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The art of building a thriving business by your own design: a 7-week foundational business program for the creative entrepreneur.


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By Design (11).png

You have a vision.

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You imagine yourself living a very different type of life.

One where you get paid to follow your impulses; to do only what lights you up.

One where money is no issue. Where there's no one to answer to. Where purpose and possibility are as present and available as the air you breathe.

One where freedom is a way of living and you wake up in awe of the life you've built for yourself, and the business that made it all possible.

 You've envisioned it countless times. 

Felt the reality of it. Felt like it was as good as yours.

Perhaps even taken action towards turning it from dream into done.


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There's often a sense of overwhelm when it comes to knowing which actions to take first.

Many of the "proven" approaches that others swear by, feel totally out of alignment for you.

The idea of constantly having to sell yourself as a business owner stops you in your tracks.

It feels like everywhere you look, is another 'expert' insisting that you master the algorithm, post 5X a day on social media, and basically become someone you're simply... not, it order to make it all happen.


Deep down, you know that it's not meant to be so complicated.

Your intuition is speaking truths that the so-called experts aren't-- that the journey is meant to feel as free, and as aligned and authentic as the destination itself will.

That you have an internal compass that knows the way, that's unique to you, and a success journey that gets you there because it's by YOUR design, instead of anyone else's.

Your vision is unique to you.

And the path that gets you there? It's meant to be, too.


You want the ideas that work.

The approach that produces results.

The strategies that magnetize.

The energy shifts that alchemize.

And the know-how needed to bring your vision into full fruition.


And you want it all, without compromise.

Without feeling like you're selling your soul in for exchange results, or implementing unsustainable strategies that leave you feeling salesy, anxious, or inauthentic.

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Your business will thrive because it’s exactly that: YOURS.⁣

The ideas that take off for 𝘺𝘰𝘶, will be a reflection of 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 unique experience, insights and passions.⁣

The strategies that draw in 𝘺𝘰𝘶𝘳 dreams clients, will feel as natural as breathing to 𝘺𝘰𝘶.⁣
The actions that lead 𝘺𝘰𝘶 from where you are, to where you desire to be, will be the ones that feel good to 𝘺𝘰𝘶.⁣

𝘠𝘰𝘶𝘳 business will thrive because it’s BY DESIGN for you as the innovative entrepreneur 𝘺𝘰𝘶 𝘸𝘦𝘳𝘦 𝘣𝘰𝘳𝘯 𝘵𝘰 𝘣𝘦.⁣

You get to have it all. We're here to show you how.

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 7 weeks to combine Human Design, aligned strategy & a frequency-first approach to business, to start & scale your income as a soul-led entrepreneur.




  • Building a business that supports you full-time, turning your passions into your life purpose

  • Knowing the exact action-steps, ideas and strategies that'll get you from A to B quickly, without having to force yourself to do things that don't feel good to you

  • Leaving behind comparison, overwhelm or imposter syndrome for GOOD, and exchanging it for self trust and permission to do YOU and have it really really work

  • Becoming masterful at working with your natural gifts and energy flow to move your business and income forward quickly, and in a way that is truly in resonance with YOU and your nervous system

  • Trusting the impulses as they come, knowing they're the key to your results, and never again having to question whether you're doing 'enough' or saying the right things in order to be successful-- you KNOW that the journey you're on is the fast track to success and you don't question it for a second

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Have we met yet?


Lauren Saunders is a business coach for energy-first entrepreneurs who understand that frequency and alignment are the key to their success, and to their freedom. As a former high school art teacher, Lauren built her first business doing lash extensions from home back in 2015, leaving her career to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. In 2018, she launched an online course teaching other business owners in the lash industry how to scale their clientele, experiencing her first $20K month and continuing to grow from there.

Lauren coaches entrepreneurs from all over the world how to align their energy/mindset, strategies and action-plans with their desired outcomes in order to manifest a freedom-filled life they love-- one that's by their own design. She knows that the key to a thriving business, is building one that's BY DESIGN, and aligned with the business owner themselves.

