the right coach for them; after all there are so many other people out there with more experience than you, and the doubt is blocking more clients and sales from manifesting

  • You desire to make more money in your business, but feel overwhelmed by the idea of trying to hold space for more people, and it's sabotaging your next-level of income

  • You're holding back from getting started altogether due to a bad case of comparisonitis and imposter syndrome

  • You tend to overdeliver in both your level of support and also in your paid content, and it's totally draining you

  • You question whether your courses are in-depth enough, constantly feeling the need to add more value and worrying that it still won't be everything your clients need

  • Of the clients you do attract, some are amazing while others need a lot of your time and attention, and the hand-holding is causing you some resentment; you're ready to only attract the kinds of clients who are truly ready for the transformation you know how to help them with

  • You catch yourself carrying around the weight of what your clients are currently going through, wishing you could know how to help them through it faster

  • You want to both help your clients completely change their lives, while also feeling ease in your business, with lots of time freedom and the energy to pursue things outside of your client work

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Here's the truth...

Your ability to transform people's lives through your work (and manifest a crazy up-level in your income as a result), isn't on the other side of that next certification program.

 It's a belief system. 

It's an intentional perspective through which you view what you do and how you do it. It's a state of trust that if your clients found you, it's because you have what they need (even if you don't know it yet). It's a channelled way of being, and an invaluable set of communication skills that create a clearing for the conversations, breakthroughs and insights that will create life-changing results for your clients.

The way you feel about your ability as a coach, is how others will feel about it, too. As you up-level your belief in yourself, your income and your clients' results will reflect it.

Inside Transformer, we'll start with building your confidence and conviction around your unique gift as a coach, and then back it up with the beliefs, boundaries, skills and communication techniques that'll take your coaching to a whole new level; making it easy for you to stay in alignment with your next-level of income in your business, as you intend for, believe in and then manifest your dream clients with ease.

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Masterclass #1

The Identity & Operations of an Industry Leader

Masterclass #2

The Real Secret to Life-Changing Client Results
(+ the energy behind successful sales calls)

  • How to feel next-level confident in your coaching skills and why it's your key to next-level results in your business

  • How to become a person of influence in your industry through discovering your mission and sharing the success philosophy that's unique to you

  • How to leave your clients feeling fully supported without the overdelivering or hand-holding, and the art of implementing boundaries that set you and your clients up for success

  • Why your results are NOT your selling point; how to market yourself powerfully and honour exactly where you're at as being the reason your dream clients want to work with you

  • Why it's not your job to "know the answer" and how to be a true person of authority without having it all 'figured out' yourself

  • The #1 shift to make in your role as a coach that'll help you change more lives and make more money, now

  • Your real role as a coach and why 'getting' clients results is not your job

  • How to be totally unattached, allow for the Divine unfolding of your clients' results, and become a clearing for their transformation in the absence of resistance

  • Why sales 'tactics' are old paradigm and coercion on sales calls is unnecessary and will actually drive your dream clients away (and what to do instead to turn inquiries into sales with ease)

  • The mindset prep I do before and during my client and/or sales calls that has skyrocketed my client results and conversion rate

  • How to show up in service and abundance and have it be the reason why people can't wait to work with you

  • The biggest gift you can give to your clients and how to become the energetic space for their desires to manifest

Masterclass #3

The Communication Skills of a Killer Coach

Masterclass #4

Authentic Influence & Earning Through Embodiment

  • The little-known communication technique that'll transform your client relationships and create a space where they feel free to show up fully and uncover what's causing their patterns of self-doubt, sabotage and stuck-ness

  • How to feel unstoppable amounts of confidence in yourself and your coaching skills, regardless of where you're currently at on your own journey (pro tip: people won't care about your results if you master this one thing instead)

  • How to provide life-changing insights and coaching to your clients by removing yourself from the conversation altogether, no longer worrying about saying the wrong thing or down-playing the 'tough love' your clients may really need

  • How to never again worry about not having 'the answer' or not knowing enough, and stand confidently in your ability to help your clients no matter what the topic is

  • Why authentic connection is the new conversion strategy and how to attract your dream clients through sharing more of YOU, and less of absolutely everything else

  • How to always know what you're 'suppose' to be talking about, helping clients with or creating content around, based on the part of your journey you're currently navigating

  • How to let go of needing to know everything and instead trust that your current skillset and knowledge-base is all you need to create next-level results for yourself and your clients

  • How to trust your intuition and discover your soul's true purpose in your business, rather than trying to 'figure out' what you're 'suppose' to be doing

  • The fastest way to get your energy behind your work and radiate the conviction and abundance that'll lead to your next-level of income

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What's included...

