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A 90-minute masterclass + 5-day challenge on the art of using the present moment to shift your vibrational set-point, and become the vortex for what you want in 2023.

Tired of living in a trying energy? Of missing out on the present moment because you're consumed by possibilities of the future? What if the present moment was the key to the abundance, success, and love-filled future you deserve? What if manifesting your desires wasn't about belief, but rather about intentionally elevating your energetic signature, and becoming a beacon for every intention or goal you've ever set?

Manifestation has changed. Forcefulness, trying harder and determination no longer work. We're being called into a receiving paradigm within which our manifestations are merely a bi-product of the present moment and how we choose to experience it.

Getting clarity on the emotions you desire to feel and intentionally cultivating those emotions, will lead you to becoming a vortex for everything you’ve ever wanted. You are are the eye of the vortex- pulling everything towards you with ease, because you’ve elevated your energy and as a result, everything else in your life elevates.

We tend to get stuck on setting intentions around manifesting physical things, like money. But when you focus instead of the essence of money- the feeling, the emotion; money (and everything else) floods in as a result. Inside Eye of the Vortex, we're going to teach you how to do exactly that.

Inside Vortex, we'll be covering:

  • The brand new, simple daily practice that'll align you with what you want in 2023, and why it has nothing to do with building new beliefs or overcoming endless 'blocks' (we've never shared this before!)

  • How to become the Vortex for your desires, drawing them in with ease and relaxing into effortless receiving

  • How to use your emotions to manifest without the trying energy (and no, we're not talking about being 'high vibe' all the time!)

  • Why there's no need for unwavering faith, 'living in the end' or monitoring your every thought in order to have your dreams become your reality

  • How to easily and quickly release contrasting emotions for good + find total freedom from fear, worry & anxiety

Join Vortex for $11:
(includes lifetime access to the replay)


About Your Hosts

Lauren Saunders


Lauren Saunders is a former teacher turned a marketing & manifestation coach to ambitious, heart-driven entrepreneurs. She built her first full-time business in 2015, doing eyelash extensions in Toronto, Ontario. Within 4 months of discovering manifestation in 2017, Lauren officially retired her career as a high school art teacher, determined to manifest a life of time, location & financial freedom through starting her second business as a coach.

She retired her lash clientele after building a 6-figure income online through implementing the mindset and aligned marketing strategies that she teaches her clients and program participants, so that they can do the same.

Lauren has since began hitting regular $15K, $25K and $34K months in her business and has manifested her dream home, Mercedes SUV, and an entirely different and totally transformed life filled with flow, fun and freedom.

Tara Brunet


Tara’s entrepreneurial journey started at age 25 when she read the book “The Secret”. At a time in her life when she was completely miserable, she made her first vision board. In the 5 years since discovering manifestation, she's developed and implemented systematic techniques that have transformed her entire life. 

Through sheer determination and self-belief, she elevated to creating a modest outdoor gym as a personal trainer in her home’s carpark. When she outgrew that, she took the leap into owning her own space. She owned a successful and beautiful dream studio for 3 years, while continuing to absorb all the manifestation content she could.

In 2020, she retired from the gym and went full-time online. Since then she has continued to up-level her life, income, and create the reality she has always dreamed of through a daily manifestation practice- from her soulmate love story, to her oceanfront home. She is dedicated to helping others realize the power of their mindset and that absolutely anything is possible!

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