She specializes in creating customized, aligned approaches to strategy implementation and idea development, as well as 'identity energetics': turning new and seasoned entrepreneurs into the success they desire see manifest in their external reality.


Liobhan Clancy is a creative entreprenuer with a background in textile design. Her expertise lies in equipping people with the Human Design know-how needed to live their most aligned lives. She first discovered Human Design during a period of misalignment in her life; she was working too hard and starting to experience burn out. Keen to make some changes she started to experiment with the system, and began to live her life according to her design. The results were incredible, by following her Human Design she experienced more self-understanding, more clarity, and more purpose. 

She was so amazed by how powerful and useful Human Design is that she felt called to start a business centered on it’s teachings. Her business, Align & Create, has now attracted an international audience of over 20,000 people, and helps entrepreneurs from all over the world connect to their authentic self and align their life and business with their design.

Separately, we've each built thriving lives and businesses by mastering the art of leading with what's in alignment for us as individuals. Together, we've designed and are delivering Visionary, so that now-- you can do the exact same.


What is


Visionary is a 7-week comprehensive curriculum and group course, that covers every single step, strategy and facet of building a thriving business that's in alignment for YOU as the unique individual you are.

You'll become a pro at not only the energetics of success, but also the tangible know-how that's needed to discover and execute on the right ideas, while implementing the aligned strategies that'll magnetize your dream clients and customers.

Whether you haven't started yet, or have started and are feeling discouraged by your results thus far, Visionary will teach you how to align your energy and business with your desired outcomes, so that they can manifest and multiply with ease.

Each week we'll be delivering a new module (outlined below) with specific steps to implement, that'll take you from vision, to Visionary, and from dreamer, to a thriving business owner.

Visionary has been built for you if:

You've been dreaming of starting or HAVE started your soul-led business.

You know that frequency, energy and alignment create success and are ready to master all three in combination with the strategy that's authentic and effective for you.

You're looking for the step-by-step to alchemize your passions and experiences into products and services that your dream customers are excited to invest in.

You're ready to trade imposter syndrome, comparison, and perfectionism for confidence, unabridged creativity and self-trust.

You know now is the time to manifest the success that'll set you free, and are looking for the roadmap that'll exchange the guesswork for knowingness.

You're done living life on someone else's terms or living within the limitations of a job you don't love. You're ready for success, and you're ready for it on your own terms, and by your own design.

The Curriculum



  • The new business paradigm: receiving through ease, intuition & authenticity

  • Creating your vision & gaining clarity around your dream business

  • Deciding the rules within which you get to thrive as a business owner

  • YOUR business by design

  • The power of leading with intention



  • Business & manifestation: how to set an intention and allow for it's Divine unfolding

  • How to trust the process and follow the path of least resistance

  • The truth about the energetics of success, and how to actually embody them in order to magnetize your desires to you

  • Tapping into your Divine guidance and how to trust/access it to create anything



  • Using your energy type to discern how you are uniquely designed to operate and find success as a business owner

  • How to make the decisions that'll lead you to desired outcomes

  • Utilizing your HD profile to support and inform your goals becoming a reality

  • Guidance on how to lean into the power of your profile and experience more success in your business



  • The Biology of Belief: how to cultivate confidence through an understanding the 'science behind the Woo', and the body-based practices that'll propel you forward

  • The Nervous System and success: why a regulated nervous system will give you access to anything you desire, and is your biggest tool for manifesting the life and vision you're dreaming of

  • How to BECOME a BEACON for anything you desire, and embody the version of you who can manifest success with ease, through subconscious mental & emotional reprogramming

  • How to 'science' your way to 6-figure success



  • Using your gates and planets to access your natural gifts an alchemize them into aligned revenue streams

  • Discovering/mastering the message you were born to share with the world, and speaking it boldly & authentically to draw in your soul-aligned clients & customers



  • What effective sales strategy is really about and how to master it minus the cringe

  • The components of profitable AF products & accessing the ideas that'll set you free