  • 4 comprehensive masterclasses delivered inside the Transformer Facebook group (a $1000 value)

  • Lifetime access to the Transformer course Facebook group and community

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You're ready to stand firmly in your value and skill as a coach or course creator.

You're ready to hold a lot more space, for a lot more people (and money) in your business.

You're ready to stop doubting your ability and create truly life-changing transformations in the lives of your clients without the burnout, overwhelm or hand-holding.

You're ready to up-level your belief in yourself, and then witness how your external world rearranges itself in order to reflect it back to you.

You're ready to show up as the leader and authority you really are, stand out in your niche and attract an abundance of soul-aligned clients as a result. You're ready to become a Transformer.

Become a Transformer:


Join Transformer for 1 payment of $333 or
3 monthly payments of


**includes lifetime access to all replays

Transformer Payment
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What happens next...

You'll be automatically re-directed to the Transformer course Facebook group where the 4 masterclasses are already waiting for you.

You have lifetime access to all replays, community and included resources, and are encouraged to use the group to connect with your fellow Transformers and share your wins as you implement the teachings shared throughout the course curriculum.


Frequently Asked Questions

When do we start!?

As soon as you sign up! You'll be redirected to the Transformer Facebook group where the modules are waiting for you to work through on your own time, and refer back to as needed.

I'm just getting started in my business. Is Transformer for me?

YES! Even if you don't have anything on offer yet, Transformer will provide you with the insights, beliefs and practices that'll allow you to truly step into your role as a coach/person of influence, making it 1000 times easier to start taking consistent action in your busy and attract with ease the people you've been Divinely sent to serve. Transformer will create a foundation for you from which showing up fully embodied in feelings of authority and confidence, will come easy.

I'm already established in my business. How will the Transformer teachings benefit me?

By enabling you to create space to serve a lot MORE people in your business, by letting go of the responsibility of trying to ensure clients get results, and instead trusting the process fully. Peace of mind to create more, serve more and remain in a state of flow and un-attachment, will be the piece that sky-rockets you into your next level of income, without the overwhelm.

Should I get a coaching certification first?

You can, but you don't need to. Transformer is not a 'how to coach' course (though we will be discussing specific communication strategies to help you immensely to facilitate transformations on your calls and in your content creation). Transformer is a curriculum meant to aid in and deepen the insights and skills you already have, whether or not they've come from a certification program. It's about seeing your experience and mentorship in the light it deserves to be seen in, and operating from a space of conviction when working with clients. If you feel called to a coaching certification, then by all means trust that. And if you don't? Trust that, too.

I'm not a coach or course creator but would like to learn how to really make a different with people in my business, is Transformer still a course I can enrol in?

Absolutely. Who we are for other people and the energy from which we're able to show up for them, impacts our lives in every possible way. When you're an embodiment of Divine influence (no matter what you do), people will be drawn to you. They'll feel supported and seen by you in a way they've never experienced with anyone else. They'll give themselves permission to go after the things their soul is calling them towards, because you represent it as a possibility for them. They'll tell people about you and the impact you've had on them, and you'll serve the world and those around you in a way that naturally draws opportunities to you, with or without a coaching business.

Do you offer refunds?

The simple answer is no. Due to the nature of the Transformer curricular content, all sales are non-refundable. And truth be told I'm not interested in giving you a back-up plan, anyways. You deserve the freedom-filled life and business you've been envisioning, and Transformer a course that'll be immensely impactful in getting you there. As your mentor, I'm here to help you facilitate the transformation and results you're committed to creating for yourself, while holding you to your highest standard and potential. If your intuition is pulling you towards Transformer, trust it. No back-up plans needed.

I still have questions. Can we chat first?

Of course! Shoot me a voice or text message over on Instagram (@thealignedentrepreneur). I'm more than happy to answer any questions you have.

©copyright 2021 by Lauren Saunders
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