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Are you...

  • In love with your work and with the possibility of creating your dream life through sharing it, but feeling like social media is the biggest obstacle standing between you and your ability to make it happen?

  • Exhausted by the popularity contest that is Instagram, Facebook or TikTok?

  • Feeling overwhelmed at the idea of having to show up on social media every day for the rest of your life in order to make a living?

  • Sick of measuring your self-worth up against how many likes your most recent post got (or didn't)?

  • Stuck in cycles of comparison, fear of judgement, or marketing "must-dos" when it comes to content creation and attracting clients through it?

  • Questioning whether the entrepreneurial journey is even for you, since you can't seem to consistently feel good about or motivated towards growing your online audience?

  • Wanting to live a fulfilling but peaceful, unfamous life that's more impact than it is influence, and that doesn't require dancing in videos (unless that's your thing), providing free value all day every day, or trying to feel relevant and seen in an already crowded online space?

  • Overthinking every last piece of the social media puzzle, stuck in thought loops of when to post, what to post, or if any of it will ever add up to enough?

  • Ready to grow your business in a way that's truly aligned for you, and without having to become someone you're not?

Did you know that...

​Building a thriving business doesn't have to involve becoming a social media influencer or building an audience of thousands?

Your success isn't dependent on catering to an ever-changing algorithm?


Your dream clients and customers are not the people who care about how many likes your last post got?


There are countless aligned ways to draw in and connect with those who are looking for your work, and grow your reach and income without having to spend hours every day creating free content that barely seems to get seen.


Being Instafamous doesn’t interest me in the slightest.⁣

Empowering thousands of aligned ent
repreneurs as a business mentor, while thriving in my own business on the other hand, 𝘥𝘰𝘦𝘴.⁣

One of the biggest strategy-based limiting beliefs I coach business owners through, is the fear that they’re not:⁣

- Active/consistent enough⁣
- Engaging enough⁣
- Liked enough⁣
- Expert enough⁣
- Famous enough⁣

…on social

In reality, popularity and engagement have little to nothing to do with whether you know how to help those in your niche to create desired outcomes for themselves.⁣ Your dream clients are looking for relatability. For qualified help with solving a problem they identify with having. For someone they know, like, and trust.⁣

I can guarantee that they don’t gaf about the size of your audience
 or whether you post consistently. They care about whether or not you and your work can help them, and they're ready to find you via whichever platform or modality you choose to show up within. Which is exactly what I'm here to help you with.

These 8 weeks are going to be packed with value and the step-by-step actionable strategies that allow you to grow your business in a way that's aligned, authentic, and sustainable to YOU.

The truth is that connecting with people in your niche should be fun, flowy... even effortless. Like simply showing up and sharing what you're passionate about in ways and spaces that feel good to you, is enough (because it is).

Inside Unfamous, we'll not only be diving deep into many different strategies that'll allow you to grow your reach, audience and income (off of mainstream social media platforms), but also address the internal shifts that'll allow you to show up freely and express yourself fully-- getting visible in the personally aligned ways that'll draw in dream clients with ease.

Rather than popularity, let's create connections. Rather than validation, let's seek being of service. Rather than a following, let's cultivate community.⁣

Leave people feeling seen, heard, and empowered (in ANY corner of the internet that feels aligned for you-- many of which will be covered inside Unfamous), and you’ll attract those ready to invest in you/your work.⁣

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8 WEEKS (starting March 8th)

A comprehensive curriculum covering a vast variety of audience & income growth strategies that are based in connection, authenticity, and service, as well as invaluable inner work that makes becoming visible, effortless for you.

Exclusive masterclasses featuring guest speakers who are experts within their audience growth niches.

Implementation resources and accompanying tutorials where needed.

Two monthly Q&As to assist in customizing the curricular teachings and implementing them in your own business.

A Facebook group where you can connect with and grow alongside your fellow Unfamous participants.


Get lifetime access to all course materials for one payment of $199, or inside the Align membership for $77 (note: as Align is a monthly subscription, you'll need to be remain inside for at least two payment cycles to complete the course)

We start together March 8th, and enrolment includes lifetime access to all course materials (unless accessed through Align, in which case you'll have access for as long as you're an Align member.

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