  • Making marketing fun, easy & profitable AF

  • The types of content that'll speak to and draw in those you're meant to serve in your business

  • Mastering the art of story-telling and why YOU are your greatest asset

  • Why creating authentic connections is your key to everlasting growth & success in your biz



  • Next-steps for developing your business's foundation into a 6-figure, freedom-filled empire

  • Guided implementation of the Visionary curriculum to build out your business + how to scale income and go full-time in 2023


What's Included

  • Seven weekly modules delivered live inside the Visionary members-only Facebook group (including lifetime access to all curricular materials, present and future)

  • Seven weeks of Q&A coaching and guidance with Lauren & Liobhan inside the Facebook group, as you apply the curricular teachings to your own business to start and scale your income

  • A supportive community of fellow Visionaries to grow with and learn from

  • Supporting curriculum materials including HD guides, templates, workbooks and a guided meditation to take the guesswork out of growing your business throughout and following our time together

  • Every last thing you need to start and/or scale an aligned and thriving business that works FOR you, because it's BY you.

You'll come away with...

  • Access to the ideas that'll be successful for you personally, and a knowledge of how to turn those ideas into full-fledged products or services that sell with ease

  • A deep understanding of how to use your Human Design to inform the effective actions you take in your business

  • The mindset & inner identity work that'll build confidence quickly catapult you forward without needing to do years of healing or overcome every last 'limiting belief'

  • The pro-level skillset to market yourself and your services effectively, and in a way that leaves you feeling confident instead of cringey

  • The foundation of your aligned business and an action plan that'll take you to 6-figures and beyond in the coming months/years

  • Permission to thrive through being and embracing YOU, and a deeply programmed identity of business owner with the skillset to back it up

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It's time to have your vision, become your reality.

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Join Visionary

Get lifetime access to Visionary for 1 payment of $555 or 3 bi-weekly payments of $222



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What happens next...

Upon checking out, you'll be guided to join the program's members-only Facebook group where all 7 modules will be delivered live over the 8 weeks of our time together (one week added over Christmas break within which there'll be no new additional module drop), and where you'll retain lifetime access to all curriculum materials (including current and future rounds).

We're kicking things off together with Module 1 at 2:30PM ET on Tuesday, November 28th, with subsequent modules dropping each following week at the same time.

Over the course of our time together, you'll get the customizable, step-by-step for starting/scaling your dream business that works because it's in personal alignment for YOU.

You'll come away with the foundation of your thriving business, as well as everything you need to scale to 6-figures and beyond in the months to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do we start!?

We're kicking things off together with Module 1 at 2:30PM ET on Tuesday, November 28th, with subsequent modules dropping each following week at the same time. Note: due to this round taking place over the holidays, there will be no new module for the week of December 26th, however support inside the group will remain. The curriculum will resume the following week and our time together for this round of Visionary will take place over the course of 8 weeks instead of 7.

Does my business have to be online in order to join/benefit from Visionary?

No! We'll be discussing ideas on and offline, and helping you to develop business models and ideas that are truly aligned for YOU, whatever that may look like. Both Lauren and Liobhan have extensive experience building both in-person and online businesses, and will be talking about the many opportunities for both.

I've already started my business. Is Visionary still for me?

Absolutely. If you've started a business but it isn't currently bringing in the income you're desiring, it's because there's one or more areas that are not in alignment for you personally. Visionary has been designed to help you change that, and either tweak or build your business by DESIGN, so that it profits through your energy and alignment that's awaiting you on the other side of this one-of-a-kind curriculum.

Do you offer refunds?

No. Due to the nature of Visionary, there are no refunds. Furthermore, a refund offers you a way out, and the only way to reach your income goals is to decide that they're a non-negotiable. No backing out, no settling for anything less than the life and business you truly want for yourself.

I have more questions. Can we chat first?

Of course! You can reach out to either of us on Instagram with any questions you have at all (Liobhan - @align_and_create and Lauren - @thealignedentrepreneur).

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